DramaFever Streaming Updates for October 2016

So what’s new at DramaFever for the month of October? I announced last month that Let’s Eat 2 and The K2 were coming soon along with 1% of Something. Well, guess what? They are all now streaming! Also streaming is Kwon Yu Ri’s latest drama Go Ho’s Starry Night (known elsewhere as Gogh, The Starry Night). A Chinese-Korean collaboration, the drama revolves around Go Ho who works hard for a successful career and romance only to be thwarted by her ex-boyfriend (played by Lee Ji Hoon) and her boss (played by Km Young Kwang).

Starting Friday, October 28th Song Ji Hyo’s and Lee Sun Gyun’s My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week (remake of a 2007 Japanese drama) will start streaming. We have a husband who becomes suspicious of his wife and takes to the internet for advice on saving his marriage and discovering the truth.

If you keep up with Hong Kong dramas streaming on DramaFever, they have recently added Wosco Bong, Michael Miu, and Niki Chow’s suspenseful mystery drama A Change of Heart. This drama follows a police inspector bent on finding the man responsible for her mother’s death, a cardiologist who also lost his mother (and his twin brother of course), and a ruthless CEO. The cardiologist dies and his heart is transplanted into the CEO who finds himself suddenly changing, but the people around him make it hard for him to turn over a new leaf. Sounds an awful lot like the basic premise of Falling for Jung Soon…but this drama came first. Guess it proves no plot is ever really original.

Kim Yoo Jung, Park Bo Gum

Credit @ Viki

I really hate the Coming Soon part of DramaFever because you simply never know exactly when those dramas will arrive, you know? But, in exciting news, DramaFever is going to be getting some more Chinese dramas. Now they only need to start getting more Japanese in, too. Of course, not all the Chinese Dramas I’m interested in are coming, but some are!

Coming soon is Wang Kai and Chen Qiao En’s Stay With Me. The drama revolves around a fashion designer who suffers from partial memory loss after a near-drowning incident. She forgets her current fiance (Qiao Ren Liang) and only remembers her ex-boyfriend (who she believes is still her boyfriend). She sets out on a journey to discover the truth and tries to take back the innocence she lost over the past 7 years while her fiance tries to keep her from investigating to preserve their relationship and rekindle their love.

Another drama coming soon that also stars Wang Kai is his police drama When a Snail Falls in Love. Wang Zi Wen plays a newbie profiler paired with ace detective Wang Kai. The two don’t get on all that well at first, but soon come to like and even love each other. And let me tell you, there is the really cute and funny trailer and then you have the really dark trailer, so this looks like it could be a very interesting drama with a nice mix of mystery, action, suspense, comedy, and romance.

Tiffany Tang Princess WeiyoungTiffany Tang’s latest historical melodrama The Princess Weiyoung will also be coming sometime in the near future. Trailers look intense…and confusing…and utterly complicated, lol. The drama starts airing November 11, so hopefully we’ll see it next month on DramaFever. The drama revolves around the princess of Northern Liang who takes on the identity of her savior to get revenge on those who destroyed her kingdom. Vanness Wu and Luo Jin also star. Love Luo Jin. I’d actually like to see him in a modern drama. Anyone know of any?

In Korean dramas coming soon, DramaFever will start streaming the recently completed historical drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds starring Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung as star-crossed lovers. B1A4’s Jin Young also stars. Coming in December, Gong Yoo’s and Kim Go Eun’s drama Goblin will start streaming. This drama takes over The K2‘s time slot on tvN. The drama will also star Lee Dong Wook. We have two immortal goblins with problems. Kim Shin wants to end his life and the only way to do so is to marry a human bride while Wang Yeo has amnesia. Of course, the high schooler Kim Shin decides to win over slowly wins his heart and he’s left with the conundrum of loving her and ending the life he suddenly wants to keep.


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