Asian Drama Streaming Updates – August 18, 2015

Happy Tuesday, yeoreobun! Welcome to the latest news in streaming Asian dramas, Asian movies, and anime. Only one more full week of August after this one. September and October will start heralding in the fall drama season. Crazy how time has flown and how little dramas (new or old) I’ve watched this year to date.

Anywho, before getting on to the streaming additions, Soompi has announced they are doing away with their premium model. This means that you can watch for free and there will be ads. I am hoping that they start adding more to their catalog since they’ve finally announced an update about their streaming program at long last.

Crunchyroll has added anime Wakakozake about a 26 year-old OL (office lady) whose favorite pastime is going out to restaurants to eat and drink by herself. She’s on a search for the best pairing of food and spirits. In the drama department, they have added the full 2011 series 99 Days with the Superstar (Boku to Star no 99 Nichi) starring Kim Tae Hee and Nishijima Hidetoshi. This drama follows a man who works part-time as a security officer who gets assigned to protect a top Korean star whose in Japan for just 99 days to film a movie…or drama…you get the picture.

DramaFever adds new Korean drama The Virtual Bride starring Sistar member Kim Da Som, Go Doo Shim, and Ryu Soo Young. This drama revolves around a popular former popstar whose real life mixes with her work life when she comes the daughter-in-law of a traditional and domineering woman. In non-Asian news, they’ve added the third season of Spanish drama Isabel. Ah, and I almost forgot DramaFever has now added the first 10 episodes of kdrama Bluebird’s House starring Lee Joon Hyuk and Chae Soo Bin. This drama features recent college grads struggling to find their way in the new professional world.

Hulu has added DramaFever title Bluebird’s House and that’s the only new development in dramas there. For the first time in awhile, there is no new developments in anime.

Netflix adds Bollywood movie Taal starring Anil Kappor, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and Akshaye Khanna. We have a wealthy businessman who falls for a poor dancer and singer, but he must return to the big city and well he’s away, she becomes a big star. Another Indian movie, Ship of Theseus has also been added. The synopsis says its interwoven tales that try to answer one question…if you replace all of a ship’s parts is it still the same ship? Deep, ne? In anime, Netflix has added Silver Spoon in which a city boy runs to the country and enrolls in an agricultural school. No new dramas.

And…what’s new on Viki? In case you missed it they do have Korean dramas and variety shows The Time I Loved You, Scholar Who Walks the Night (I like their subs better than DramaFever’s actually for this drama), Yong Pal, I Remember You, Last, Splendid Politics, Running Man, Mrs. Cop, Showbiz Korea, Happy Together, Pops in Seoul, Star King, The Return of Superman, A Song for You Season 4, The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law (a different title for Da Som’s new drama), Infinite Challenge, SBS Inkigayo, After School Club, Kig of Mask Singer, We Got Married Season 4, Join Us Korea, 2 Days & 1 Night, I Live Alone, MV Bank Stardust Season 2, Radio Star, Real Men 2. Unfortunately, a lot of the variety shows don’t necessarily have English subtitles.

They also have Chinese and Taiwanese dramas they have Jerry Yan’s complicated My Best Ex-Boyfriend, the next installment in the Constellation Women Series…this one focusing on the Pisces woman, Best Get Going, Lonely Gourmet – Taiwan, Youth Power, and Rainbow Family Season 2. In Japanese dramas they have Doctors’ Affairs and HEAT.

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