Netflix Gets Rid of Old Favorites and adds New Dramas

It’s a Korean web drama explosion on Netflix. As always, for the full list of what’s available (and what is no longer available), view the page here:

The delightfully cheesy web drama Noble, My Love is now streaming on Netflix. For those of you who don’t already know the plot, a struggling veterinarian enters into a contract arrangement with a rich chaebol who initially doesn’t care about animals. Of course love ensues! There really was some great chemistry between our leads Sung Hoon and Kim Jae Kyung (leader of Rainbow).Sung Hoon, Jaekyung

Speaking of web dramas (because that’s primarily what this whole post is about), the adorable Kim Yoo Jung is turning into quite the stunning young lady. Her drama Love Cells is now available. She is a love cell that comes from the unemployed and girlfriendless Dae Choong. It’s her job to school him in romance so she doesn’t die.

After School: Lucky or Not. It’s a crazy random cheesy high school drama (with lots of big name cameos) in which a group of high school friends must draw an item out of a box and work hard at completing the task. A shy girl is mysteriously drawn into the group and you know the boys will fall in love. This drama stars the acting idols…er…well they are actors who do come together and have an idol group without actually being straight up kpop idols…Surpri5e of which Seo Kang Joon is probably the most popular of having scored the second male lead in several dramas of late.

I have yet to try out the web drama Click Your Heart, but it’s toted as a “choose your romance” for the leading lady who is approached by several different boys. I have watched acting idols Astro’s drama, To Be Continued. It was very meh since it did not make a whole lot of sense. Even though I like Kim Sae Ron, it wasn’t totally enough to get me to 100% like the drama. Too many plot holes and these are beginning actors who, honestly, weren’t the best. Of course, I’m sure they’ll improve even more as time gets on as several showed potential.

Yet another Japanese drama makes it to the US Netflix library. This time its HIBANA -Spark- and stars Hayashi Kento (a decent young actor) and Namioka Kazuki. This is based on a prize-winning book about two comedians searching for meaning in their lives and comedy. Lots of people told me Good Morning Call was available, but I never found it…

Also added are Indian dramas Dharmakshetra and Dariba Diaries. There are also two travel shows.

Besides being a web drama explosion, Netflix bids adieu to some fan favorites, but I wouldn’t despair totally yet as Netflix has taken them off and brought them back before, so you never know. Plus, all of the removed dramas are still available at places like DramaFever, Hulu, Viki, and Crunchyroll. Gone now are Boys Over Flowers, The Moon Embracing the Sun, Secret Garden, You’re All Surrounded, and You Are Beautiful.

Before Netflix revamped their site, you used to be able to see in your queue, the expiration dates of streaming titles (if they were nearing). Unfortunately, since the new site, it appears this feature was removed. Bummer.

Coming soon: Viki licensing updates and more!


  • Click Your Heart, I ended up watching the stories I was interested in only. Wasn’t my thing. Yes, Good Morning Call is only on Netflix Japan I hear. Looking forward to Hibana!

    • I like that you have the option to watch the stories you want instead of watching the entire drama and seeing stories you don’t necessarily care about.

      I really wish Hulu and Netflix (or DramaFever, etc.) could license more Japanese dramas!

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