Asian Drama Streaming Updates – September 21, 2015

Well, it’s been about 20 days since my last update. Things got kind of crazy in September, but now I’m back. While I was gone, here are the streaming updates for Asian dramas, movies, and anime.

Crunchyroll has added Symphogear and Symphogear G, plus DearS, and Gunbuster 2. Fall titles have not yet been announced.

DramaFever adds completed Korean web drama To Be Continued which follows a group of friends as they are mysteriously transported back to their past when they first came together. They have also added YG’s survival documentary about Big Bang’s formation and debut, Big Bang The Beginning. They have also added the complete series Girls’ Love Story where four women find out they are all dating the same man. DramaFever has also added Japanese historical drama Yae’s Sakura starring Ayase Haruka in the titular role about the historical figure who was a skilled markswoman who fought for freedom and women’s rights. In the feature film department, Miss Granny has been added!

Adding to their growing BBC collection, DramaFever has now added London Hospital Series and Sharpe’s Challenge. Oh, and they have the concerts from KCON 2015 LA & NY…but for premium members only. There may have been more added, but that’s kind of hard to see.

Hulu has added the Korean web drama To Be Continued and that’s it for dramas. In anime, they have added Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz! which follows Illya as she struggles to deal with becoming a magical girl; The World is Still Beautiful about the Princess of Rain and the Sun King who are betrothed to be married and start things off on a rather rocky footing; Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas…they might have had this before, but now it’s available in Spanish; and Hamatora: The Animation about a seemingly innocent restaurant in Yokohama that is the front for a PI agency.

In anime, Netflix adds Tweeny Witches about a normal girl who is obsessed with witchcraft; a series of seven animated shorts called Genius Party; another quintet of shorts called Genius Party Beyond; and Mind Game which follows a struggling graphic artist as he struggles to protect the woman he loves from loan sharks.

In the Asian movie department, Netflix adds Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham about a man who disowns his adopted son after he marries below his station; Pardes about a well-meaning man who sets up a conservative woman with his philandering foster brother only to fall for the girl himself; Entertainment about a failure who learns he’s the son of a millionaire who left all his money to his dog; Ram Lakhan about two sons striving to avenge their father only to have their mother settle the score; Ishqiya follows two thieves on the wrong from their boss who meet and fall for a friend’s widow; Dedh Ishqiya; For the Emperor (starring Lee Min Ki, Park Seong Woong, Lee Tae Im) about an ex-ballplayer who climbs through the loanshark ranks until his lady love goes missing. Iran is technically on the Asian continent…so I guess I’ll add the movie About Elly to the list which follows the life of a divorcee as he travels back to Iran and reconnects with his friends. As is usual, nothing new in Asian dramas.

Viki adds Korean dramas She Was Pretty about two old friends meeting again with the fatso become lithe and handsome and the pretty young girl becoming a plain Jane and My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol about two girls at an orphanage who later become rivals (because there’s tons of birth secrets and all that jazz). Viki also adds Taiwanese dramas Moon River about a kung fu girl going to an elite college only to become the target of reigning rich queen Sha Sha (oh, and she attracts the eyes of two of a the most popular boys) and Constellation Women Series: Aquarius Woman.

Oh…and in case you didn’t know MNET does have some English subtitles for a few of their shows on YouTube (I marathoned Winner TV, Mix & Match, and WIN: Who Is Next). KBS World adds drama special Live Shock, and is now streaming Bread, Love and Dreams (Baker King Kim Tak Gu). Also added is the currently airing drama All is Well which doesn’t really have a good description to give you.


  • Hi NeeNee,
    Great to have you back & glad to hear that things have slowed down. As always thanks for the updates. I enjoy watching movies on the weekends, so knowing what is new comes in handy. Gracias!!!! ☺

  • Loved Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham!! This was the first Bollywood movie I’d watched in quite awhile! KBSWorld has finally starting adding a few drama specials too. There had been none since the beginning of the year!! Thanks for this. I’m hoping Crunchyroll picks up either Obusan or Designer Baby!!

    • I’m happy to hear that KBS World is adding new drama specials. I enjoy watching those, when I want a quick fix 😊 I will have to watch thathe Bollywood movie I’d it comes with your seal of approval, Bel.

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