Asian Music Mixology – August Final Giveaway Winner

The final giveaway winner of August was Phantom18! who decided to take a mix of Asian music versus a compilation of Thai-only music. Here is the completed playlist! Yes, I know that it is long. I tried to incorporate old favorites and recently discovered loves from the entire Asian music spectrum. Here you’ll find Thai, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese, and Hong Kong tunes.

The first 12 tracks were just in order by genre, but from 13 to 42 I actually had a very specific order and arrangement going on. My goal for the final part of the playlist was to create a list with songs that kind of built and led into each other music-wise. I tried to go from uptempo to slowly going towards softer sounds and then harder and back again. I’ve been listening to the list over and over and over again and constantly rearranging until I’ve finally cultivated a playlist I’m completely happy with.

Check out the playlist on YouTube. If you like it, considering checking them out on iTunes and supporting the artists by available there. (Mixology Part 1: Intro to Genres; Mixology Part 2: Favorites and New Loves)

  1. ยอม No Matter What by Eua Pakin from Red Wine in the Dark Night OST
  2. ให้รักเดินทางมาเจอกัน (วายุภัคมนตรา) Hai Ruk Dern Taang Ma Jue Gun (La Korn Wah Yoo Puk Mon Trah) from 4 Hearts of the Mountains OST
  3. ความรักไม่มีที่ให้คำว่ากลัว Kwarm Ruk Mai Mee Tee Hai Kum Wah Glua by Instinct from Ruk Pathiharn OST
  4. 너 날 떠난 이 자리 Neo Nal Ddeonan I Jari by Activity
  5. Dreaming Eternity In Life As Tiny Dust by Zatmaruami
  6. Longest Night by Bluepaprika
  7. OH MY JULIET. by LM.C
  8. Hard to Say I Love You ~iidasenakute~ by WEAVER from Sunao ni Narenakute OST
  9. Black Butterfly by Anonymous Confederate Ensemble
  10. I Wanna Say by Bii
  11. Sarang Haeyo by JJ Lin
  12. Goodbye to Loneliness by Mr.
  13. コンパス by Berry Goodman
  14. Gloria by Bae Doo Na from Gloria OST
  15. Captain S.V by Yoga Lin
  16. Scar by Acid Black Cherry
  17. Dieu Ngot Ngao Nhat by Cao Thai Son
  18. Someday by Bily Acoustie
  19. 被忘錄 Memo by Aaron Yan
  20. เพียงในใจ Piang Nai Jai by Boy Peacemaker
  21. 내 여자라고 She’s My Girl by FIX
  22. Remember Forever by Versailles Philharmonic Quintet
  23. 何以愛情 by Wallace Chung from Silent Separation OST
  24. Monster (Acappella version) by Big Bang
  25. 光の記憶 by Angelo
  26. รักเดียวใจเดียว by เอ็ม Mic Idol สุทธิชัย ลิ้มเจริญชัยกุล
  27. 让你飞/讓你飛 Let You Fly by Jarvis Wu
  28. Fine Thank You and You? by 10cm
  29. Paradise by Matsushita Yuya from Quartet OST
  30. Imperative 势在必行 by Andrew Tan and Bii
  31. Batman by Evo Nine
  32. 외로워 Lonely by Toxic
  33. Why Goodbye by The Boss/DGNA/Daeguknama
  34. Fukai no Yami by girugamesh
  35. Light by Instinct featuring WEAVER
  36. 안녕 여자친구 Goodbye Girlfriend by Dickpunks
  37. Toki by Da-iCE
  38. 完美情人 Perfect Lover by 183 Club from Magicians of Love OST
  39. Kiss You (Kiss Mix) by DaizyStripper
  40. 멀어질까봐 Far away… Young love by C-CLOWN
  41. Mask by William Wei/Weibird
  42. 零 Ling by Alan Kuo from Mars OST

The final version that is sent may not be this one, but since, as I said earlier, I really was happy with what I came up with and the overall flow, I felt I would share what I spent so much time working on.

What do you think of the list? Find any new songs to fall in love with or are there any songs you’d like to recommend to get someone’s feet wet in the entire realm of Asian music?

Wanna share your thoughts?

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