MARS: Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru Episode 4 Recap

Kirishima. His character is really so interesting in his vagueness. It would appear that he has some sort of strong attraction to Kira granted how much he hangs around her…but don’t think you know what he’s really thinking! He’s a silent lurker who is aware of everything. Sure…he protects Kira to an extent…but…don’t forget he’s connected to Rei. Ah, the end of this episode. It’s CPR! Riiiight. Well, it really is supposed to CPR, the problem is since it isn’t done properly, it does look like Kirishima is planting one on the unconscious Rei. Ah…and am I the only one wondering why we are only seeing Rei’s haunted past? Technically we don’t get much about Kira at all. Yes, she seemed to avoid men (not that this Kira really appeared to) and there was the incident with the teacher…but we don’t get anything really in depth. And now with the big incident that closes this episode, we’re another step closer to learning about Rei’s tragic past. This…is so unbalanced.

We open with the classroom abuzz with Rei’s attack on Kurasawa. Kida is upset to hear his friend was suspended, but really it’s no surprise is it? Schools tend to frown on students beating up other students. Kira appears very uncomfortable and she draws Sugihara’s eyes. Ah…another thing. It’s not like Sugihara and Kira are suddenly besties or anything, but Sugihara starts treating Kira differently and it really seems like it’s too soon for them to be moving past their problems and becoming closer.

Kirishima sees Rei out and Rei asks the other boy to apologize to Kira for Rei scaring her earlier. Rei turns to leave and Kirishima asks Rei to stop getting Kira involved in his problems as she’s too delicate to be Rei’s girl. This makes Rei stop dead in his tracks in surprise. He stares hard at Kirishima. Could he possibly like Kira? Silence. Rei says Kirishima has no right to give him orders if he can’t even answer that questions and leaves.

After school, Kirishima asks Kira to go to the clubroom together. He also tells her that she can hold her head up high as she has done nothing wrong. If anyone gives her grief, he will be there to support the truth that Kurasawa stole her sketch. Kirishima then brings up Rei’s other side. He warns her that Rei has always been like that and if no one is there to stop him, he could go as far as killing. Knowing this, can Kira continue to “date” (they never officially have started, though) Rei. Kira doesn’t reply and leaves first. It might just be me, but I think that Kirishima gives her retreating back a bit of a dark look.

She seeks out Kurasawa who ignores her. She tells him to wait and lets him know she doesn’t hold a grudge against him. The problem is she promised to give Rei that painting and he was looking forward to it. Kira promises to keep silent as long as Kurasawa gives the sketch back as that is all she can give Rei now. He doesn’t reply and just walks away. Enter two third years who start to torment Kira about being the cause of Rei getting in trouble. Shockingly enough, Kira actually talks back to them which they don’t like. But Sugihara enters the picture to save the day and gets the older girls to scram. Kira thanks Sugihara who replies she was doing it for Rei and not Kira. Sugihara then expresses her surprise that Kira was brave enough to speak up—the timid girl is really serious about Rei, isn’t she? Kirishima appears to overhear this conversation and looks more unhappy.

The next day when Kira goes to the clubroom she sees Kurasawa walking away. When she enters, there is her sketch! She is overjoyed and immediately rushes over to Rei’s house. Since when did she know where he lived? When she arrives, she finds him passed out on the floor. We then cut to our eye candy shower scene. Afterward, Rei apologizes and says he was working hard at various jobs since he was suspended. If Kira hadn’t come (and woke him up and brought him food), he’d be in a tough spot. Kira is happy he’s fine and then hands over the sketch Kurasawa gave back. He stares at the drawing and asks Kira to go somewhere with him.

The two end up on the beach where everything started. Trust Rei, who always claims to be stupid and shallow, to do something so symbolic. Since that sketch is his to do with as he pleases now, he takes out a lighter and burns it. He’s metaphorically burning his bridges and ties to Kira. As if he can really kick her out of his life. Shakes head. I don’t really like this scene because it actually feels abrupt. Yes, Kirishima’s words are haunting and possibly even Sugihara’s, but at the same time this feels more forced to me. Anyways, Kira demands to know why and Rei asserts its because he doesn’t want her to get hurt anymore because of him. Well…in all honestly…only when it comes to Sughihara and the two jealous girls earlier has Kira been hurt because of him. The teacher and Kurasawa had nothing to do with him whatsoever, but whatever. I do like the delicate display of emotions by Fujigaya here, though.

