When A Snail Falls In Love Episodes 4-6 Recap

The stern perfectionist Ji Bai has a softer teasing side. Who knew? I like that Ji Bai. The only problem with it is that it seems to come too fast without a natural progression. He was all anti-Xu Xu and them BOOM! Although, he does explain his change of heart to Zhao Han, it’s still…sudden. And who knew that Xu Xu also had a cute side? Ji Bai and she seem so expressionless and quiet on the outside, but they are like ogres…err…onions—they have layers! And guess what else has layers? This plot!!!! OMG! No matter what our Major Crimes Squad comes across, the Ye Corporation and family are at it’s very root. To quote Dune we have “plots within plots within plots.”

Also…this series is getting in the habit of showing events out of order in short little snippets. So…you can see someone completely lie to someone else about what happened and we see a snapshot of what was really going on. We also get scenes from earlier times. It kind of gets confusing as there isn’t always a whole lot of exposition of just what is going on. But, we’re slowly getting enough pieces to start putting the puzzle together, although there’s still a lot to go.

**I’ll try to get some screenshots added when I get a better source.**

We get to see Zhang Shiyong attacked in an underground parking lot. Even with a surgical mask, it looks like the perp is Yang. We then fast forward back to the present where Zhang is in the hospital with minor injuries and Zhao Han and Ji Bai have arrived to get his statement. Zhang seems uncomfortable with the police, but tells his story, albeit somewhat reluctantly. After Zhao’s basic questions, Ji Bai breaks in asking if Zhang recognized his kidnapper or had seen him before. Zhang insists that he didn’t see who it was and when Ji Bai asks him to think again carefully to see if Yang was the same person who attacked him a year ago, but nope. Zhang then gets a call and the police are dismissed. Um…just an overall weird vibe here.

We then cut to our female interns. Yao Meng is admiring Ji Bai’s skills. He’s just as good as the national mountain climbers…no…he’s better because he uses his skills in real life to save people. That makes him 100 times better. It appears that Yao Meng has a crush on Ji Bai…that or she’s just infatuated with an idol. Yao Meng comments that in the olden days, Xu Xu would have to marry Ji Bai because he saved her life. What the what?! Crazy talk. Since Xu Xu is unhappy with Ji Bai, she is quick to say that Yao Meng can marry him if she wants to, lol. What’s very interesting is how Xu Xu has already picked up on her radar that there is something between Yu Zi Xi and Ji Bai. Of course, she also insists that it’s impossible between those two and cheers on Yao Meng who is much prettier. Of course, Yao Meng has a hard time dealing with people telling her she’s attractive since she was essentially raised like a boy in a military family.

Ji Bai and Zhao Han are leaving the hospital. Is it possible that Zhang really doesn’t know Yang Yu? Ji Bai thinks it is since Zhang is, after all, just a son-in-law who can be used as cannon fodder. This brings Zhao Han to the subject of Xu Xu and how amazing her skills are. This, of course, aggravates Ji Bai who doesn’t want to listen to his subordinate sing the girl’s praises. He reminds Zhao that it was his job to get rid of her before he arrived. Zhao Han states he had no reason to do so and that Xu Xu has already proven that she does have incredible capabilities. Zhao Han even takes the blame as her superior for her getting in that situation with Yang. This earns him a nice quarterly bonus pay cut. Ji Bai does concede that if the girl can pass the physical exam in 3 month’s time, then she will get to stay on. Zhao is quick to let Xu Xu know and the scrawny brainiac immediately asks Yao Meng to help her plan a fitness regimen. It was fun watching Ji Bai teasing Zhao Han about bad taste in girls since he’s backing Xu Xu. LOL. Zhao Han is quick to deny any crush on her (which I suppose is true because in a later episode he seems to express a keen interest in Yao Meng and is disappointed when Ji Bai helps her first). It’s also fun to see a less serious side of Zhao Han where he expresses his feelings in songs.

