Asian Drama Updates for Netflix

Yes, I haven’t been doing much of anything. But, hey, it’s almost fall. Means work will be more hectic, but there will be less things to do now that canning season is over and lawn care season is almost over.

As I’m sure most of you are aware of by now, Descendants of the Sun is now on Netflix. This drama stars the always awesome Song Joong Ki and the lovely Song Hye Gyo as a soldier and gifted surgeon who meet and fall in love, but their ideals threaten to tear them apart.

2010 Taiwanese drama P.S. Man (aka Womanizer) starring Lan Cheng Long, Sonia Sui, Wen Shang Hao, Bianca Bai, and Xiao Xiao Bin is also available. It’s nice that these dramas are starting to show up once more. Blue Lan stars as Xia He Jie who is sentenced to community service at a kindergarten after crashing a movie premiere supermodel Amanda appeared. There Ma Xiao Qian sets out to make his life a living hell in revenge for all the bullying he did to her when they were younger.

Also added is Amber Kuo’s The Happy Times of That Year (aka The Year of Happiness and Love). This drama revolves around “loser” Jiang Chen Bo [Wen Sheng Hao] as his life takes a pleasant turnaround with a sudden promotion. However, when he decides to quit his job, everything gained is lost. Can he pick up the pieces of his life and make amends?

In Two Fathers, two men are notified the woman they dated disappeared after giving birth to a daughter. Not knowing which of them is the father, the two take on the task of raising her together. This drama stars Bromance‘s Megan Lai, Leroy Young, Lin Yo Wei, Liang Jin, and Zie Yu En.

Did you love Lego Li in In a Good Way? Check out an earlier drama from 2009 called Play Ball (aka Game Winning Hit) in which a defecting soldier hides out in a small town and becomes a baseball coach. Ah, and Lego Li’s 2015 drama Love Cuisine is also available.

Chen Qiao En and Ming Dao’s romance Prince Who Turns into a Frog is newly streaming along with Chen Qiao En’s and Ethan Ruan’s classic Fated to Love You (under You’re My Destiny). Roy Qiu’s and Alice Ke’s adorable Office Girls is also newly available. Speaking of Roy Qiu, another of his dramas Miss Rose is also streaming!

Japanese drama Good Morning Call finally makes its way to the US Netflix library. In the same vein of LDK, this live action adaptation of the manga by the same name by Takasuka Yue is about a high schooler who gets her own apartment only to end up living together with one of the most popular boys in school. Of course this must be kept top secret! The drama stars Fukuhara Haruka, Shiraishi Shunya, and Sakurada Dori.

Good news is that several dramas have resumed streaming once more. These include kdramas Operation: Proposal; Taiwanese dramas Autumn’s Concerto, My Queen (under Queen of No Marriage), and Easy Fortune Happy Life.

If I’m missing any additional ones, please let me know. Always check out the Master List for all that is and once was streaming on Netflix.

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