Cdrama Review: My Sunshine Director’s Cut

The only thing I’ve ever watched director’s cuts of is movies. I don’t necessarily like the director’s cut any better than the original as there usually isn’t anything too different with certain aspects. When it comes to dramas, I’ve stayed away from director’s cuts or the shortened movie versions of completed dramas. When I initially started watching My Sunshine Director’s Cut version, I don’t know why, but I thought it would be the whole series with additional scenes or something. Nope. They cut the entire 40 episodes (or 32 depending on which version you have) down to only 4. That’s right. 4!!!!

My Sunshine cdrama castThe plot behind My Sunshine is so complicated that cutting it from it’s original length to only 4 episodes did not go all that smoothly and there is a lot left out and too many jumps with little explanation. Originally it wasn’t too bad in like the first episode as much but by the other episodes you’re wondering how things got to be the way they were. If you were not familiar with the original series at all, you’d be lost on who characters were and just what events they were referring to. Something that also baffles me (I’m currently watching the full drama version right now) is why they did the flashback college scenes with Wallace Chung and Tiffany Tang in the shortened version of the drama vs. using the flashbacks with the younger cast in the full drama.

Anywho. My Sunshine really revolves around Wallace Chung (as He Yi Chen), Tiffany Tang (as Zhao Mo Sheng), and Tan Kai (as Ying Hui). Yi Chen was a poor law student with no interest in love while Mo Sheng was a bubbly rich girl who fell for him at first sight. She eventually wins him over and they start dating, but their sweet relationship does not last. After a visit from Mo Sheng’s father, Yi Chen says he wishes he had never met her and never wants to see her again. Mo Sheng’s father then sends her to the US. 7 years pass. During that 7 years, Yi Chen throws himself into school and work and always hopes that the woman who abandoned him would return to him in the end. Do to unexplained circumstances (in this version, not the full drama version) Mo Sheng ended up in a contract marriage to Ying Hui. She eventually divorces him and returns to China.

Our ill-fated couple reunite. Mo Sheng could never forget Yi Chen just as he never forgot her, but there is tons of ill will on Yi Chen’s part. Even though he was partly at fault for their breakup, he puts all responsibility on Mo Sheng and thus doesn’t treat her the best. Eventually she confesses her marriage and divorce to him and he decides to skip renewing their relationship the normal way and just marries her outright. As much as he is happy to finally have Mo Sheng by his side, he can’t help the insecurities eating away at him and the constant fear that she will abandon him yet again. Mo Sheng does try to explain everything to him more than once, but he is unwilling to listen to the sad and tragic facts that led to their separation and her subsequent marriage and divorce.

Of course, since she was once married, ex-hubby must come back into the picture. Mo Sheng never understood that her husband in the states really did fall in love with her as there was only ever one man on her mind – Yi Chen. Since they did cut so much out of the drama, it’s weird that Ying Hui reappears right after Mo Sheng and Yi Chen’s marriage. What’s even weirder is that Yi Chen’s reactions to Mo Sheng are pretty tame (save for one instance) with the appearance of Ying Hui. Yi Chen actually more or less enters a silent war with Ying Hui for Mo Sheng. It does turn out that Mo Sheng’s divorce was never legalized so she’s married to two men at the same time. Her feelings for Ying Hui are only that of a younger sister who loves an elder brother while she is head over heels for Yi Chen.

What I don’t like is there is not enough development for the drama to make sense in the condensed version. Sure Ying Hui pops up and does his best to take Mo Sheng away, but at the same time, there is no explanation of anything and while he’s there, the focus of the condensed version is so heavily placed on our OTP that by the time we get to the end you wonder what the big deal was and why Ying Hui did not save everyone all this grief and just let go sooner.

Good acting overall by everyone. I was not familiar with Wallace Chung before, but now I feel I must go through and check out his other dramas. He’s a good actor and I love the songs he sings for this drama. I bought the OST. It’s sooooo good! And I already knew Tiffany Tang was a good actress from a few of her other dramas. I liked to see some of the better sides of the OTPs relationship and see how they changed towards each other to go back to almost where they were before they separated. One thing that is weird is that with that short hair, Tiffany Tang seemed so mature, then give her that long hair and her old bubbly attitude and she seemed so much younger than her 30+ years. It really was odd.

I think if they had cut the drama differently it would have made more sense, but alas, the cutting and splicing of certain scenes does not due the drama justice. I think I will continue to stay away from cut down dramas as they just can’t work like a full drama could and convey the entire storyline. Sure…there probably are dramas they could do with a really nice shortened version, cutting out all the unnecessary stuff, but this drama actually needs the extra storytelling. Of course, even with some of the extra episodes, we are still missing vital pieces of information, but not nearly as bad as with this cut. Although…I suppose it is perfect if you are only interested in our main leads and want to know how the drama goes without investing the 30+ hours to watch the original.


  • I, also, wasn’t familiar with Wallace Chung until very recently only. After seeing him initially in the first few episodes of General and I, I just have to check out his other works and voila! I got addicted watching My Sunshine. I can’t count how many times I re-watched this drama. Needless to say I fell in love with Wallace Chung and I’ve been checking out everything I can dig up about him. I watched his movie Three several times also. He delivered a splendid performance there. I even watched him in The Amazing Race China where incidentally he performed stunningly as he and his sister were the ultimate champions. What more can I say! 🙂

  • This is the best …keep repeating to watch this movie by Wallace chung, & tiffany tang they are the best with any romantic movies that might be. Love to see them with more different movies together

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