MARS: Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru Episode 5 Recap

Sometimes I really wish I could remember more from the manga, but only a select few scenes remain in memory, plus what little I’ve seen of the Taiwanese version of the drama. On the upside, I did find the complete series for under $200 (it’s so hard! I’m happy to get it for less than a $100 – this is seriously expensive since Tokyopop no longer publishes manga). So I should be getting the 15 volumes of Mars plus Rei’s prequel later this week! Ahhh…the nostalgia of being able to get my hands on the first manga I ever read (never in its entirety sadly). Fruits Basket was actually the first series I think I finished.

Okay, enough of a digression. Not a whole lot happened in this episode (it being 20 minutes and all), but we had some major points, of course. What I really like is being able to see Kubota’s acting skills hit home with his portrayal of Kirishima’s emerging dark side. Ahhh…Kubota does this so well which you can see showcased when he played Kira in Death Note the series. His interactions with Fujigaya’s Rei were just…so good. These two have two very distinct flavors of crazy and balance each other quite well. I will say that I had to call Kira an idiot. Shakes head. You’d think a person like her with everything she’s experienced wouldn’t be so gullible, but I guess it goes to prove how irrational she is when it comes to Rei. Ah, and I kind of find her annoying in her aspect of what she doesn’t know about Rei. It almost seems like whining. These two call out to each other, but his dark side frightens her and she hates the fact there’s so much about him he doesn’t know. Can’t the same thing be said about what exactly Rei knows about Kira?

This episode starts with narration from Kirishima and you can finally understand that his target has never been Kira, but rather Rei. Kirishima is a very unhappy camper that Rei can’t understand his feelings…even when Kirishima was desperately trying to give him CPR.

From the first time we’ve met I’ve always thought “Don’t get tainted by anyone else other than me.” I don’t want to give you to anyone else.

Anyways, Rei wakes up in the school’s infirmary with Kira telling him the news that Kuraswa’s jump was not fatal and he will recover. This relieves Rei, but when Kira presses him about his reaction and what happened, Rei refuses to answer and asks to be allowed to rest more. Kira leaves and sees Kirishima standing by himself. He asks how Rei is and Kira replies fine enough and thanks Kirishima for saving Rei. Kirishima waves this off—he was only imitating what he saw on TV. Kirishima then wonders if Rei’s reaction has to do with Sei. Sei? Ah…so Rei hasn’t told Kira about Sei yet?

The two sit down on a bench and Kirishima explains that Sei is Rei’s younger brother. What I find odd is that I’m pretty certain that Sei and Rei were identical twins in the manga, but for whatever reason, in this adaptation they are making Sei Rei’s younger fraternal twin. While Rei was always more outgoing, Sei was quiet and timid. Two years ago Sei jumped from the roof of the school in front of Rei. So…you can definitely understand why Rei is as messed up as he is, can’t you?

In the classroom everyone is talking about the CPR incident. Sugihara blames Kira for not jumping in and trying to save Rei. What the hell? Kirishima tells her to not lay blame on Kira. Enter Rei who only now finds out that Kirishima did CPR on him. This causes Rei to freak out. CPR by a guy? He immediately demands to know why his girlfriend didn’t do it. Now the class is shocked to hear that Rei and Kira are an official couple. Kida demands to know if it’s true and Kira confirms it. The insensitive teenage boy then demands to know if Kira and Rei have already slept together. Eyeroll. Seriously? This gets him hauled off by Rei.

Kira and Kirashima are painting in the art room. Kira’s depressed by just how much she doesn’t know about Rei. Kirishima points out that Kira can start learning more about him now. True. Again, speak of Rei and he shall come. He invites Kira out on a movie date, but the girl would rather finish her painting (she has a contest deadline looming). Rei is disappointed, but understands. He tries to see the painting but Kira blocks him. He calls her stingy and to provoke Rei, Kirishima leans over to look and says it is coming along nicely. Rei then complains about how close Kirishima and Kira have gotten. He leans in close and threatens to make Kirishima cry if he lays a hand on Kira. Kirishima quips back that Rei shouldn’t talk to his savior like that and Rei leans in and kisses Kirishima on the cheek as a thank you. The other boy sits still and silent in shock. Rei takes his leave and Kira rushes out after him.

