Kdrama Review: Noble, My Love

Nothing like marathoning short web dramas now that the seasons are turning. Rain and cold weather have made their way into Michigan and it makes a person curl up and watch dramas. Even better is catching up on completed dramas. Web dramas seem to becoming more and more trendy as more and more keep popping up.

고결한 그대 [Gogyeolhan Geudae] aka Noble, My Love is a 20 episode web series starring Rainbow’s Kim Jae Kyung and the good looking ex-swimmer turned actor and model Sung Hoon. I don’t think I’ve ever watched Jae Kyung in anything before, but I have seen Sung Hoon in Faith. I’m not 100% sold on all of his acting skills, but he’s not all that bad and he and Jae Kyung did have some good chemistry together. As for Jae Kyung, she did okay. Since this is a web drama romantic comedy, there was lots of overacting on the casts’ part to play up on the humor aspect. Thankfully it wasn’t too overdone or hokey. I have to say her weakest moments came with tears. You hear her loudly bawling for quite awhile before any tears are squeezed out so it makes her crying scenes more fake.Sung Hoon, Jaekyung

The plot of this drama is nothing new at all in dramaland. We have the typical story of a rich male heir (he’s stoic, bad tempered, cold, etc., etc.) who falls for the typical strong, yet poor leading lady. The fact that this poor woman is a struggling veterinarian whose parents own an orchard is somewhat fresh, but there have been other dramas with vets in them…but, thankfully this has not been done to death.

One of the good things about web dramas is that the episodes are short so a 20 episode web drama is more like a five-six hour mini series. A bad thing about web dramas is that they are so short and there can be a lack of development. This can more or less be forgiven given the time constraints and is more acceptable than with hour-long 16-20 episode dramas that struggle with lack of development or development moving too fast.

Our lovers end up meeting thanks to a dog being used in Lee Kang Hoon’s company’s commercial running away. The dog finds its way to our disgruntled vet (who is fresh off being overly criticized by cohorts of the same school) Cha Yoon Seo. Kang Hoon and Yoon Seo fight as soon as they meet over Kang Hoon’s lack of manners towards the dog. They then have a second chance meeting when Yoon Seo stumbles over the injured Kang Hoon’s body during a thunderstorm (he’d been kidnapped and stabbed as he was trying to escape). For various reasons, Kang Hoon doesn’t want the police involved and thus Yoon Seo puts her vet skills to use doctoring his wound. He leaves the next morning after taking a shirt and leaving behind a business card which her precious cat loses.

In this time our cool and cold CEO becomes a bit obsessed. Why hasn’t she called him? Why hasn’t she visited him? Since he’s sick of waiting, he seeks her out and kind of stalks her for a bit before finally coming forward. He’s offended when she only asks him for 700,000 as repayment. He’s worth so much more! So he runs her out of her struggling country practice and moves her into a veterinary hospital in a posh neighborhood in Seoul.

His mother keeps trying to set him up so he enters into a dating contract with Yoon Seo that has the hospital as her final payment if she keeps it to the end. Yoon Seo is always reluctant, but Kang Hoon always finds the right way to corner her into doing what essentially he wants…even if it takes him quite a bit of work to back her into that corner. Of course her first love resurfaces. But…let’s be honest, he’s a superfluous character. As is the evil conniving schoolmate and even Kang Hoon’s adorable younger brother.

I say that these characters really are extras that aren’t necessary to the story at all. Even without their existence, our couple’s relationship would have pretty much moved on at the right pace. Since this was such a short drama, learning that the little brother stole Kang Hoon’s girlfriend originally is too much since they really don’t address it properly enough to give any weight to the matter. Although, how Yoon Seo got the two brothers to do laundry and play together was a really cute scene and I could have seen more of them becoming a cute little family, but they had to bring in the overbearing mother right away. Meh.

