Netflix Asian Drama Updates for October 31, 2016

Netflix adds Naver web drama Ready for Start starring Baek Sung Hyun (the lead from Melody of Love, btw), Lee Ki Chan (Sense8), Choi Byun Mo, Baek Seung Hoon, and Hyang Suk. This Korean web drama is, of course, based on a popular webtoon about the daily lives of workers in an advertising agency.

My Sunshine cdrama castNetflix has also added Chinese drama My Sunshine. This is, of course, the Director’s Cut where they condensed the entire drama into only 4 episodes. The Director’s Cut also gets rid of the younger cast and has the couple’s college days star the adults. This 2015 drama stars Wallace Chung, Tiffany Tang, and Jian Ren Zi. The story revolves around a couple who fall in love in college but are torn apart and reunited several years later. They have a very complicated and unhealthy relationship. They really do. Still…this drama had a kick butt OST.

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