Viki Drama Updates – 23 May 2016

So what has Viki been up to since my last update in early April? Quite a bit!

Wang Kai. So many people fell in love with him thanks to one particular drama…which one was it again? He’s back in Ode to Joy which premiered on Viki on April 18. This drama follows the lives of five women who live in the Ode to Joy apartment complex and follows their struggle to find happiness on their own terms.

Love Hawick Lau? I do. He is a good actor…although if we’re honest don’t his characters all kind of run in the same vein? Then again, he does do that type of character so well. Even though he can be tough, arrogant, and hell bent on revenge, he’s always good at showcasing that innocent and vulnerable side as well. You can catch him in his latest drama Thinking of You, Lu Xiang Bei. It is a rather typical revenge drama in the grand scheme of things, but I find myself liking it. This premiered on April 22nd.

Hauwick Lau

First Love Credit: Viki

Were you one of the people obsessed with Korean drama My Love From Another Star (still haven’t made it past the first episode…or was it only the first 10 or so minutes of episode one?)? Well, you can now watch a Chinese drama very loosely based on the Korean one. Instead of an honest to goodness alien, we have a normal human turned immortal after being fed a steady diet of poison to save his life…hard to believe, huh? The drama is My Amazing Boyfriend and stars Wu Qian and Kim Tae Hwan. This drama is silly, campy, and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense at time…but that’s part of what makes it like crack, lol.

Premiering on May 1st was School Beauty’s Personal Bodyguard. This drama star’s Taiwanese boy group member Wayne. You may be more familiar with two of his cohorts from SpeXial that played the main roles in Moon River (also streaming on Viki in its entirety, btw. It was a typical, yet excellent drama). This drama follows a wu shu master tasked with protecting a popular (and annoying) daughter of a wealthy man.

Dramaworld is also available on Viki! I’m not sure if it premiered here first or not. I think it might have, but don’t quote me on that.

Hawick Lau is one busy man! All those dramas (and not to mention a wife and a baby, he married Gong actress Yang Mi). His latest drama First Love premiered on May 9. Two men fall for the same woman only to have her leave them both behind to further her studies in the US. Oh…and she left her daughter in their care as well…WTH? What happens when she comes back 8 years later?

Speaking of Yang Mi, she’s also back in a new drama! The Interpreter premieres today and follows Yang Mi on her journey to become a top interpreter which brings her into contact with interpreting genius Cheng Jia Yang (who happens to be her ex’s brother!). Sparks of course fly in more ways than one between the two.

Trailer 5
Source: Viki

Premiering next week on June 1st is Taiwanese drama Best Man starring Tender Huang, Jolin Chien, and Lin Yo Wei.

Trailer 1
Source: Viki

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