Music of the Moment: Eua Pakin “No Matter What”

I was browsing some Thai music on YouTube and stumbled across the official channel of Thai movie Red Wine in the Dark Night. Teasers, trailers, cast interviews, music videos…all with English subtitles (well, a lot with English subtitles). The plot of the movie revolves around boys love with a young man who was bullied and an amnesiac vampire. Yeah. So, it’s definitely a more unique movie plot.

Anyways, I fell in love with the song “No Matter What” by Eau Pakin [or Eawe Pakin if you go by the Chinese version] from the OST. I tried to Google the artist to find out more about them, but haven’t had much luck, so I’m not sure how active this person is currently. I can say, though, that I’ll be happy to hear more music from him in the future. This song’s lyrics and the delivery is absolutely beautiful.

The single for this is available in the US iTunes store in the original Thai and in Chinese! I am completely guilty of buying it already, lol. I really do love this song and can listen to it and not get bored.

And, as a bonus, here’s another song from the OST! It’s called “I Won’t Ask” and it’s by The W.H.Y. It’s a very simple arrangement and suits the lyrics quite well.

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