Devil Lover Episode 2 Recap

Serious, yes. But you’d be kidding yourself to think this is a typical action drama. There is tons of comedy involved, which you should have been able to see in episode 1 where Sora was such a whiner when it came to getting his blood drawn.

So, what made Sora want to bust out of JTSD? What else? Mommy. Sora approaches Khun Soji about letting him out to see his mother since he can control his telekinesis already. Khun Soji is having none of this. Sure, Sora has more control, but the boy is not cured yet, so he cannot leave. There is still more testing and work to be done. To placate the upset Sora, Khun Soji shows Sora a passport and money he has prepared for when Sora is really able to go back out into the world.

When Sora goes back to his room, he sees the older version of the boy in the hoodie. Instead of using a walker, the boy has an exo-skeleton on his legs to help him walk. Of course, the Black Hoodie refuses to acknowledge Sora. When Sora goes into his room, there is a mystery box. When he opens it, there is a letter from his mother and presents for a child. Sora is in shock! He had no idea his mother ever tried to visit him. Khun Soji has been keeping this a secret all this time. So here is our trigger that set Sora off. He confronts Khun Soji and steals the passport and money to make good his escape. Black Hoodie smiles evilly in the chaos.

This leads us back to Sora arriving at his old house, but his parents aren’t there. Instead there is a strange man demanding to know who Sora is and why is the young man in his house? I’m guessing Sora must have explained the situation because next thing you know the man is giving him the name of the bank in Thailand where he pays his rent. He’s not sure if this will help Sora find his parents or not.devil-lover.e02-00005

At JTSD, they have made an interesting discovery about Sora. If you ask me, they should have already figured out some of this stuff given the fact the kid had been there for nearly 20 years. So, in this last test, they learned that Sora’s brain is different from everyone else’s. Go figure. Eyeroll. Instead of the usual amount of electrical impulses the brain sends out to control your motor skills, Sora’s brain produces 200% more! This is the reason why he can move objects around him. His limit is 60 kilograms in lifting anything because that is his own body weight. Makes sense. If Sora should try to move something much larger, it could wreak havoc on him and his surroundings. It’s imperative that they bring Sora in as quickly as possible. Khun Soji’s men then return unsuccessful in finding and bringing Sora back. They do know he’s managed to get to Thailand.devil-lover.e02-00006

Khun Soji then brings in Momoko (the girl who has been watching over Sora all of this time). He tasks her with finding Sora and gently persuading him to come back to the institute. Right now Sora is angry and scared and if they use force, people are likely to get hurt in the process, which Khun Soji doesn’t want. But they also can’t leave Sora to his own devices for too long in case he hurts himself or others. Black Hoodie is listening outside the door to all of this and is not happy: “I want you to disappear from here, Sora!” Just what has Black Hoodie got against Sora?devil-lover.e02-00007

We finally break from the institute and Sora and focus in on someone else. Kirin is helping to teach Pie how to drive. In doing this, the two are just going around in circles in the parking lot. Over and over and over again. Kirin can be super critical of Pie and this seems silly in a way since they really are only going in a very small circle repeatedly. Anyways, Pie wants to try driving on the road, but Kirin refuses to go out with her—he has to get to work soon and he doesn’t think she’s ready. When he gets a call and steps out, Pie leaves him in the parking lot and ventures out on her own leaving Kirin rather upset.devil-lover.e02-00008

Sora heads to the bank and his taxi driver tries to scam him, but Sora uses his telekinetic powers to reset the meter so the driver gets the shaft instead. Nice! Sora is distracted by a vendor selling bugs and he buys himself a bag before going into the bank. Inside, the teller won’t give out any personal information about Sora’s parents because its bank policy and Sora would need police permission. So Sora goes to the police. They can’t just take Sora’s word that he’s the Takahashi’s son. Plus, it could be his parents don’t want to be found. Why isn’t he with them right now? Sora, of course, is unable to explain what happened and hits a frustrating dead end.devil-lover.e02-00009

Later Sora is wandering around aimlessly when his stomach starts growling. He then notices a ramen cart across the street. His favorite food! Sora doesn’t pay attention and steps in front of Pie’s van. The girl, being a new driver, panics and instead of braking or changing lanes to avoid him, she does nothing. Sora, instead of trying to run away, tries to stop the van with his powers. He can’t because it’s too heavy, but he does manage to lessen the impact although he still gets hit and knocked out cold.devil-lover.e02-00010