Rei comes back to school and he and Kira essentially ignore one another. Of course, Kira can’t help but steal glances. Even if the class doesn’t notice anything different, Kirishima’s Rei sensors are up and you know that he knows something is up…and it is quite possibly all because of him. In the clubroom, Kirishima works on a painting of a blue sky with clouds while Kira is stuck. since Rei stopped being her model and friend…all inspiration is gone. Kirishima tells her not to force anything. When she’s ready, she’ll be able to draw again. Kira shocks Kirishima when she turns to him and tells him that he’s very kind. Funny, isn’t it? Yes, Kirishima does kind things for her, but has she forgotten all his warnings about how even he wears a mask to cover his true intentions? She then says whoever he has for a girlfriend will be smiling everyday.

Ahhhhh! Awkard! This drama has awkward transitions and jumps to sometimes random scenes. I get time constraints, but sheesh. Since Kira mentioned the girlfriend thing, we have to see Kirishima receive a confession. Of course, he rejects the girl politely. He may not have a girlfriend, but he has someone already that he likes. Of course the girl thinks it must be Kira since Kirishima seems to always be by her side. Again, when it comes to people asking his feelings about Kira, he says nothing. And…on a totally random note, how funny is it that our leading lady’s name is Kira and in DEATH NOTE, Kubota’s serial killer name was Kira?jmars.e04-00018

Kurasawa calls Rei to the rooftop of the school. Rei hates him, right? Of course. Kurasawa then complains that he knows the limitations he has—Rei has pointed it out as well, right? Since Kurasawa (as the son of a famous painter) must live up to pressure and expectations, he had no other choice. Rei isn’t buying this. Because of pressure, it’s okay to steal? Kurasawa angrily yells that Rei can’t possibly understand what it means to have people expect things from him. Ouch. Harsh, man. With this, Rei has had enough. He goes to walk away and stops right next to Kurasawa. When things get tough and expectations get to be too much again, the boy can just teal someone else’s work, right? Yeah. Wrong thing to say. I really don’t know what the point was. Did Kurasawa really expect sympathy from Rei over his conundrum?

Rei is walking home that night when three older men bump into him. They are angry that Rei bumped into them and didn’t apologize. It’s total crap of course since they were the ones at fault. We do see Kurasawa hiding in the shadows. Seriously. Eyeroll. Rei fights back against the thugs and is even winning, but Kira’s face comes into his head and he stops fighting back. Really. Excessive violence is bad. Defending yourself isn’t. Good gravy. Oh, well, I mean, Rei going to be them with the sake bottle really would not have been good and not right at all, but what happens afterward. He could have just walked away after gaining the upper hand instead of sticking around to be a punching bag since he stopped fighting back.

Meanwhile at school, Kira still can’t draw. Kirishima knows Kira can’t forget about Rei and that’s what’s causing her block. Again, speak of the devil! Rei calls Kira all beaten up. He doesn’t say anything and just hangs up. Kira rushes out since she knows something is wrong. Kirishima calls after her and she pauses to turn and yell at him that she’s sorry. What exactly is she sorry for? Oh, Kubota’s expressions as Kirishima. Dies.

How is it in dramas that people always manage to find the other person quite fast when they don’t know where they were to begin with. Or the opposite is true when they don’t know and are right near them and keep missing them. Anywho, Rei explains to Kira that he got caught in the wrong crowd. He was violent to start, but then he thought of Kira and he wanted her to praise him for holding back and not beating the crap out of the thugs. Awww. Just his expressions here and his words. He was like a sad little kid realizing something. He repeated how he wanted her praise. Doesn’t that show you how much her opinion matters to him who said he didn’t care what others thought? Of course, this is followed by a kiss. Rei then takes off his lucky charm bracelet and gives it to Kira. Does this make them officially a couple now?

