Looking Back: Five Years as a Drama Blogger

While going through and celebrating five years of Asian Addicts Anonymous, I did make some discoveries. Oh, nothing completely new to me, but I did come to some rather sad realizations of my journey as a drama blogger: I am horribly inconsistent, I cannot follow through on projects, and I always say I’ll do things but never get them done. Yep. Even though five years of never fully abandoning AAA is pretty impressive in its own right and my end track record is not horrible, I’ve let a lot fall by the wayside over the years and left a lot unfinished.

So, I guess, before going into my failures as a blogger, I can talk a bit about my successes. My biggest achievement is completely recapping 40 dramas in 5 years. That averages about 8 dramas a year, right? Not too shabby in the long run considering I’ve been doing this all on my lonesome with a few exceptions here and there. Two of those 40 dramas were daily dramas of about 100 episodes each, which is like the equivalent of several smaller dramas. What dramas have I completely covered in 5 years? See the list below. The dates after them are the dates the recaps were officially finished.


  1. Oh! My Lady 5/23/10
  2. Sunao ni Narenakute 8/11/10
  3. Personal Preference 10/3/10
  4. Naka nai to Kimeta Hi 11/26/10


  1. My Prince 1/23/11 [2007 drama – recaps started in 2010]
  2. Love Buffet 3/16/11 [2010-11 drama]
  3. Gakeppuchi no Eri 4/10/11 [recaps started in 2010]
  4. Quartet 4/18/11
  5. TROUBLEMAN 5/10/11 [recaps started in 2010]
  6. Akuko March! 7/6/11
  7. Ikemen desu ne 10/6/11
  8. Ouran High School Host Club 10/8/11
  9. The Musical 12/29/11


  1. Bachelor’s Vegetable Store 3/11/12 [2011-12 drama]
  2. Skip Beat! 4/19/12
  3. Pure 4/19/12 [2000 drama – recaps started in 2010]
  4. ATARU 7/2/12
  5. Absolute Boyfriend 7/1/12
  6. Love Forward 7/17/12
  7. Zettai Reido 9/19/12 [recaps started in 2010]
  8. Rich Man, Poor Woman 9/20/12
  9. Iki mo Dekinai Natsu 9/20/12
  10. Full House Take 2 12/13/12
  11. May Queen 12/25/12
  12. BRAND GUARDIANS 12/27/12


  1. Karamazov no Kyoudai 3/26/13
  2. xxxHOLIC 4/17/13
  3. Spring Love 6/8/13
  4. Last Cinderella 6/23/13
  5. Sennyu Tantei Tokage 7/1/13
  6. Vampire Heaven 7/21/13
  7. Crazy Love 9/18/13
  8. Kazoku Game 11/26/13
  9. Ando Lloyd 12/18/13
  10. Hakuba no Ouji-sama 12/29/13


  1. Garasu no Ie 3/14/14
  2. Angel’s Revenge 6/12/14
  3. God’s Quiz Season 4 8/6/14
  4. ST 9/26/14


  1. Dear, Sister 1/9/15

So yes, recapping 40 dramas in five years is nothing to turn up your nose at. But…in comparison to the number of dramas I started covering and never finished…it’s actually a bit smaller than what I could have finished. In 2010, I completely recapped four dramas. Of all the dramas I started working on in 2010, eighteen remain incomplete to this day. In 2011, I increased my total to nine dramas completely recapped in a year, some that were started in the previous year. Nine isn’t bad. If you don’t count the 2010 dramas I was working on and never finished and started back again in 2011 and never finished, I only picked up four dramas that I didn’t complete. An improvement from AAA‘s first year. In 2012, I completely recapped twelve dramas! The most ever recapped in a year. Not counting recaps started but never finished in previous years, only four dramas again were not completed. In 2013, I finished recapping 10 dramas. I started two dramas (dailies) that I never finished. The lowest in a year so far. In 2014 which I’ve now come to deem one of the worst years in my personal life, I only completely recapped four dramas. I started recapping two dramas that I have yet to finish and I never finished the episode reviews of three other dramas.

In 2015, aside from finishing up Dear, Sister recaps, I have not really recapped dramas like I have in the past. But that comes from the fallout at the end of last year and trying to get back into the swing of blogging once more. 2015, to date, is probably the worst year for posting on AAA and it’s ironically the year of my fifth blogaversary. So, excluding this year which is not finished yet, I have completely recapped 40 dramas. I have failed to complete a total of 30 dramas. Yowza. Now imagine I actually completed all of those dramas. I would have had 70 completed in five years. Craziness.

plum logoOn top of my failure to finish recapping (and subsequently even watching) dramas, I am notoriously bad at starting a series of posts without continuing them regularly after a while. From Total Randomness posts to Song of the Week to Album of the Month to The Forgotten to Character and Phrase of the days. Oh…and I was really bad at monthly music recommendations. I start so much that I never finish. It makes me feel guilty and I always vow to do better. Or…if not better…at least not worse. Of course, I suck at keeping any of the resolutions I make for the blog or even my own life.