At the hospital, Pie freaks out and prays she didn’t kill Sora because she can’t handle being haunted by his ghost for the rest of her life. LOL. Kirin rushes to the hospital to stay with her to make sure she’s okay. When he learns she is okay and Sora is miraculously fine, he leaves to go back to work. The doctor wants Sora to stay for observation, but the boy walks out. Pie tries to stop him, but Sora won’t listen. At first he’s kind of touched that she’s worrying about him, but when she talks about not wanting to be haunted once more, he just gets annoyed and uses his powers to keep her from following him.

Sora goes back to the bank and sits outside until it closes. I’m not sure if he was hoping to go back in and try for more info or if he’s just deciding it’s a good idea to keep sitting outside in case his parents show up. Meanwhile, Pie is at a ceramics class and is distracted as she worries about Sora’s condition. She’s not very good at it pottery, lol. Even her teacher doesn’t know what to do. He can only tell her that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone’s tastes are different.

Pie is on her way home at night when her van runs out of gas. She flags down a motorcycle, but the guy looks very menacing. She tries to get away, but the guy attacks. Of course it just so happens that Sora is in the vicinity. He uses his telekinesis to take the man’s knife and threaten him with it. This is caught on film by a passing couple. Afterward, Pie is taking Sora home with her (he’s got no place to go after all). She apologizes as thanks to her he’s been hit twice. She only brings trouble to him. Sora replies that it might be the other way around—she’s always in trouble around him. LOL. Two jinxes.

At Pie’s condo, Sora is back to his wussy self as Pie cleans his wound. Pie is very curious about Sora and bombards him with questions. The young man is at a loss. What should he say, how should he answer? In the end he mostly just shakes his head yes or no until Pie catches him by making him shakes his head yes to say he eats shit. Nice one. These two are so cute together. Pie says it serves him right since he only kept shaking his head. Sora then replies it’s just because he doesn’t know what to say.

Pie gives Sora some blankets and while she’s in her room, he uses his powers to quickly make up the couch. Pie is shocked by how fast he works. She hands over clothes and explains they belong to Kirin. Her husband? No! He’s her childhood friend and he sometimes stays over after a party or late night out. Pie explains where the bathroom and kitchen are and goes to head into her room. On second thought, she grabs a rolling pin. Sora seems like a good guy…he won’t do anything to her right? Sora shakes his head no. Really? She’s pretty, right? Sora is quick to point out all of Pie’s faults much to her dislike. Whatever! Just make sure he doesn’t try anything or Pie will let him have it.devil-lover.e02-00018At JTSD, Momoko sees the clip of Sora’s telekinesis which the couple posted online. She sees the license plate of Pie’s car and knows he’s in Thailand. Well…duh. We already knew that. But, knowing Pie’s license plate will help in narrowing down where. Anywho, Momoko goes to Khun Soji and promises to bring Sora home soon.

The next day Sora is using his powers to brush his teeth and is almost caught by Pie! She scolds him for not locking the bathroom door and goes back out. Afterward, Sora is sitting on the couch and sees the weird pot Pie made. She boasts about how she made it and how it’s beautiful. Sora rolls his eyes and says that no one would see that pot as beautiful. But he then says looking closely you can see her effort. Even though the appearance isn’t beautiful, it grows on you. Pie then says she will make him breakfast before leaving.

Sora helps her in the kitchen and she asks why he came to Thailand. Sora refuses to tell Pie because he believes she’ll be very nosy and gossipy. Pie is angry at this. She only wants to try to help. Sora says he doesn’t want to lie to her and the two start bickering once more. While cooking, again Sora secretly uses his powers. The two sit down to eat and Pie tells Sora to put mayo on his sausages. Sora refuse and the two struggle over the bottle and Sora gets squirted. He retaliates and Pie goes to get him with ketchup. He manages to ward her off and a truce is called.

The two get cleaned up from their condiment fight and enter Pie’s parents who are checking up on her. Seeing the half naked Sora and the sticky white goo on the discarded shirt have them thinking the worst! Awkward!

Overall, a fun episode. There is still many unanswered questions.

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