Oh…and it was so hilarious when Yao Meng asks Xu Xu if she’s been in love before and our profiler says she never has as she doesn’t go for unsuitable relationships. Yao Meng gets up and touches her finger to Xu Xu’s forehead and asks her what planet she’s from. When Xu Xu gets the notice for Zhao Han, Yao Meng softly refers to her as ET. Cute. These girls are developing a good relationship.

When A Snail Falls in Love E.04

Tell me, what planet are you from?

Anywho, we get to see a lot of Xu Xu training in these sets of episodes. She is taking the task set before her very seriously as she obviously wants to stay in the Major Crimes team. Of course, Ji Bai is there to constantly nag at her for her snail-like pace while running, her bad endurance, etc. Ji Bai stresses that to be an excellent detective it’s 30% talent and 70% hard work. He even accuses Xu Xu for thinking she’s special since she’s so smart that she thinks the basic qualifications and rules shouldn’t apply to her. I’m surprised when she actually answers yes to that—I didn’t really peg her for having that much of an ego. Ah, and we do learn that one reason, besides all the other ones Ji Bai has delineated, that Ji Bai wants her gone is because of the team’s big boss who threw his weight around to bring Xu Xu in. Looks like Ji Bai (and Zhao Han) blame their superior for the incident where Zhao Han’s detective father died (remember that was the incident Ye Qiao complained about that involved her family).

Ah, I forgot to say that Ji Bai is still investigating the kidnapping, because things aren’t adding up and they have to piece everything together to get the ultimate picture. It looks like Ji Bai believes the same thing Xu Xu does—this is not a simple kidnapping. Xu Xu and Yao Meng even retrace Zhang’s steps before he was kidnapped as Ji Bai and crew look at surveillance cameras and discover accomplices that helped Yang that have ties to a human trafficking and smuggling ring. Ye gads.

Oh…and Xu Xu still things Zhang Shiyong had (has?) something going on with Zi Xi. She questions him about the girl in the drawings and tries to get more information out of him, but without a whole lot of luck. It does sound like Yang Yu hates Zhang Shiyong with a passion because of how he’s been using Zi Xi, but he never comes quite out and says that it’s her Zhang has been taking advantage of. Speaking of Zi Xi, it looks like she helped urge Yang to do the kidnapping. These two have known each other since childhood (like she and Ji Bai) since Yang’s father was once Zi Xi’s father’s right hand man before his death and the reshuffling. In fact, with all the facts being gathered about the kidnapping and subsequent trafficking (they kidnap disabled teens to sell as brides to old men…so wrong), it seems like Zi Xi is in the thick of the plot and is doing some shady stuff in her quest for revenge around her father’s death (it turns out that there’s a tie to the Ye Corporation to the kidnapping ring as the company the Ye’s use for overseas marketing is part of that uglier side of things and Zi Xi is the one in charge of all that!).

Xu Xu is more convinced of Zhang’s involvement with Zi Xi since he was having a pissing contest with Ji Bai. The three all coincidentally (?) meet outside Zhang’s favorite restaurant. Xu Xu was training and Ji Bai…might have arranged to meet Zhang there…hard to say. Zhang tried to impress Ji Bai and show off his wealth, etc., but Ji Bai was having none of it. Ah, we also learn, not that it’s surprising information, that Ji Bai is the third son of a wealthy family. Could have guessed that, huh? Or was it third generation of the wealthy Ji family? Sigh. So complicated. Within the Ye family, there’s a lot of infighting between cousins and it sounds like the current head of the Ye family has connections to Myanmar and there’s some big secret that Zi Xi knows about that she promised to keep silent, but it got leaked anyways. Again, complicated.

Back to Xu Xu’s training, Yao Meng buys her roommate a treat and also buys food for the whole team. Zhao Han and Ji Bai both think its Xu Xu who did it, but Xu Xu asserts its not her and tells of Yao Meng’s good deed and explains it is all Ji Bai’s favorite foods because Yao Meng idolizes him. This upsets Yao Meng who gets all flustered and runs away to prepare for the department meeting. Xu Xu realizes she did something wrong as she did not expect her new friend to react like that. She apologizes to Ji Bai and Zhao Han and from this point on, Ji Bai starts treating her better…sort of (he’s still a tyrant about her physical prowess, lol). When Zhao Han questions his 180 on Xu Xu, Ji Bai explains it’s all because she admitted to a mistake and was concerned for her friend. This means that Xu Xu is “trainable” and can learn what it means to be a good detective.

