Moon River Episodes 11-14 Review

Oh, despite the drawbacks this show does have, there is a lot of goodies to be had. So much cuteness with our OTP in this batch of episodes. Of course, there’s also tons of problems that only keep snowballing more and more and since there’s still life 15 episodes left, there’s a lot more melodrama and heartbreak on the way.

One thing I’ve mentioned before is that Jian Che is much too ambiguous and that doesn’t change. Yes, we know he likes Xiao Xi as more than a friend, but the problem comes when on one hand he seems to be supporting her and Liu Bing, but on the other hand he’s jealous and keeps stepping into their relationship. He needs to pick a stance and go with it. He needs to be even more open with his feelings since Xiao Xi is such a dense person hitting her upside the head with a sledgehammer might the only way to knock some sense into her.

Jian Che is being that perfect guy who will eternally be in the background. Even though Xiao Xi does seem to have a bit of a crush on him, he’s destined to play second fiddle. This is mostly because Liu Bing is always by her side. Sure, he aggravates her, but their bickering is really the sincerest form of their affection which they refuse to actually confess to most of the time. So in the end Liu Bing is going to win thanks to proximity leaving Jian Che without hope. What is interesting is that it’s really taken Hao Xue and Liu Bing until now to realize that Jian Che’s feelings for Xiao Xi are a lot deeper than either of them expected. Given Xiao Xi’s obvious deference to Jian Che, it’s amazing her “best friend” remains blinded to it until Che makes it way obvious when Xiao Xi is hospitalized.

Evan, Sam, Pets TsengIf the previous four episodes made me start feeling badly for Hao Nan, these ones made me feel even more so for him. True, it’s partly his own fault for accepting Sha Sha’s wishes when he knew it was in retaliation to Liu Bing’s own actions, but he doesn’t deserve to be the whipping post for that spoiled brat. I think he becoming more mature and I really wish he could give up on Sha Sha for the moment as I think she needs to learn a lesson that you can’t treat people like crap and expect everything to be okay. Hao Nan is trying to hard to be worthy of her and surpass her father’s expectations when he needs to step back and realize that while he’s hot tempered and not as feeling as he should be towards the common man, he is actually the better person right now. Even with his anger over the situation with Liu Bing, he still treats Liu Bing (for now) as a great friend and it pains him to have to exclude Liu Bing because of the problems with Sha Sha, Mr. Mu, and Mr. Tie.

When Hao Nan tries to bring up Sha Sha’s spirits and show her how special she is and spends all that time painting that special childhood moment for her and she throws it back in his face…I was livid. And Hao Nan can only cry silently and say it’s never good enough, he’s never good enough. Way to shred the poor guy’s heart! I’m seriously jonesing for him to give up on her. Again, she deserves it. How can she do that when Liu Bing asked her to consider Hao Nan’s feelings and treat him well?

And Sha Sha? Putting aside all the crap she’s making Hao Nan go through, what about how unfair she’s being to Xiao Xi? True, Xiao Xi is still ticking me off in many respects when it comes to trying her best for herself and those around her, but she didn’t need Sha Sha to dump everything in her lap. Sha Sha believes Xiao Xi is the root of all the issues with Liu Bing and that is just not true. Well…it is true that Xiao Xi’s mere presence is causing strain with Liu Bing and Jian Che…but it’s really not like Xiao Xi was wagging her tail at both and trying to get them both to chase after her. Anyways, Sha Sha is blatantly ignoring her own actions. Liu Bing wasn’t originally going to go against Sha Sha, but Sha Sha decided from the get go that Xiao Xi was her enemy. Liu Bing, having been saved by Xiao Xi knew she was an upright girl and she didn’t deserve to be run out of town. If Sha Sha hadn’t started all of her conniving, things may have been a lot different.

Of course, despite their years of friendship, there’s just no way Sha Sha and Liu Bing could be a couple. Even before this war between father and son and Mr. Tie started, you could see Sha Sha was not on Liu Bing’s Girldar. But she blatantly ignores that fact. She only sees what she wants and thanks to her father, she believes the world revolves around her. Sure, she’s in pain, but she needs to realize that she’s partly to blame.

Beside her making me angry over Hao Nan and Liu Bing’s words to her and her unfair actions towards Xiao Xi, I am so sick of her saying one thing and doing another. After she ruins her own party and stomps on Hao Nan’s poor little heart, she has the nerve to run to Liu Bing to ask him to go back to the way things were in the past. You can see how much this is really hurting Liu Bing and he does his best to extricate himself and her response is to say she will change and become a different person who won’t hurt over him anymore. Big words. Too bad there is no follow through. Life would be better if she could just move on. TAKE A HINT ALREADY! But no, after that brazen statement she’s right back to her conniving ways and slashing Hao Nan down more and more. Grrr.

