Asian Drama Streaming Updates – August 4, 2015

Happy first week of August! Welcome to this week in Asian dramas, Asian movies, and anime streaming updates!

Crunchyroll has added no new simulcasts, but in case you missed it, they are bulking up their catalog with some older anime series, i.e. The Prince of Tennis II OVA Vs. Genius 10Wagnaria!!Investor Z (Motion Manga), The Diary of Ochibi (Motion Manga), The Tenth Prism (Motion Manga), SHOKU-KING (Motion Manga), Tesagure! 2, Yu-Gi Oh! Season 1, Miss Monochrome – The Animation, and Japanese drama Ghostwriter.

DramaFever adds Kim Hee Ae’s and Kim Min Jong’s drama Mrs. Cop which has lead detective Choi Young Jin facing her most difficult challenge – raising her daughter alone. Of course her personal and professional life will collide. Plus, we have Assembly in which a humble shipyard worker gets elected to the national assembly. He has no idea what he’s doing, but manages to make it through thanks to his top aid. Also added is Hong Kong drama Queens of Diamonds and Hearts starring Roger Kwok, Fala Chen, and Sharon Chan. The Qi Kingdom is in disarray and the guardian spirits pair the incompetent king with a smart and skilled shaman while another faction pairs him with the beautiful Ha Ying Chun. He takes both women as his wife and our shaman has to clean up all the messes created when the king tries to please the beauty.TVB drama poster

In the feature film department, DramaFever has added the Chinese movie Aftershock in which a mother must face the consequences after having to choose to save her daughter or son during an earthquake.

Hulu has added DramaFever drama Assembly. New in anime we have Aoharu x Machinegun in which a high schooler goes to a host club in retribution for her friends and gets caught up in a survival game. Oh…and our heroine is also cross-dressing, btw. In Wakaba Girl, Wakaba is the elegant yet awkward daughter of a wealthy family whose sole drema is to be a high school girl. The final anime addition is Gate in which a mysterious gate to another world materializes in the middle of Tokyo bringing with it demons and dragons. An otaku becomes an accidental hero and is sent to the other world on a mission.

Netflix has added the action flick The Taking of Tiger Mountain (Zhi qu weihu shan) in which a small team of soldiers take on a bandit and his vicious gang and the weird movie Out of the Dark where a married couple hire a wannabe hitman when the husband’s murdered mother returns to haunt them.

Netflix has started streaming animes Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works season 1 and Red Data Girl which follows the life of Izumiko who is the vessel for an immortal goddess and the boy who serves as her guardian. In drama news, Netflix has pulled all streaming Taiwanese dramas.

On the YouTube front, KBSWorld TV has started to stream the fourth season of global request show A Song for You. This season has B1A4’s Gongchan, I think, replacing BTOB’s Sungjae.

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