While the Major Crimes team is looking into the trafficking ring, a murder of a young mute girl is uncovered and believed to be related. They track down a witness to the crime and are able to find the murderer and two accomplices (it turns out, by the way, that the man Ye Qiao was signaling to that was originally arrested in place of Yang is a man who picks up the money for bad organizations and he’s quick to turn over the little info he has). Yao Meng gets to travel to the crime scenes and deal with everything first hand while Xu Xu is left at the office away from danger to interrogate the criminals and dig more into the whole story (she also goes to interview Zi Xi who lies about her involvement in the crime, who wouldn’t?).

Yao Meng is enraged by what the murderer has done to innocent young girls. Ji Bai warns her about her temper and how she needs to do her best to remain calm, observe, and listen in order to get to the heart of the case and catch the bad guys. Zhao Han also reminds her she needs to keep her mouth shut and really listen and observe when they work together staking out the criminal. Ji Bai agrees to be both Yao Meng’s and Xu Xu’s shifu (teacher/master, basically) and assigns Yao Meng the task of memorizing case files. Yao Meng replies she read through all the files, but he stresses memorize. When Yao Meng mentions Xu Xu saying reading enough files helps one understand patters, etc., Ji Bai mentions that Xu Xu is special. Yao Meng trumps Xu Xu in the physical department, but Xu Xu trumps Yao Meng in the reasoning department and this is something Yao Meng needs to work on if she wants to progress as an officer. After this conversation, Xu Xu calls Ji Bai who says he is sending on information to her about the current case and he wants her to dig deeper. He then says that Yao Meng is already calling her “shifu”—what about Xu Xu? This makes Xu Xu break out into a happy smile and she is quick to call him that as well. Progress. Yep.

So, back to Yao Meng. She gets a bit reckless when they tackle the murderer and it’s up to Ji Bai to take him down coolly and quickly. Yao Meng and Zhao Han then chase after a suspicious person who turns out to an accomplice and Yao Meng’s arm gets slashed in the fight. She’s saved by the arrival of Zhao Han. So when they head back to the local station, Zhao Han is giving Yao Meng a scolding while Ji Bai asks if she’s okay and then praises her for a job well done. This stuns Zhao Han as he thought he’d lose another quarter’s bonus or worse just like he did with Xu Xu’s mistakes. Of course Yao Meng is happy to have her idol praise her and Zhao Han is quick to assert she did nothing right and must not be so reckless, lol.

During the time while the team was on the raid out in the country, Xu Xu had made some discoveries and pieced together her relationship chart (that Ji Bai praised, by the way) even more and tried to call him. Zi Xi also tried to call him. It appears she was in need of help, but the team put there phones in a lock box for the raid, so he didn’t get the message until it was too late. He sees this and recalls Zi Xi’s odd behavior. She texted him to meet her for lunch near their old school, but she was a no show. She then called Ji Bai and told him she has liked him for a long time and always thought she had enough time to make him notice her as more than a sister. But no. She doesn’t have the time and no magic Doraemon exists to help her. She then says they can no longer meet each other.

So…from the cut scene we get, it looks like Zi Xi might already be dead. The plot is thick and heavy and oh so complicated. What will happen next?


  • Christina Lantis

    I was also surprised by Ji Bai’s quick turnaround as it seemed to sudden. I fully expected the tension to be there until she at least passed the physical exam. Overall I’m enjoying the drama though.

  • I just started this drama last night, since i was besides what to do.with my free time. I like it 30 mins long and it is not too serious. I am thoroughly enjoying it, even though it’s draggy. I am tempted to write on it. Hehe

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