So, I do have a lot to be accomplished and proud of and just as much to feel abashed about. It’s interesting to note and I’ve said this before, but I start watching lots of Korean dramas more so than probably any other kind, but if you look at the dramas I’ve finished recapping, you’ll see the majority are all Japanese dramas. This is probably because Japanese dramas are even shorter than Korean dramas and I was actually introduced into the world of Asian dramas thanks to Hana Yori Dango, so Japanese dramas are my first love. Plus, somewhere in my five years I decided to stop recapping dramas that are being recapped to death. Seriously. With the explosion of Korean drama popularity, it’s really hard to find a drama that isn’t already being covered by someone else. Thus, I stray away from Korean dramas to those other genres that don’t see as much coverage, i.e. Japanese dramas.

My only goal in the subsequent months of this year is to finish what I started this year. That means to finish Holy Pearl recaps and Good Morning, Shanghai recaps. To finish reviewing the last half of the crazy Chinese drama Cruel Romance and to finish up reviews of Moon River and My Sunshine. I also want to do a follow-up Death Note vs. Death Note vs. Death Note once I have completed the drama, manga, and rewatching the movies. That’s it. My only goal for the year. My goal for the new year remains to be seen. I will have to see if I will go back to doing recaps in the near future or if I will stay true to how this blog started which was doing overall series reviews of dramas once upon a time. I’m not quite sure why I shifted from reviews to recaps at the time, but I did.

It’s strange. It’s been five years, right? In five years, my confidence in AAA has never been strong and that mainly lies with my own confidence in what I’ve been doing in these years. I feel guilty for leaving things unfinished, for not keeping up my series posts like I originally wanted, and I just never feel that my own writing is good enough. Sure, Asian Addicts Anonymous gets very good visitor stats, but that still doesn’t make me feel at ease. I think all bloggers worry about if what they are doing is something that is necessary and if it’s something that other people appreciate or even read. Five years. 1800+ posts, 4000+ comments. And I’m still not sure about this blog, lol. How did it last five years? I still don’t know the answer to that.

Despite my lack of confidence, despite my lack of ability to keep posting and updating, Asian Addicts Anonymous is my baby. For the near future at least, I have no plans to abandon this site. The motivation hasn’t completely left me yet. Oh, it does dwindle away on occasion, but it always comes back. I’m getting pickier and pickier in what I watch and what I choose to cover, but rest assured this drama blogging world has yet to completely lose its charm for me.


  • Woah. 5 years! In blogosphere time, that’s probably the equivalent of, what, 15 years? Y’know, like how a year is 7 years to a dog? XD Happy 5 years, sunbae! Your achievements definitely outweigh the things you didn’t finish, and hey, I totally feel ya. I’ve got reviews that I’ve promised to write, and which I STILL haven’t written. But I’m learning that sometimes catching up on something may not be worth it. I’m also learning that I can’t keep on top of everything, like, ever. XD

    I’m closing in on 3 years in blogging (OMG where has the time flown?!?), and given what a commitment running a blog is, I’ll always be in awe of you! NeeNee, fighting!! ^^

    • Yeah, that’s like reaching a golden Hollywood couple anniversary 😉

      I know that it’s not necessarily worth trying to go back and finish what wasn’t and that it’s impossible to keep up on everything, but I still feel bad about all I leave unfinished or never continue like I hoped I would. Wah, three years already? Where is the time going? Happy early third blogaversary and wishing you many more 🙂

  • You’ve covered SO MANY dramas! O_O Even if you didn’t finish writing about some of them, that’s still a lot of dramas! A big accomplishment!!

  • You”ve accomplished a lot, although you feel you could have done more. Like you said, it’s your baby and it will keep growing at its own pace. I believe the evolution of this kind of blogging (= not as a job but just as a hobby) is influenced by what’s going in our lives and it’s a space of freedom because you can control every thing. It can be a reminder that it isn’t always about the destination, but the journey counts too. And recapping is a beautiful journey that is first and foremost about your own emotional journey. And you built up something in your own way to make people follow you along. That’s really great, so happy 5th anniversary!!

    • Ahhh, thank you! Your words mean so much to me! It really is a labor of love that’s an always evolving monster. I never quite know what will happen here and even though I feel both happy and bad about my accomplishments and lackthereof, I am proud of what I have done so far and that I’ve been keeping my baby alive and kicking since 2010.

  • Congratulations on your anniversary \o/

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