Those darn overbearing mothers. I hate it when they say a person is good enough for a scholarship and should be commended for working hard to support themselves through school and become successes, but they still aren’t good enough for the children of the elite. And…by the time mommy is introduced there is really no time left in the drama, so her appearance is really not necessary even if she’s acting as the final road block to our OTP’s relationship.And in the end when the secretary or assistant or whatever reveals the kidnapping secret and Yoon Seo saving Kang Hoon’s life, I’m surprised his mother is taken aback and abashed at all. Most mommy’s are happy to have their sons’ okay and still don’t think the girl is worthy. It just felt so fake. So very fake and unbelievable.

I have to say that I can’t blame Yoon Seo from walking away from that renewable prenup agreement and Kang Hoon was really being unfair when he told her to just do it his way once and after a year everything would be okay. Perhaps his mother didn’t let him know this was a renewable prenup until she was satisfied…or it could be he naively thought his mother would be satisfied after a year…hard to say.

I was really ticked off that he’s yelling at Yoon Seo to do things his way for once. In all honesty, he badgers and pushes her until he gets what he wants. From getting her to come up to Seoul to getting her to agree to date him and only him (even if it was only contractual to keep arranged marriage dates at bay) to getting her to finally move in with him. Obviously…it’s always his way even if it takes him a lot of maneuvering to get his way since he always gets it in the end. Of course, Yoon Seo not fighting for herself or her love is fairly typical and Kang Hoon is right to get upset at her always wanting to run away as well. Neither one is perfect and that makes them quite perfect for each other. Yoon Seo has brought out the warmth in him and he’s…well…kind of helped give her more confidence and initiative in some things in a way.

Even though there are drawbacks with the plot and at times the acting, there is more cute fluffiness to the story to entertain the romantic in all of us. Kang Hoon and Yoon Seo did have some great chemistry and great moments together in spite of how different and difficult they both can be. This is definitely a nice little slice of pie to take you out of any heavy melodramas you might be watching. It has a nice balance of drama, romance, and comedy. I definitely recommend checking it out. You can finish this little drama in only a day.


  • I really loved the fact that somehow everyone on Twitter all ended up watching this within a day of each other, lol. I had never even heard of it until the day I started watching it, and then suddenly it was EVERYWHERE! And rightfully so, it was adorable.

    I had never seen Jaekyung in anything before either. I liked the scenes where he was being cute or romantic with her and she was just smiling and enjoying it. The scene in the kitchen where he’s telling her he wants to eat her (ha), she smiled because she likes it when he acts like that, and I found that really natural.

    The problem with a web drama is that the webtoon that it was based on probably fleshed out the backstory a lot more, but with a web drama they have no time so we just get a random “My brother stole my girlfriend, but oh well, I’m over it now” storyline. As you said, everything except the main couple was just extraneous. But because it was such a short show, all of its flaws were so easy to overlook. The main couple were adorable, and that’s all that mattered. I’m going to download it so I have it on my hard drive for those times I feel like watching something short and cute.

    • It’s probably because that’s when DramaFever/Hulu got the drama. It’s positives outweighed the negatives and it’s definitely a drama to keep for a lighthearted pickmeup watch. Their naturalness in those scenes is really what made the drama work. Such good chemistry betwixt them. I will admit I was a bit shocked they threw the “eating” scene in, lol. Don’t know why it surprised me, but it did. It was cute as I expected her to be as flustered as the time outside the building with the forehead kiss.

      • Yeah exactly, so did I, that’s why it was so cute that she just went with it and totally loved him saying that, ha ha. Have you see that PotUp are doing squee caps? It’s making me want to watch it again, and it was only a couple of weeks ago that I watched it!

  • I really hope there would be a season… but the story did end on an extremely good note like usual with these types of story ideas. I’m a bit late in watching this drama, but for some reason- might be because I was at a low point- I just fell for this show so hard. I need something more I guess to smoothen the blow of it all ending within what 20 EPISODES. I want more 😦

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