Dramas and Movies Based on Manga Part 7

Welcome to the seventh part of my ongoing struggle to identify movies and dramas based on comics (aka manga/manhwa/manhua/webtoons). There are tons out there and it’s really hard to identify them all, but I’m trying, lol.

Ai Ore!

Sakurazaka Mizuki looks like a boy and is treated like a prince at her all-girl school while Shiraishi Akira has a feminine appearance and is treated like a princess in his all-boy school. One day he confesses his love for Mizuki.

Attack on Titan

Giants known as titans are kept at bay by three walls. When the outer wall is breached, citizens are gathered to for a unit to fix the breach and drive the titans back behind the outer wall.

Avec Punch

Two high schoolers hate being bored. One day they bump into people on the street and start arguing. When a fight breaks out, confident fighter Hiramasa gets knocked out!

Bad Boys J

In the same vein as Crows, High School Wars, and Majisuka Gakuen we have high school gangs fighting it out for supremacy.


A love story between Segoku genera Matabe Ijiri and Princess Renheme.

Female Panther

Fujimi Hikari is a beautiful fashion model with a big secret… she’s also a skilled assassin bend on avenging her parents’ murder.


Nishimori Aoi lives on her own as she chose to stay behind when her family moved. She lives next door to popular guy Kugayama Shusei. When she accidentally sets sprinklers off in his apartment, the two become roommates and slowly start to fall for each other.

Noble, My Love

A struggling vet draws the attention and affection of a cold chaebol. The two enter into a contract relationship as the chaebol does not wish to go on arranged marriage dates.

Rurouni Kenshin

Kenshin was a famous samurai known as a man-slayer. When the war was over, he sought a peaceful existence and vowed to never take another life with his sword skills.

Say “I Love You”

Popular Kurosawa Yamato becomes drawn to Tachibana Mei who avoids other students due to a bad experience in middle school. When he helps her out of a tight situation, the two begin to fall for each other.


Miku’s parents decide to open their home to boarders and this brings in popular student Sohei. Miku has a crush on Sohei and Sohei’s friend Hayato has a crush on Miku.

Taishi Kakka no Ryourinin

Osawa Ko quits his job at ritzy French restaurant to become a chef to the Japanese embassy in Vietnam where he then enters a competition against a chef at the French embassy.

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