MARS: Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru Episode 7 Recap

Eh. The actress playing Kira is growing on me. There are still some issues with the acting in this drama, but it’s mainly okay. Slowly, a bit more of a darker side is being revealed in regards to Kirishima, but it’s only tiny little looks on his face when his mask drops. The way they are playing out this story, Kirishima’s feelings really could be more of a tangled mess between Rei and Kira. He was definitely more clear cut in his views in the manga than here.

This episode is really just about Shiori’s selfishness and Rei’s unwillingness to face the truth and confront the past. Kirishima and Kira both know that Rei’s running away. Kira stresses that Rei needs to fully talk things out with Shiori and try to move on (even if that unfortunately takes him away from her) and Kirishima tries to convince Kira to give up on her love for Rei as it has only brought her misery. It’s weird that for the past three episodes we open with Kirishima reading the diary and expressing his feelings and now he’s even narrating a recap of the previous episode. Hmm.

At the hospital, Shiori laments that Sei’s death had to come between herself and Rei. If only Sei hadn’t died, things could have continued just like before. Selfish. Ignorant. There really is no redeeming this idiot. It wouldn’t be fair to anyone if things had continued like that, but that is Shiori’s personality after all. She begs Kira to give Rei back to her. Kira responds that she doesn’t have the right to keep Rei away from Shiori or to demand Shiori stop liking Rei. Now, this isn’t Kira giving up on Rei. She’s the better person as she acknowledges Rei’s right to decide his own feelings and choose whom he wishes to be with. This shows a much healthier attitude and feeling than Shiori possesses. Ah! Shiori also tells Kira that Sei pretty much said the same thing to her. This is important.

jmars.e07-00003When Rei’s treatment ends, he tells Kira to go home and he’ll contact her later. He walks Shiori home and once again tells her that he won’t be seeing her again. He wants all of this to be over. He then meets with Kira at the park. The first thing Kira asks is if she is like his brother Sei since Shiori made that comment. Rei is quick to deny this. Kira then asks Rei to hold her hand—even briefly would be okay. Rei complies and tells her not to worry about Shiori (impossible) and to trust him. Kira of course feels anxiety. She just can’t feel secure with Shiori around and Shiori acting like she does. And since she knows Rei isn’t facing things, that makes things worse.jmars.e07-00004

Poor little Shiori is depressed. Meanwhile, Rei has to take time off from work and his motorcycle so he goes to the art room to collect Kira. While she gets things put away, Rei apologizes to Kirishima for making him worry about Shiori. Rei vows that everything is over with and he won’t waver again. Kirishima, however, doesn’t believe this at all and we get an intense stare down between the boys. Kirishima isn’t wrong, though. Thanks to Sei committing suicide, that has really put the damper any relationship Rei would have with Shiori, but it doesn’t mean that he and Shiori’s feelings or anything are all in the past.

Of course, Shiori keeps calling nonstop while Rei is with Kira. Rei ignores the calls, and Kira wonders if that is really all right. Rei gripes yet again about how selfish Shiori is and how he’s sick of her and this matter tying him down—that’s what he hates the most. Kira states that Rei needs to face the problem head on and not run away again. Even if Rei confirms he’s over everything, Shiori isn’t and that needs to be handled. She also mentions she has no intention of tying Rei down or getting in his way. This makes Rei snap—Sei said the same thing. Kira then yells that she is NOT his brother. Just like Kirishima imparts lots of wisdom to Kira, Kira imparts lots of wisdom to Rei. She can see things he can’t and can tell that he only ties himself down more and can’t move on the more he runs away.

Sugihara visits Kirishima who is still in the art room. Does he like Kira? Of course not. Really? Then why does he have a pained expression when watching Kira with Rei? Why indeed? Kirishima is definitely not an easily understandable character and the narration they have makes it go like he was first obsessed with Rei, but more and more he’s being drawn to Kira. Hard to say exactly where they’ll take this. While Kira worries over what she said to Rei earlier, he calls her to apologize for earlier when he snapped. Rei says he doesn’t know himself about Sei or Shiori. He only knows that when he’s with Kira, he wishes to be kinder, or becomes kinder. Kira says that she, too, cannot express things well about Rei. She only wishes he can face his true feelings. Until he has things figured out, Kira only asks to stay by his side.

The next day Rei skips school worrying Sugihara who tries to get info from Kira who won’t say anything. Sugihara complains to Kida that she only gave up on Rei because it was Kira. She didn’t give up on Rei so he can go to the likes of that Shiori. Kida wonders if Sugihara still likes Rei. Of course she does, but she won’t go and do what she did to Kira to Shiori. She’s not that pathetic and knows it won’t change how Rei will look at her. Kida then shocks Sugihara by calling her cute. The funny part is that he lists all of her bad points as what makes her cute, lol. This embarrasses her and earns Kida a kick to the shin.jmars.e07-00009

Shiori is happy that Rei came to her, but not happy when he expresses he’s only there because of Kira. He’s already told Shiori time and again that it’s Kira and Kira only for him, but the girl just won’t give up. Rei does express to her that he can’t be with her because it just reminds him too much of what happened to Sei. It’s the same for Shiori, but she wants to get over the incident together. Why won’t Rei try? Sometimes, when something like that happens, there’s no getting over it together. Why can’t Shiori understand that? I do wonder if they’ll go the route in the manga that explains the real reason Sei killed himself. Kind of up in the air.

jmars.e07-00010Of course, like always when things like this happen, Kira can’t paint. Kirishima says he’s stuck in a rut, too and asks Kira to accompany him…to the aquarium for inspiration! Of course Kira knows Kirishima was lying and it was a ruse to make her feel better—it worked! Here we have Kirishima telling Kira to give up on Rei. Loving him will only be painful. Hasn’t it hurt her a lot already? I’m actually surprised Kira didn’t answer back here and tell Kirishima how, yes, it’s hurt, but it’s also helped her grow. But, none of that. It does give Kira a lot of food for thought, but I think we know she can’t give up on Rei.

Rei calls up Kira to visit Sei’s grave as it’s his little brother’s death anniversary. The two get to the graveyard and there is Kirishima paying his respects. This surprises Rei that Kirishima remembered. It’s not surprising, after all, Sei was Kirishima’s only friend in middle school. Rei admits it’s his first time visiting as it just didn’t seem real that Sei was gone. Kirishima then mentions that Rei was hospitalized shortly after Sei’s death. This hits Rei like a physical blow. The doctor told him it’s okay to not remember. Every time Rei tries to recall what happened, he gets physically ill. Rei starts feeling ill and hyperventilating as he recalls more and more scenes. Kirishima holds him and calmly tells him to calm down. Rei doesn’t want to remember because if he remembers, then he’ll have to recall the part he played in Sei’s death (he told his brother to disappear).jmars.e07-00013

End episode with Shiori on the rooftop. It’s really interesting which  things the drama decides to keep true to the manga and which things they’ll change. Kirishima is different in a major way, but Shiori is Shiori and has to try to kill herself multiple times. I really hate this girl.


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