GMM TV Official YouTube

You have to love it when official YouTube channels for Asian or international stations in general upload videos with English subtitles. While perusing YouTube last week, I stumbled upon GMM TV which uploads full episodes of its series on youTube…and guess what? Some (not all) have English subtitles! And the English, with one or two hitches, is understandable and good! Check out the first episode of Ugly Duckling: Don’t to see for yourself.

I’ve found one or two Chinese, Taiwanese, and Thai music places that add English subtitles to certain MVs, but it’s rare to find legal channels streaming dramas with English subtitles. KBS World, of course, is the exception. Arirang does upload shows with English subtitles as well, but they don’t have dramas. MNET also has some shows with English subtitles, but not a whole lot. So…always happy to find other places with English subtitles for international fans who don’t understand the original language and who know English. Obviously not all international fans know English.

Do you know of any other official legal YouTube channels that have English subtitles or other subtitle languages for international fans?


  • Perfect Match is actually good too. I’ll have to check Don’t. I’ve been waiting for the last of the Ugly Duckling series, Boy’s Paradise.

    • While waiting for more episodes of Don’t, I started watching Perfect Match. One thing I note is that while the acting isn’t always the best, the dramas are cute enough. I don’t get how they deem these people as “ugly” or “fat” when they really aren’t at all… O_O

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