Kira tells Rei that she learned about Sei from Kirishima and they wonder if that is the cause for Rei’s condition earlier. Rei complains that Kirishima said something unnecessary and then he apologizes to Kira. His girlfriend understands people have pasts and secrets so it is fine if Rei can’t tell her everything, but should he want to talk, she’ll be there to listen. Rei goes to leave and turns back to tell her that they should definitely practice CPR together later. LOL.jmars.e05-00012

Ah, with the cutting and pacing of this drama! We go from this to Kira getting a call from the art teacher about how her painting won a prize. Things like this make it hard to gauge a timeline. She lets Rei know and he’s of course happy for her. He wants to know what she painted, but mum’s the word. She asks him to go to the contest exhibit with her that upcoming weekend. Of course she chickens out once there and sends Rei in on his own. He seems completely stunned when he views Kira’s portrait of how she perceives him and his brilliant colors. He goes back outside and praises himself as a model and then Kira as the painter. He’s always felt like a worthless person, but this makes him think that he’s not as bad as he thinks.

Rei invites Kira out to lunch to celebrate. Kira says she’d feel bad, but he tells her not to worry. After he checks out the contents of his wallet, he asks if hamburgers are okay. Looks like he doesn’t have too much money and needs to go the cheapest method possible. We then get a date montage of our young people being the typical young couple. Kira silently expresses how much she wishes to learn everything she can about Rei. These two always end of at the seaside, have you noticed? There they share another sweet kiss. Kira wishes fervently for these happy times to continue.

We cut to see Kirishima dressed in black walking along. Something about him seems a bit off today. We then cut to Kira who arrives home to find Yoshioka (perverted English teacher who molested her) waiting for her. He tells her that his devoted cram school students learned of what happened at the school and they vowed to hurt Kashino. Not wanting Rei to be a target, Kira agrees to go with Yoshioka to talk with the students. And this is where I keep calling her an idiot. Knowing this man, she should know better, but she still takes his words at face value. Kirishima then sees the two drive off together.

Once Yoshioka and Kira reach the cram school, no one is there! Shocking, isn’t it? Shakes head. Yoshioka then pulls a knife and demands Kira strip because he’s going to take nude pictures and post them on the net to strike back at Rei. Kira refuses, Yoshioka threatens to stab her, enter Kirishima. She screams at him to run, but Kirishima mocks Yoshioka and then tells the teacher to aim for his heart. Oh…LOVED Kubota’s expressions here as Kirishima. That slight madness and goading of his. So Yoshioka works up the courage and charges only to be stopped by Rei. Kirishima complains that Rei is so slow. Rei throws Yoshioka to the ground and takes his knife. He starts lowering the knife towards the teacher but Kira cries out he can’t. Yoshioka runs away and Rei laughs saying it was just a joke. Riiiight. Oh…Fujigaya’s expressions here, too! Awesome.

After this you get Kira’s thoughts about how she doesn’t really know Rei at all. Shakes head. Well, it’s not that it isn’t true, but you kind of get sick of hearing it. Kirishima gave her council about accepting Rei’s dual nature which she was having a hard time doing (and still is) and Kira gets so upset thinking she doesn’t really know who Rei really is. It gets old. Fast.

Anyways, a high school girl in uniform is attracted to Rei’s portrait. Oh she knows who he is and even calls the school to talk to Kira. Again, I’m calling Kira an idiot for giving out info on Rei. She confirms Rei is the model of the painting as well as confirming what school he attends. Baka! Class ends and Kira wakes Rei up. The two are happily talking and walking when a girl in uniform catches Rei’s eye. “Shiori.” The girl comes up to Rei and smacks him before hugging him. She’s been wanting to see him. Kirishima watches on in the background as always while Kira stares on wondering who Shiori is and again wondering about the past she doesn’t know. What’s the big deal about not knowing a person’s past per se? Especially in regards to relationships?

Of course Shiori’s entrance will cause problems with our newly made couple and Kirishima is there to quickly stir up trouble as well for Kira…as if the girl really needs any additional reasons to feel insecure about her relationship with Rei.

One comment

  • Spoiler alert:

    If i’m not mistaken, Kira did feel afraid of how much she doesn’t know about Rei, considering how people around her warned her about his dark side. In the manga, Tatsuya was the one who told her everything about Sei after Rei passed out. Then Kira made Tatsuya promised to never speak about Sei ever again because she was afraid Rei might passed out again. Yes, she was afraid and curious of Rei’s past, but she was more afraid of losing him, that’s why she chose to trust him and stay by his side.

    Speaking of Shiori, in the manga, it wasn’t her who called Kira. It was Shiori’s friend who was an art student as well. He got Kira’s number from her art teacher and knew which school Kira was in. Kira was in shock during the conversation that she barely speaks. All she ever said was the painting model is indeed Rei.

    PS: I was amazed that you bought the manga after this drama aired. I just downloaded the manga online LOL

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