Cain and Able and A Man Called God Hit Netflix

Netflix adds 2009 Korean drama Cain and Able to its streaming library. This drama stars So Ji Sub, Shin Hyun Joon, and Chae Jung An. You can probably guess by the title if you’re familiar with the biblical story, but the heart of the story revolves around two brothers who are at odds. Cho In is a gifted doctor leading a charmed life which makes his older brother Seon Woo jealous.

Also added is the 2010 drama A Man Called God which is a live action adaptation of a manhwa of the same name. This stars Song Il Gook, Han Chae Young, and Kim Min Jong. I watched and recapped the first 7 or so episodes, but this drama didn’t really appeal after awhile. It’s horribly cheesy and…it was awful ‘meh’ for me after awhile. Song Il Gook doesn’t actually have ratings luck with his modern dramas, but usually does well with his period dramas. This is a revenge drama where Michael goes after the men who killed his family when he was a child. This of course brings him in contact with an attractive and nosy reporter as well as a government agent harboring a psycho side.

As always, check out the full list here.


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