New Korean Dramas on Netflix – January 24, 2016

Netflix has pretty much gotten rid of nearly all of the Korean dramas it did have in its streaming library, so it’s always good to see new drama arrivals at long last. It’s been quite awhile. I haven’t been able to keep track recently because I had to let my Netflix subscription go for a little while. But I have it again and here are some new Korean drama arrivals!

First up is This is My Love which I’m sure most drama watchers already know as the heavy melodrama My Love, Eun Dong. This is a story about first love going awry and the struggle two lovers have to find their way back to one another. I watched like the first episode or two and wasn’t really all that interested, but I know this drama had quite the following when it was airing.

Falling for Soon Jung OSTNext up is a melodrama mixed in with a comedy, Falling In Love with Soon Jung aka Falling for Innocence. Netflix has this title listed under Beating Again…which can make sense given the overall plot. A man comes back to Korea hell bent on avenging his family’s untimely demise before he himself dies of a heart condition. He does get a heart transplant that saves his life and it turns out the donor is the fiancee of one of his targets. Is his love for Soon Jung real, or a manifestation of the original heart’s owner?

We have an older woman younger man relationship explored in Secret Love Affair (listed under Secret Affair). We have a married woman who falls hopelessly in love with a piano prodigy under her and her husband’s tutelage. Lots of university politics and what not at play here. Another drama I started and never finished…as is pretty much every drama on this list. I’m great at starting and horrible at finishing.

Relationships of the past run parallel with relationships in the presence in Korean drama Lucid Dream (aka Snow Lotus or Snow Lotus Flower. Ji Jin Hee and Lee Ji Ah have lucid dreams of a time long ago that ended in tragedy. Can their romance survive in modern times?

Sung Joon and Jung So Min’s Can We Get Married? is also available. This story explores couples and marriage and family. I only watched part of the first episode, so I can’t say much about this drama. An Indian drama called Yudh is also available and is a 20 episode psychological thriller.

Unfortunately, new titles aren’t the only updates. More Korean dramas have been removed. No more Doctor Stranger, Fated to Love You, I Need Romance season 1, and Shut Up Flower Boy Band. For the full list of what’s available (and what used to be available) check out the full list.


  • Hi… I am a korean and japanese drama fan… I am looking for a provider that allows me to access this…. whats the best provider for me

    • I was just set to be a netflix user for my needs…. but looking at the comments on your website…. I do not know what to do…. netflix doesnt seem to have too many korean dramas…. and a lot of the dramas mentioned in the list here are already on youtube….. pls help…

      • If you do the DVD plan, Netflix carries way more Asian dramas on DVD than streaming. Your best legal sites for Asian dramas are Viki, DramaFever, official YouTube channels (like KBS World TV & Mnet does some English subs for a few of their series), and Crunchyroll.

  • deandra smith

    please put more drama on netflix

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