Asian Drama Streaming Updates – April 18, 2016

One week was far too long to have that stomach bug. Yep, yep. Got to love children – they do get people sick quite well. But, I wouldn’t have missed snuggle time with my nephew, niece, or baby cousin for the world.

In anime news, Crunchyroll adds new simulcasts for High School Fleet about Japan becoming mostly coastal cities with the need of special forces to protect the sea and its people; Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro about a third generation pork cutlet store owner who discovers a connection between pork cutlets and DJing and sets out to become a master of both…weird; RIN-NE Season 2 sees the continuation of ghost-seeing Sakura Mamiya and her half-shinigami classmate Rinne Rokudo; Wagamama High Spec; and Usakame.

DramaFever is now officially streaming Kang Ji Hwan, Park Ki Woong, and Sung Yuri’s drama Monster which is yet another revenge drama for Kang Ji Hwan as it revolves around the 1997 financial crisis and one man in the present day who seeks to get revenge and take back his life. Also added is the net drama Page Turner starring Kim So Hyun, Kim Ji Soo, and Shin Jae Ha about a talented piano prodigy who has an unfortunate accident and is no longer able to play. Enter a good friend and her musical rival. Nothing like love to aid in your recovery. One More Happy Ending starring Jang Na Ra, Yoo In Na, and Jung Kyung Ho is ready to marathon. The drama is about an idol quartet struggling with their mundane lives after their fame and careers are over. In feature filmes, DramaFever has added 2006 movie Lump of Sugar about an aspiring horse jockey and her best horse friend.

Coming this week to DramaFever are EXO Kai’s drama Choco Bank about a young man struggling to begin a career in finance and a girl struggling to learn the chocolate business. Ji Sung picks up a comedy with The Entertainer about a large director starting up his own small talent agency and facing all the trials and tribulations he never had to face working for a top company. The first episode will be available on Wednesday. On Saturday, the film Private Eye about a skilled detective helping a man clear his name and find a murderer will start streaming and on Sunday, a 2014 Big Bang concert in Seoul is being added.

No new dramas added to Hulu, but it is now streaming anime Endride about a young man from Earth being transported to Endra. He must join forces with a prince looking to regain his throne in order to get back home. Also added is popular manga turned anime series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Terraformars about a far future where the Earth’s overpopulation problem is sought to be fixed by terraforming Mars.

Netflix adds Bollywood movie Finding Fanny about an aging mailman who learns his proposal went astray decades to go and he goes in search of his old girlfriend. Also added is the anime Yo-Kai Watch, Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, and Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman.

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