My Sunshine Episodes 1-15

Since I discovered My Sunshine Director’s Cut, I had to dive into the actual entire drama itself as too much went unexplained in the four episode version of the drama. I wish I could say that my curiosity was completely satisfied by watching the full drama, but what I most wanted explain hasn’t really been explained and I sincerely doubt it will be by the end of the drama. That being said, I am enjoying the full version so much more so than the abbreviated version.

My Sunshine cdrama castSo we have college sweethearts who were separated by fate. Chemistry student and budding photographer Zhao Mo Sheng was head over heels for the aloof law student He Yi Chen. After much work on her part, she finally makes him her boyfriend. One of the biggest problems with their young relationship is insecurities. Since Yi Chen does not open up about his feelings and emotions, Mo Sheng isn’t entirely certain that he really does love and is worried that someday their relationship could end. Mo Sheng does share her worries with Yi Chen’s sister Yi Mei…only it turns out they are not siblings by blood and Yi Mei has decided to chase after Yi Chen even knowing that he has a girlfriend. This shocks Mo Sheng and she goes to visit Yi Chen. Little does she know that Yi Chen has met with her father who was trying to convince Yi Chen to study in the states with Mo Sheng. Yi Chen turns down the offer because he does not like who Mo Sheng’s father is. He then proceeds to tell Mo Sheng that he regrets meeting her and never wishes to see her again. Soon after this conversation takes place, Mo Sheng’s father forces her to go to the US where a family friend takes away her passport. Soon after, her father commits suicide and Mo Sheng is stuck in the US for at least three years before they [family friends] will relinquish her passport.

So our rich girl now has no family and no money and must rely on herself. She comes to live with a fellow Chinese woman and her family. The woman is abused by her Western husband and eventually stabs him and is thrown in prison. In order to save the woman’s son, Mo Sheng must come up with money. She gave away all of her inheritance to a Chinese entrepreneur who reminded her of Yi Chen and decides to ask for the money back. The man, Ying Hui, listens to her story and offers marriage to her to save the boy. Thus they enter into a contract marriage which ends about a year after the boy’s mother is released from prison and she reclaims her son.

All of this time neither Mo Sheng nor Yi Chen can forget one another. The thing that irks me the most is Yi Chen and everyone blaming Mo Sheng for what happened in the past. Her father knew things were going south and that’s why he tried to get Yi Chen to run away with Mo Sheng, but Yi Chen was too proud (it could be that his parents’ death might have had something to do with Mo Sheng’s father, but we don’t know at this point if that is the case or if it was really just pride). Yi Chen cannot believe his cruel words would be enough to send Mo Sheng running without seeking the truth. Mo Sheng knows that no matter what happened, her dad would not have let her stay, so it is a moot point to talk about what might have been and if she would have stayed if things were different. It does seem odd for Mo Sheng to not chase after the truth given how hard she chased after Yi Chen, but if you coupled Yi Chen’s rejection with Yi Mei’s confession to Mo Sheng, it could be viable that she thought Yi Mei confessed and that is why Yi Chen decided to end things and thus she bowed out so as not to interfere with the two.

Ah, so frustrating. Yi Chen and Mo Sheng kind of naturally fall back with each other, but both have very much been altered by the past seven years. Mo Sheng knows she is different now and knows that there is no way Yi Chen is the same either. How can they possibly go back to the past? But back to the past is what Yi Chen desires. After being berated for abandonment by Yi Chen’s colleagues and having Yi Chen voice his own contempt of her, he then says he doesn’t have the time or inclination to start afresh with someone new, so they should just be together again. Ouch. Talk about a slap in the face to Mo Sheng. That night was definitely not a night for her. So, in an attempt to put the final nail the coffin of their relationship, she does let him know she was married in the US. To boot, she is a divorced woman (although she doesn’t confess this part right away). True, she only had a marriage of convenience that was never conjugated, but she feels that makes her less worthy and Yi Chen did show her scorn for having been married and divorced…although he ultimately decides to marry her before they can really iron our their relationship. I really wish people stopped pushing all the blame on Mo Sheng as it takes two in any relationship. They are only outsiders who only know one side – Yi Chen’s and that side isn’t the whole story as Yi Chen never let anyone know about his harsh words telling Mo Sheng to disappear. Yi Chen was not in the right to keep the secret about her father meeting him and just ending things like he did. Yi Chen should also know it was not Mo Sheng’s fault. I thought that he said he knew about her family situation, but I could have misunderstood that scene. He’s so certain that she’s at fault that he won’t even listen to her painful story of her father’s suicide, her mother’s abandonment, and her impoverished life in the states. He only cares about himself and the pain he went through waiting for her return for seven years.

