March 2016 Update: Netflix Adds More Korean Dramas

Yes, Netflix is adding more Korean dramas after removing a few fan favorites (goodbye, Coffee Prince). They have also added a few more anime titles as well.

In anime we have Pokemon: XY (I was never a Pokemon fan. I was a Digimon girl instead, lol.) and Your Lie in April about a gifted pianist who loses his desire to play after his mother dies until he meets a free-spirited violinist. Also added is Dinosaur King where three friends race an evil gang as they search for living dinosaurs.

Popular Korean drama Heartless City starring Jung Kyung Ho, Nam Gyu Ri, and Lee Jae Yoon is now streaming. The story revolves around a very complex plot involving cops, undercover cops, and gangsters. Nothing is what it seems. Got to love the bromance and Parksa. JTBC drama Love Again is now available. It follows two people reuniting thirty years after graduation and rediscovering feelings for one another. Go! Mrs. Go! follows the story of a woman whose husband dies suddenly making her face bankruptcy.

Netflix also brings another Indian drama to its streaming library. Now added is 2008 sitcom Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasmah which follows the lives of an uneducated merchant, his family, and neighbors in Mumbai.

Someone did tell me Japanese drama Good Morning Call was streaming, but I can’t find it at all, at least in the in the US Netflix library.


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