August Anniversary Giveaway Week #3

Congratulations to Cassandra who won the Japanese music mixed tape and congrats to avellend581 who won the Korean music mixed tape. Hopefully they will enjoy my picks for them. 🙂

Just for fun, here is the Mixed Tape for Cassandra who asked for some Japanese rock. I did my bets to comply with some of my favorite rock and visual kei groups.

  1. Weaver “Hard to say I love ~iidasenakute~
  2. ONE OK ROCK “Clock Strikes”
  3. Golden Bomber “Dakara ByeBye”
  4. D=Out “-Tattoo-“
  5. girugamesh “Incomplete”
  6. LM.C “Oh My Juliet.”
  7. LM.C “Punky Heart”
  8. the GazettE “Shiver”
  9. the GazettE “The Suicide Circus”
  10. Matenrou Opera “Orb”
  11. Matenrou Opera “Dracula”
  12. Anonymous Confederate Ensemble “Black Butterfly”

The third week of August focuses on Chinese and Taiwanese music. I went through a streak where I actually bought several albums from artists I did not know, so my collection is actually bigger than I originally thought. Of course, I do have mixed tapes of Chinese music gifted to me by the awesome nichan and she’s even given me a few of her own much loved mandopop collections. I think the way I ended up liking more of this branch of Asian music does have to do with watching Taiwanese dramas in particularly.

A few of my favorite artists and songs:

Bii – oh, his voice and that emotion he can convey. Swoons.

Fahrenheit – ok, me liking them really does have to do with the dramas they’ve acted in and thus the soundtracks they’ve contributed to.

JJ Lin – he really does have such a beautiful voice, you know?

Mayday – the first ever Taiwanese band I really fell hard for. I like tons of Korean and Japanese bands (note by band I mean people who play their own instruments and not boy or girl groups who sing and dance)

I also like Jia Jia, Angela Zhang, S.H.E, Yoga Lin, Della Ding, William Wei/Weibird, Ian Chen, Alan Kuo, Fun 4, Anthony Neely, Andrew Tan, Peter Ho, Jarvis Wu, F.I.R., and the list can go on and on, lol.

To enter, just answer the questions in the comments below.

  • What got you into mandopop?
  • Who are your favorite artists?
  • Favorite genres? Least favorite genres?
  • Do you own a lot of mandopop?


  • I don’t listen to as much Mandopop as other genres but I first got into it through songs on Taiwanese drama OSTs so I don’t have a lot of favorites. I like Mayday, Bii, Jolin Tsai, some Jiro Wang songs, Aaron Yan, and Different Man from Vanness Wu. Favorite types of music tend toward the rockier sound. Because I don’t speak the language it’s easier to like songs that rely on the beat more than the lyrics though I will listen to ballads if I like the singer’s voice enough. I don’t own much. One album and various songs from artists I like.

  • Yay! The playlist that will soon come my way. My anticipation is growing! Actually this hasn’t been the first time have heard of ONE OK ROCK. That band seems to get talked about a lot but I have a hard time believing they can even reach TK’s level as a composer, rocker, and beautiful singer. Ling Tosite Sigure and his solo music is just too divine. I am truly musically in love with his music. No musicians shall ever reach his level in the world. Yet, I am still willing to continue trying more music and perhaps hoping there is something out there more creative. Doubtful but I am optimistic. I could yet stumble across music that can beat Toru Kitajima’s musical creativity.

    P.S. 🙂 I have heard Shiver by the GazettE already. Thanks to the Black Butler anime. Great, great band. Haven’t listened to The Suicide Circus. With a title like that should be fun.

  • I got into mandopop about a year ago I think? A lot of my friends in high school are chinese, and I saw them watching a music video in class. They were watching a group named farenheit. From there they showed me a song called tongue (fairytale), and the music video was so sad it brought me to tears. My top favorite artist is kong ling qi, his music is so upbeat, and his dances are simple as well. His tunes are so catchy, and I can just listen to it when I’m out and about. I like songs that are more on the pop/hip hop side. I love to dance, so I like anything with a beat. Ballads are nice as well. And to be honest I don’t have a least fav genre, I’m a fan of them all! Unfortunately, I don’t own as much man do pop as I’d like, but I do have a poster of kong ling qi on my wall! ^^
    Thanks for holding such an awesome giveaway! 😀

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