And then we have Ying Hui. His decision to marry Mo Sheng never made sense. It was not fully explained why he decided to do such a thing. Sure, you can see in some scenes that he did come to care for her, but you can also see that Mo Sheng never gave him the time of day as a man. She only returns to China, supposedly after their divorce, as Ying Hui wants her to forget Yi Chen and the trauma there and come back to him. Well…Ying Hui’s plan majorly backfires since Mo Sheng and Yi Chen just cannot forget the past.

We do get to see more of the side character stories so allusions and references in the director’s cut begin to make more sense. I like Xiao Xiao’s bickering relationship with Mo Sheng’s coworker Yuan Feng. I don’t really like He Yi Mei and knowing the end of the series thanks to the Director’s Cut, I can at least be happy that Yuan Feng gets over his infatuation with Yi Mei. And our chubby magazine worker and her quest for love and her friendship with Mo Sheng is fleshed out more so that is nice. While this drama can be frustrating, especially in regards to Mo Sheng’s constant feelings of inferiority and Yi Chen’s insecurities over Mo Sheng, I am enjoying it and am looking forward to seeing a more natural development of Mo Sheng’s and Yi Chen’s reawakening love and to see how their characters finally mature and move forward at long last after being stuck so long in the past.

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  • Hi, I only just recently discovered this drama and I absolutely love it! I came to know it as I searched for other Gu Man drama/novel as I’ve seen already Love O2O (my very first C drama) and then Boss & Me and I enjoyed very much watching both and then reading the novels after.
    Like you, because of this drama,I also got to know Wallace Chung. Like the drama, I absolutely love him. I think he is amazing; a very good actor, dancer and singer. I got his latest album Sing for Life from iTunes and I love all the tracks.
    Anyhow, I have a few comments on your post above:
    1. Mosheng only donated $500 to Ying Hui (but this meant a great deal to him at that time); most of the money given by her father she donated to the Chinese Embassy in N.Y.
    2. As to people blaming Mosheng and only seeing one side of the story, I guess this is a natural reaction considering she was the one who relentlessly pursued/pestered Yichen so how could she just leave him like that? From then and even when she came back, everyone viewed her as somebody who is not his equal and hence not worthy of Yichen. That is why Yichen’s love for her is so special, he loves her in spite of / despite of… and no one else will do – he will not settle for a substitute. She is his sunshine and he is not willing to compromise. Yichen finding love this way and waiting through all those years for her gives a whole new meaning to the word serendipity for me.
    3. Yichen keeping as secret Mosheng’s father meeting him and then saying what he said to her – as Yichen will regretfully admit later on, he can be impulsive too at times and he cannot believe Mosheng will just leave him at this very first major fight. As to keeping as secret as well the reason for his anger to the father, by doing this he eventually saved Mosheng the pain of knowing that her father had something to do with Yichen’s parent’s death. And Yichen will decide to forever keep this from Mosheng as it is already in the past and what’s important is his decision to love Mosheng for the rest of his life. He said he had his parents for 10 years, he wants Mosheng for a lifetime.
    4. Ying Hui’s decision to help Mosheng by marrying her – this could be out of gratitude to her as she had been his benefactor and having somehow checked her background already he may have been attracted to her even at that stage as by all her actions thus far shows she is a very compassionate human being.

    Anyway, this is a great love story but not all people (but I know a great many do) like it and not all people like Yichen’s treatment of Mosheng. My sister who is a sucker for romantic drama like me does’t like Yichen; she says he’s mean to Mosheng. I on the other hand totally get him and am all for the small gestures that he does and the significance of the words that he says to her. The novel has so many great lines about their love which are not in the director’s cut version. I’ve rewatched this drama many times already and still can’t get enough of it! 🙂

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