Music of the Moment: My Sunshine OST

So I started watching Chinese drama My Sunshine aka Silent Separation. Looking at the two titles…they are very…different. My Sunshine implies something bright and happy and loved while Silent Separation sounds angsty, dark, and pain-filled. This drama is a melodrama about a long-separated couple finding each other and trying to rebuild their broken relationship in all the wrong ways first. Despite it’s heaviness…I am enjoying the drama. I’m especially enjoying the OST. So…even if you don’t watch the drama, you should definitely check out the OST. It’s awesome and the songs really suit the drama overall. Got to love it when music adds to the moment.

You can get a single album in the US iTunes store which has three of the songs from the drama. I recommend it. Two of the songs are by the main actors Wallace Chung and Tiffany Tang.

First up is the opening song by Zhang Jie called “My Sunshine” (if you’re curious, our male lead refers to the female lead from their college days as his sunshine, she made him happy in his darker world – dirt poor, parentless, etc.). Listening to this song and the way he says to not leave him again at the end…who’d want to leave him?

Next up is the ending song 何以愛情 [What is Love] by Wallace Chung who is the main actor in this drama. Oh this song…I love it even more than the opening song by Zhang Jie. Much like Della Ding’s songs for Sound of the Desert, I’ve got this constantly on repeat.

Tiffany Tang contributes a song that really suits her character’s situation about wanting to meet someone after a long time again. 好久不見 [Long Time No See] is very pretty.

After all of those more sad or bittersweet ballads we have the more upbeat contribution from Shanie Gao and it’s name is a mile long: 遇見你的時候所有星星都落到我頭上 [The Stars Fall Upon Me When I See You (To April)]. This is played obviously at happier times (which are few and far between at first once we get past the adorable flashback scenes).

Probably one of the weirdest songs is “The Road Not Taken” which is another contribution by Shanie Guo. It’s all in English and the lyrics while not awful or anything are just odd, and yet they are very fitting to this drama.

So after two very different songs from Shanie Gao, we’re back to straight up ballads. Hua Chenyu’s 微光 “Glimmer of Light” is quiet and lovely. It’s both uplifting and yet a sad plea all at once. There is English lyrics under the Chinese in the video so you can see what I mean.

Fang Wu’s [Wu Wen Fang] song 孤獨的總和 [Accumulated Loneliness] is actually an insert song in this drama and another! I like the string instruments in this song. Yep, yep.

The rest of the album is karaoke or instrumental versions of the songs. I recommend checking it out. I wish I knew where you could pick up the full OST, but I don’t see it in iTunes or YesAsia. You can get some of the songs off the singers’ own personal albums in iTunes.

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