Mandopop Madness Recommendations

Remember in August I did a giveaway for music? Yeah. Fast forward to November and I finally got around to completing the promised playlists. Yes, I am soooo bad. Below is the playlist won by lynette31. I had to make some adjustments because songs that were once available via iTunes went “poof” so you’ll get to see the original choice and the replacement. Enjoy!

  1. Alan Kuo – “Wake Up” (拼了)
  2. Anthony Neely – “Happy Armageddon”
  3. Yoga Lin featuring Elephant Gym – “Speaking in Tongues”
  4. William Wei/Weibird – “Wolves”
  5. F.I.R. – “Better Life”
  6. UNIQ – “Falling in Love” Chinese version
  7. Anthony Neely – “Everything is Love” (Tiny Time 1.0 theme)
  8. A-do – “Valentine’s Day”
  9. Hua Chenyu – “Let You Go”
  10. David Tao – “Dear God” (this album is no longer available)
  11. Claire Kuo – “Be Ok” (replaced David Tao’s unavailable song)
  12. FUN4 – “Shuō ài nǐ de shíhòu” (說愛你的時候)
  13. Roger Yang – “Nothing But the End”

If you were putting together your own Mandopop recommendations, what would you choose?

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