The next day at school Rei approaches Kirishima who asks what happened to his face. Rei says the injuries are proof of his manhood. He then tells Kirishima that he cannot give up on Kira and he definitely will not let her go. When he walks away, Kirishima stares after him with a sad face. Kida expresses surprise over Rei’s bruises since Rei isn’t the type to get beat up often. Rei smiles and says it is because of this he did not lose something important—meaning Kira. Kida wants to know what it is that Rei kept, but Rei spots Kurasawa and has to stop to let the senior know he is aware that Kurasawa set him up. As a great blow to Kurasawa, Rei tells the older boy that he isn’t worth hitting.

So Kira has her muse back and is working on another portrait of Rei when the shit hits the fan. Kurasawa goes up to the rooftop and jumps. Now, you can’t blame Rei or Kira for this turn of events. The boy was obviously very messed up and felt a lot of pressure. This incident was just a teeny speck on his already tottering psyche. Kira freaks out seeing the blood for Kurasawa on the ground below and Rei starts hyperventilating leading to Kirishima holding him and trying to resuscitate him. Of course, the production made it out more like a kiss and not Kirishima breathing into Rei’s mouth.

So, yeah. Quite the episode. This means we should be learning about Sei soon. They mystery boy in the flashback. Seeing Kira’s horror at Kirishima’s actions was amusing. Again, they did make it look too much like a kiss which wasn’t what was really going on. What I do find interesting as how passive Kira can be. When it comes to other people and Rei getting hurt, she can be stubborn and aggressive. When it comes to Rei’s own actions towards her…she’s passive. Oh, sure she cried and demanded to know why Rei wanted to sever all ties…but even though it depressed her, she quietly accepted it without too much protest. Shakes head.


  • The “CPR” was just…. As a health care worker myself…. -facepalm-
    But… that’s to be expected of medical situations in dramas ^^;

    Sugihara and Kira’s friendship does develop abruptly even in the manga. Pretty much as soon as Rei’s response chilled Sugihara to the bone as to his unstable mental status, she gave up on him and started warming up to Kira.

    Regarding Rei and Kira “dating”. It’s weird but even in the manga, they never “officially” go, okay, we’re dating now. It gets implied that they are an item pretty early on in the manga. It’s not like your regular shoujo/drama where one of them confesses to another. They just kind of go with the flow and before they know it, they were dating kind of thing.

    Due to the time constraints for the drama, they’ve simplified a lot of the relationships between characters. Based off the manga, Kira would have asked Kida for Rei’s address. Fujigaya’s expression on the beach here and also his exchange with Kira after he got beaten up got me all teary eyed QQ

    Again, Kurasawa’s rooftop dialogue with Rei was as it was in the manga. Just the actor’s portrayal of Kurasawa makes me hate this character so much more than I did in the manga.

  • It’s kinda different from the manga.. and those CPR -_-
    But can you tell me where to watch this episode? I can find only 3 episodes…

  • This is not related to this episode in particular, but since the movie was announced, I wonder how much of the storyline will the drama cover? Since the movie is promoted as the “Last Chapter”.

    • i think this whole mini episodes will just cover on Rei and Kira’s budding relationship, along with Shiori and Sei’s stories. I think the last chapter will revolves around Masao/Makio starts getting violent or whatever like how he threaten Kira with a knife on a hospital’s rooftop. Or did i spoil too much information? Lol sorry. Those who have read the manga would understand me haha

      i would definitely enjoy watching this drama if it was longer than 20 minutes each episodes T..T

      besides, i think the lead actress trying hard not to get too dark in her character. I know Kira is gloomy and dull. But it would be boring if she is seriously gloomy in the drama.

      • I’ve actually been a fan of Mars since reading the manga years ago, so you’re not spoiling anything for me, don’t worry lol. Hm, I was actually thinking that maybe the drama might go past that part (the hospital rooftop part) in the manga? At least based on the pacing of the drama. But then again, if they get too far into the storyline, there might not much storyline left for the movie lol.

        I wish it was longer than 20 minutes, too.

  • It was sad we couldn’t really enjoy watching our favourite live-action drama 😥

    Could anyone just talk to the production company to make this drama a real drama, i mean longer ones like the other drama lol i just couldn’t accept the fact that this drama is wayyyy too fast

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