So, Xiao Xi loses the election thanks to Sha Sha stealing her thunder. Xiao Xi and crew desperately search for a supporter, but Mr. Tie is blocking them on everything. Enter Sha Sha to save the day by finding a last minute donor to keep the orphanage open. She then does an evil speech calling Xiao Xi out for taking on a task she obviously couldn’t handle. I will admit at the eleventh hour, Jian Che did take Xiao Xi around to plead with others so she was at least taking some action on her own, but I still think there was more that could have been done. Sha Sha isn’t entirely wrong to say you should only undertake what you are capable of, but I don’t think Xiao Xi is completely incapable of doing such a great thing, but they’ve really written her character poorly and made her extremely dumb and hopeless in aspects that in all honestly her character should really be better at. It makes no sense. But…Sha Sha was the ultimate loser as the main point of the orphanage arc was about Love and doing things from the heart. All the help that Hao Xue, Xiao Xi, Jian Che, and Liu Bing gave to the orphanage was straight from their hearts and they themselves worked hard for everything they donated. I’m recalling an episode of beloved drama Christy in which a visiting minister who headed their mission church advised that donations received without the right kind of feelings were essentially worthless. In a way, it’s very true. Xiao Xi is happy and so are her friends, but Sha Sha is miserable.Evan, Sam, Pets TsengThese episodes really showcase the true feelings of the characters. As much as Xiao Xi gravitates towards her angel and savior, it’s really Liu Bing who occupies her thoughts. Even when they are fighting (and she has no idea why they are – it’s because Liu Bing was totally jealous over her hugging and being hugged in return by Jian Che after Liu Bing set up a romantic dinner just for the two of them and Xiao Xi stands him up for a romantic dinner with Jian Che), Xiao Xi is worrying over his health and how he’s doing. Try as hard as they do to deny it, they’re totally falling for each other.

Before I get into their great (?) admittance of feelings, I have to address Liu Bing and his ongoing war. I was never really angry or annoyed at his machinations or behind the scenes works. And especially after these episodes, you just can’t be angry at him. It is hurting him to wage this war against Sha Sha which is hurting her (they are childhood friends after all) which is in turn hurting Hao Nan. Liu Bing knows things must change and it’s not all about him and his problems with his dad. To affect the change, though, he’s putting himself through an emotional gauntlet and you can finally see that taking it’s toll in this episode. He’s excluded by his friends a Sha Sha’s party and you can finally see just how much he really does care about their relationship. Now…if only Sha Sha could see the light and change her ways and join Liu Bing in the war against parents, then things could be so much better.

Do I think Liu Bing could handle some things better? Yes. At times he does go a step too far and I think Jian Che is right saying he wants to punch him. Liu Bing does need some sense knocked into him because if he keeps going the way he is, things can be permanently damaged more so than he could ever imagine. Liu Bing needs to work on finding the balance. He’s not doing so well in his bold words to Che about protecting what he needs to protect. Yes, Liu Bing is hurting himself. Yes, he regrets what he’s putting Xiao Xi and Sha Sha through, but not enough to step back and reanalyze and make adjustments to his strategies. Even though I can’t hate him and do feel for him, he doesn’t have to do things like the wiping of Xiao Xi’s lips so that Lucy could send suggestive pictures back to Sha Sha who sent her as a spy to Xiao Xi’s hometown.

Okay. OTP cuteness. After barely making up from the fight that stemmed from Xiao Xi’s hug with Jian Che, it’s vacation time and everyone (minus Sha Sha and Hao Nan) wind up in Rui Xi and Xiao Xi’s hometown. Xiao Xi’s mother is smitten with both of the good looking rich men and this has Xiao Xi’s brothers and sister apprentices up in arms. I guess the eldest apprentice has taken on a job in another town to earn money for Xiao Xi (implying I believe that he’s got some feelings there…rather unnecessary given the situation already), so they work on getting the two men drunk. So Jian Che and Liu Bing end up trying to out drink the other. The two end up spending the night together and Xiao Xi goes to watch over them. She thinks about how Jian Che is her guardian angel, but she gets a bit flustered in thinking of Liu Bing and even blushes. Need you any more proof where her heart truly lies?

Oh, you’re saying you do? She takes her friends up to the mountains and Liu Bing gets lost and Lucy injured. While the others take Lucy back down the mountain, Xiao Xi searches for the hopeless with directions Liu Bing. She finds him, they bicker and while fighting, she gets bitten by a snack. Liu Bing immediately does a tourniquet around her leg to stop the venom and even tries sucking it out! He then piggybacks Xiao Xi. She gets ill and he puts her down so she can throw up away from him. She then worries that she will die and it’s so unfair. She then requests to finally know what his true feelings are. The desperate Liu Bing can only be honest at long last…he truly likes her! This makes Xiao Xi happy. She can die in peace now. That last sentence makes Liu Bing angry. She’s not allowed to leave him because he’ll never find another girl as stupid as she is. How…romantic. Anyways, he does manage to get her safely to the search party before collapsing in exhaustion.

At the hospital, the tired Liu Bing cannot be calmed down after he wakes up and must remain by Xiao Xi’s side. When she wakes, she asks if he was telling the truth earlier. Liu Bing says he is not a liar and the two share a sweet smile and hold hands…which shatters Jian Che’s heart and it’s only NOW that Hao Xue sees her longtime crush has feelings for Xiao Xi. It’s been pretty obvious for awhile now, but she’s only seeing it now. Liu Bing was smart enough to see it quite a bit earlier, but at first it was really just him being jealous of Xiao Xi’s better relationship with another guy (his bestie at that)!

There’s still lots more episodes and lots more drama ahead. Let us see if Xiao Xi’s first best friend at university can handle knowing that Jian Che is in love with Xiao Xi. I have a feeling that Hao Xue could join team Sha Sha out of spite, but let us hope not.


  • Love hlw you break it down.. Have you seen the trailers to this? If so can you tell me the logic behind Ah Bing saying he is going to marry Sha sha what would possibly possessed him to say yes when all along its been about going against everything and he hates her father so much..? How is it that the leading lady always gets hurt the most and never stands up for her self..

    • I haven’t peeked ahead at any upcoming episode trailers. The logic behind Ah Bing saying he’ll marry Sha Sha probably has something to do with him giving in and trying to make things better by sacrificing himself as is wont to happen in dramaland. Sometimes our leading actors believe the only thing they can do to save everyone is to do the thing that makes everyone hurt the most.

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