Viki Drama Updates – July 7, 2016

Better late than never, right? The heat is rolling in to Michigan and it’s bringing summer insomnia…lots of it. You’d think this would mean I’d do more, but I keep falling asleep at the keyboard or have no ambition or energy. I suppose the heat wouldn’t be bad if it was drier, but you live in Michigan and we have tons of water around us to rocket up that humidity, which makes it even worse. And the dang sky refuses to give us any rain. Fingers crossed our farmers get some much needed rain soon. A dry winter and a dry summer is not a good thing.

Anyways, on to the main reason you’re here, right?

In Chinese/Taiwanese dramas Viki has now licensed fantasy drama Ice Fantasy which follows Ice Tribe princes Ka Suo (the awesome Feng Shao Feng) and half-brother King Shi (Ma Tian Yu). Of course Ka Suo must assume the throne of his tribe when all he really wants is to be with his lady love Li Luo (Victoria Song) who was born a commoner and thus is not allowed to be his wife. Of course little brother wants big brother’s throne and let’s not forget there’s the Fire Tribe in the wings who have fought with the Ice Tribe for centuries.

From fantasy we move to historical. Chang Ge Xing follows the life of Liu Xiu, a descendant of Emperor Liu Bang, who was chosen to lead the restoration of the Han Dynasty. To do this, he was forced to divorce the woman he loved in order to marry a woman with more political power. He was later able to remarry his first wife, but politics kept him from being able to make her his empress. When scandals erupt with the current empress, he’s finally able to give his first wife that role in which she remained until his death.

Moving from historical, we go to the period drama Epiphyllum Dream. Ady An stars as a forensics expert in 1945 China who must track down a special box containing top-secret files detailing the Japanese biological weapons program. She is joined by detective Cheng Chi Hong (Qiao Zhen Yu) with him she constantly bickers. Of course the police chief’s daughter (Guo Xiao Ting) doesn’t like this arrangement because she’s lusting after Chi Hong and Ady An’s Ouyang Qian’s assisant (Wang Wei) has some dark plans in place.

If you liked The Disguiser, then you might enjoy Decoded. The drama follows Unit 701 as they recruit the best of the best in China to help decode messages a dangerous spy from Country X is sending to its home country. The drama stars Cheney Chen as an autistic math genius, Ying Er as a beautiful cryptographer, and Ady An as a young woman who lives in a fishing village.

Do you like Kingone Wang? The Prince of Second Leads lands another starring role in Swimming Battle in which a man hiding his past (Wang) joins forces with an amnesiac (Mandy Wei) to stop a swim team’s losing streak.

In the Korean drama department, fans of Han Hye Joo rejoice! She is finally coming back to the small screen with W (don’t confuse this with the Japanese drama The Tragedy of W which explored the lives of identical strangers). This fantasy drama also stars our adorable tall model Lee Jong Suk. The drama explores the idea of dual dimensions – places that exist side by side in the same time but are completely different. When Dr. Oh Yeon Joo’s comic book creator father suddenly disappears, a bloody man kidnaps her and takes her to a new dimension. Can rich Olympic shooting champing Kang Chul help bring her back?

Given the plot outline of Beautiful Mind (whose name always makes me recall the Russell Crowe movie I’ve never seen), I have no idea how on earth this drama is toted on being loosely based on Mary Shelley’s classic Frankenstein. The gist of that novel is Dr. Victor Frankenstein becomes obsessed by essentially creating life out of death and thus his tragic monster was born (who had no name by the way). So the awesome Jang Hyuk is a doctor who is not capable of empathy or sympathy for his patients due to an accident that hurt his frontal lobe. Mysterious and bizarre deaths start occurring and the police home in on Jang Hyuk as the lead suspect.

I’ve liked Ji Hyun Woo since seeing him in Invincible Lee Pyung Kang. He’s back in dramaland (he’s staying quite active since his military duty ended, isn’t he?) with Wanted which also stars amazing actress Kim Ah Joong and the great Uhm Tae Woong. The drama plot actually sounds like an episode of Japanese drama The Quiz Show 2. Anyways, top actress Jung Hye In is on the eve of her retirement when her son is kidnapped. The only way to get him back is to join a reality show produced by  Shin Dong Wook (Uhm  Tae Woong). She is aided in her mission to save her song by policeman Cha Seung In (Ji Hyun Woo).

After doing crime thriller drama I Remember You (aka Hello Monster) in 2015, Seo In Guk is back again in another crime-related drama. Task Force 38 stars Seo In Guk, Ma Dong Seok, Song Ok Sook, and Heo Jae Ho. Ma stars as a tax collector who is getting sick of the wealthy managing to skirt around Article 38 which governs tax payments. He decides to strike back by making a team comprised of law enforcement officers and criminals. This actually, again, reminds me of a Japanese drama called Ogon no Buta in which the Board of Audits Special Investigations Division punishes civil servants who waste taxpayer money. Not quite like going after the wealthy since it really was civil servants, but we did have a former swindler join the team to help.


  • I really, really like Decoded! I’m looking forward to a lot of this list. Now I’ve added another one! Thanks!

  • Thanks for this. I usually avoid anything not Kdrama cause I’m trying to get my ear in tune for the language. But you made Ice Fantasy sound so good that I’m going to check out.

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