Netflix Asian Drama Streaming Updates – October 11, 2016

Netflix has sure been adding Asian dramas of late. More Taiwanese and Japanese dramas make their way to its streaming library, plus some Korean dramas and variety shows.

Itzura na Kiss by Tada KaoruThe reboot of Itzura na Kiss, Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo seasons 1 and 2 are now available. If you don’t know the story, we have an average girl who happens to have a crush on the smartest, most popular boy at school. When her new house is destroyed, she and her father move in with the boy’s family (of course their fathers would be best friends, lol).

Taiwanese drama Murphy’s Law of Love is now available. This drama actually has Danson Tang in the male lead role (and he doesn’t die!). It also stars Ivelyn Lee, Jolin Chien, and Jenna Wang. The drama revolves around a girl who is cursed with a Murphy’s Law Life (anything that can go wrong will), but her thoughts on love and luck are to be tested when she comes in contact with a divorce lawyer who has a marriage ending company to make divorces as smooth as possible.

Also added is Aaron Yan’s Fall in Love with Me in which he has a double identity. He’s a hotshot ad exec who falls for the female head of a struggling ad agency and he comes into her life in disguise as a bumbling and kind stranger. Coming off the popular Love Myself or You, we have Jasper Liu in When I See You Again about a rich bachelor seeking revenge on the girl who broke his heart. We also have Someone Like You starring Kingone Wang, Lorene Ren, and Sean Lee. The drama revolves around a rich man who loses his sight and fiancee all at the same time. He pretends he can see and employs a doppelganger of his dead love that he falls for.

In Korean entertainment we have Dream Knight which stars kpop group Got7. The story revolves around an orphan girl who has the ability to summon a gaggle of good looking magical boys. Of course there is a love triangle involving JR, JB, and the girl. And speaking of Got7, their reality show Real Got7 which follows their daily lives is now available as well.

If you like action movies and Sammo Hung and Andy Lau, their movie The Bodyguard is now available. The movie follows a retired security officer suffering from dementia who befriends a little girl whose father is on the run from the mob. Of course, even though he’s suffering from this disease, his skills come back to the fore to protect her. If a psychological movie is more your style, dive into the awesome Shawn Yue’s The Second Woman. When a woman falls ill while rehearsing for her boyfriend’s play, her twin sister steps in to take over the role…and more.


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