August Anniversary Giveaway Week #4

It’s the last official giveaway week of August already? Up for grabs is Thai music! If you’re not interested in Thai music, I can be persuaded to do a mix tap containing Japanese, Korean, and/or Chinese/Taiwanese music. I was thinking of devoting a tape to Korean indie music at one time. But…Thai music is pretty awesome, so I hope someone will take me up on it.

I have created my playlist for avellend581 who was our Korean music winner. The theme for the playlist is a relationship. It starts with young love and follows the road to relationship maturity to breaking up to regret and looking back on the past.

  1. BTS – “Boy In Luv
  2. C-Clown – “Far away… Young Love
  3. Secret – “Shy Boy
  4. 24K – “Secret Love
  5. Jeong Jun Il – “Full of Sunshine” (DoReMiFaSoLaTiDo OST)
  6. Able – “Love Is Hard
  7. Standing Egg – “Heartbreaking Words
  8. SPEED – “Why I’m Not…
  9. Chi-Chi – “Longer
  10. 2NE1 – “Come Back Home
  11. 10cm – “Nothing Without You
  12. Ali & C-Clown – “Do You Remember

For a taste of Thai music and what you can expect, here are a select few MVs of songs I like.

Evo Nine – “Batman” since we all need a little idol dance music no matter what country we’re in.

Instinct – “ความรักไม่มีที่ให้คำว่ากลัว (Kwarm Ruk Mai Mee Tee Hai Kum Wah Glua)” Because I love bands. Yep, yep.

Praew Jeerawan – หน้าที่ตัวสำรอง

I also like Getsunova, Nat-Tol, Crescendo, AB Normal, Fymme Bongkot, Golf Mike, G-Twenty, Pijika, Min Peechaya, Tae Teera, Bird Thongchai, and more. Like with most of my forays into Asian music, dramas get me liking a certain artist and then I’m off in search of more by them which leads me to discover other great artists.

To be considered for the giveaway, simply answer these questions in the comments below.

  • Thai music or mixed tape with various songs from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, and Thailand?
  • Favorite Thai artists?
  • Favorite genres? Least favorite genres?
  • How did you get into Thai music if you currently listen to it?

One comment

  • I have never actually listened to any Thai music, so I guess I would like a mixtape of all the types listed above. I’ve mostly listened to Japanese and a small amount of Korean. My favorite artists are Gackt/Gackt era Malice Mizer, Sid, T.M. Revolution/Abingdon Boys School, Possibly Sayaka Sasaki, Diaura’s pretty good, two-mix and angela, I also checked out some of that Mantenrou Opera after it was on the other person’s playlist and enjoyed that. The only Korean I’ve heard much of is SHINee, Super Junior and Super Junior M. I like Rock/pop preferably with some piano/violin/saxophone thrown in. I absolutely hate American country music, I don’t know if there’s an Asian equivalent to that but if there is I won’t like it. I’m also not a big fan of rap or very heavy rock, The Gazette is about a heavy as I like my rock. I usually prefer faster paced and upbeat music. I would like a physical copy if I win. Thanks for the giveaway (:

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