Devil Lover Episode 1 Recap

While brother Mike was doing teen melodrama/comedy Kiss Me, Golf was doing a darker sci-fi cable drama Devil Lover. After seeing previews for this, I really wanted to see it. Sadly, this is not one of the dramas GMM has done English subtitles for.

The opening sequences have some really kick-ass freeze frames, I must say. They do multiple angles of these frames as they roll through credits. Definitely high tech. When we finally get to what’s happening, we have a young man running from JTSD (Japanese Technologies Science Department). These people have no problem using force to try to stop him from leaving. The young man fights back with his telekinetic powers. The soldiers coming after him are warned how dangerous he is, but mystery boss man doesn’t want him harmed. Guess he’s more valuable to them alive. So Sora [Golf Pichaya] manages to successfully escape the building after being shot in the arm.

Sora falls asleep by a trashcan and is woken up the next morning by a Japanese housewife wondering if he’s okay. Sora says nothing and just runs away. He then heads to the house where he grew up. He looks around and calls out for his mother. He then flashes back to a scene from when he was a child where his mother comes down the stairs with a sad expression and wound on her head. She kneels in front of the child Sora and embraces him. His mother cries and she shakes her head and tells him she’s not.DevilLover.e.01-00004

We go from this scene at Sora’s house to a scene at a hospital. Sora’s grandmother is dying, but she doesn’t want anyone blaming Sora for her condition. She reaches over to take a mask, but Sora’s father stops her. She asserts what happened was not Sora’s fault. Her son relinquishes the mask and she gives it to Sora telling him it is the Sun God. When he wears it, he will be transformed into her little God and will only do good. Sora takes it and agrees to become his grandmother’s God. Sora’s father calls him a devil and again Grandmother says it was not Sora’s fault. They never explain the event, but it’s clear Daddy thinks whatever happened is all his son’s fault.

Sora himself worries that he can become the good person, the God, grandmother wants. He hurts people. Not intentionally, of course. His grandmother tells him such things will not happen anymore since she has given the little boy her God Mask. Sora vows to take care of his grandmother and parents. He puts on the mask to transform himself for her and this is when his grandmother passes away.DevilLover.e.01-00007

At school, Sora keeps to himself and wears the mask. A young bully comes and snatches it off of his head. Sora demands the mask back, but the larger boy refuses. They get into a tug of war match and the mask is torn in two. This angers Sora and his telekinetic powers unleash. He picks the bully off the ground and somehow starts strangling him with his powers. When other children see this and freak out, Sora’s concentration breaks and the bully falls to the floor. This incident gets Sora expelled from school. I must say props to the young actor playing Sora. His dark and angry look was very well done.

Sora’s parents are upset by this turn of events, but especially Sora’s father. He shoves Sora into his room and tells his son that he can never come out…he can’t go to school or go anywhere. He slams out of the room and his wife is anxiously waiting downstairs. She goes up to comfort Sora, but he stops her. He keeps insisting that their son is a monster…a devil. This hurts his wife and hurts the little boy upstairs. Daddy’s tirade against their son earns Daddy a big smack from Mommy. Despite the trouble that Sora causes (unintentionally since he can’t control his powers), Mommy loves her son very much. Unfortunately, Sora’s unstable emotional state triggers his powers and the house starts shaking. The little boy is recalling his grandmother’s words and keeps insisting he isn’t a devil.

Daddy rushes upstairs followed by worried Mommy. He starts yelling at Sora while things swirl around the room like crazy until a floating ball hits Mommy in the head. Once this happens, Sora’s startled and his powers stop. Sora wants to rush to his mother, but his father tells him to stay put. Mommy holds her head and begs her husband to not harm their son. Poor little boy. It’s not his fault that these bad things are happening and his father’s attitude towards him doesn’t help.

After this incident, Sora is sent to JTSD in hopes that the doctors there can help find a cure for his problem. Sora is willing to undergo treatment if it means his parents won’t hate him and he can return home to the mother he loves. The doctor does explain that just what Sora’s telekinetic powers are. It has something to do with Sora’s brain and perhaps they can discover a way that Sora can even be useful to society and the country. Those last two things you know can bring nothing good. People like Sora are always used more like weapons.

The Doctor takes Sora around the institute and introduces him to where he’ll be staying and tested. Sora seems fascinated by the machines and experiments being conducted in the labs. Sora is then taken to his room where Doctor tells him to be good and to believe in him. Sora wants to call his mother since he misses her already. Doctor tells him that is impossible since Sora puts people in danger. When the boy recovers, Doctor promises to let him live with his mother once more. This brightens up the young boy. The uncle promised, right?

Sora attends classes of some sort where he appears to be taught both Japanese and English among other things. I have to say the science lesson audio we get was very awkward and made no sense. Sora is also trained in martial arts. Why? Really. Shakes head. Doctor’s name is Soji, by the way. Sora meets Norit who will be working with Dr. Soji. It’s Norit’s job to take Sora’s blood for tests and the boy hates this the most. He says it’s as painful as a godzilla bite, not the mosquito bite Norit promises. And of course Sora is hooked up to machinery to monitor him while he tests out his powers. Throughout all these tests and everything, Dr. Soji always complains that Sora is not doing his best. If he doesn’t try harder and study more, he’ll never be cured and will never be able to go home to his mother.

During this training and test montage, we are introduced to a young girl who watches Sora through monitors. Dr. Soji tells the little girl about Sora—his nephew. The little girl will be tasked with taking care of Sora who must never be aware of her presence. The little girl promises to do her best and has fun watching Sora who is making weird faces in the mirror. We soon see Sora receiving cards and other things while the little girl watches on. Sora also meets a young person using a walker who dresses all in black. The face cannot be seen as the person wears a hoodie. Sora stops and greets this person, but they ignore him and keep walking. You can see the little girl developing strong feelings for Sora and she even sends him chocolates when he has nightmares about his mother.

8 years pass and things are still the same. Sora practices fighting, attends classes, and keeps going through test after test. He still has nightmares, too. When Sora has a problem mentally lifting a dumbbell, Dr. Soji complains that Sora doesn’t have a serious enough attitude. Sora apologizes…it’s just that the young man has a lot on his mind and he misses his mother and wishes to see her. Dr. Soji reminds the teenager that he can only return once he’s learned to control his powers or is cured. Sora is angry that the doctor keeps repeating himself. Dr. Soji tells him to channel this anger into the testing and studies.

Our little girl has grown up and is still caring for Sora. Still not certain who she is and why it was important for her to watch over and care for Sora without his knowledge. She prepares his favorite foods and candy in celebration of his birthday. Sora is grateful and thanks the mystery person for sending him the treats and remembering his birthday. This makes our young woman happy.

Another 6 years pass. I have no idea how young Sora is when we start, but its been 14 years since he’s been at the institute. This should put him into his mid to late 20s, if not older…right? Norit teases Sora who still shouts every time his blood is drawn. What a baby. Sora is showing much more progress and control with his telekinetic powers at long last. Dr. Soji seems very pleased with Sora’s results.

Overall, not a bad first episode. I’m really curious for some reason who the person in black was and what role he’ll play. I’m also curious to see what sets Sora off that he escapes JTSD. And just who is that girl who has been watching over him all of this time?

Ah, definitely check out the OST for the drama. Golf and Piglet contribute the ending song. It’s very pretty. I think the English translation is something like “Yes, It Is.”

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