August Anniversary Giveaway Week #1

Happy August! And a quick shout out to our tea set winner jujubee777! The Skoshbox winner has been notified and I’ll make an official announcement once I hear back from them.

Alice Nine

Alice Nine Aquarian Age cameo

Only two more months left in celebration of Asian Addicts Anonymous‘s 5th anniversary. August is the Mixed Tape edition. What’s that mean? In the past I’ve given away an album of choice via iTunes. This time…you’re getting stuck with the music I like! My tastes are very eclectic in the music department, by the way. If you actually were to look at my music library, you might shudder in horror at the sheer vastness of it.

I have everything ranging from 80s hairbands (got to thank my aunt for that one), old time country (thanks grandma and grandpa), modern country, pop, rock, alternative, reggae, punk, etc., etc. I guess if I’m honest you won’t find a whole lot of jazz, R&B, hip hop, or EDM (hate EDM with a passion for the most part). Over the years, my Asian music collection has been growing exponentially compared to my western music collection.

I think I first started liking Asian music thanks to anime. There are some lovely anime OSTs. It was actually the Japanese movie Aquarian Age that got me to start delving more away from the pop in anime and dramas and to start exploring Japanese rock…especially of the visual kei persuasion.

Matsushita YuyaWhy am I only talking about Japanese music? Because the first Mixed Tape giveaway will be devoted to Japanese music! And not just anime or drama OSTs, and Jpop. You’re going to get some visual kei thrown in for good measure and really just whatever I really like.

As a heads up, there will be Korean, Chinese, and Thai music in the upcoming weeks. I wanted to do a YesAsia or CDJapan gift certificate as a Grand Prize…but you really can’t give gift certificates that I can find. So sad.

Anyways, to enter this Japanese music giveaway, you just have to answer the survey in the comments below. Survey? Yep, this is just to help me out should you win in trying to tailor a mixed tape to your liking while also sharing music that I absolutely love.

  1. Who are your top 5 favorite Japanese artists? Do you own all/many of their releases?
  2. Absolute favorite genres of music?
  3. Any genres you absolutely cannot stand?
  4. How open are you to trying out new artists (not necessarily in the mainstream)?
  5. Pick a theme. Seriously. I will try to follow you’re theme.

A taste of what to expect?

AAA (come on, aren’t they perfect given the name of this site?)

Berry Goodman (reggae & hip hop…it works)

Da-iCE (they are soooo talented!)

the GazetteE (Gazerock is never dead)

Lamp in Terren (I have a thing for A-Sketch artists)

ayaka (Mizushima Hiro’s wife is very talented!)

WEAVER (piano…love the piano)

I could go on and on…couldn’t I? For some more information, Japanese artists and bands I like include: Arashi, V6, KAT-TUN, Exile (pretty much the whole “tribe”), Chihiro, Angelo, Angela, girugamesh, ONE OK ROCK, Matsushita Yuya, NOA, Usagi, aiko, The Sketchbook, May J, Monkey Magik, Amuro Namie, Hirai Dai, Deep, Schroeder Headz, Chris Hart, Yuzu, Plastic Tree…and…again, the list could go on 😛


  • I am pretty much like you I have eclectic tastes. I will try anything as long as it is interesting or phenomenal. I cannot stand mediocrity.

    Ultimately I prefer Rock, Pop, Classical, EDM, and Opera music. I especially love when musicians employ genre-blending among the genres to make something even more musically rich. That is the best!

    The only thing I hate is most Country music and Western Rap/Hip Hop music. Country sounds similar to each other though I would be willing to try depending on how good it is based on description. Someone would have to let me know why a music artist or group is worth my time. While I hate most Hip Hop/Rap music because most rappers here in the USA rap about overly sexual topics or use too much profanity. Though I do love Japanese Hip Hop/Rap since they are not always cursing all over.

    Q & A

    1. Who are your top 5 favorite Japanese artists? Do you own all/many of their releases?
    TK from Ling Tosite Sigure, Ling Tosite Sigure, Suga Shikao, Buck-Tick, and Nagi Yanagi. I only own the physical music releases of TK from Ling Tosite Sigure and Ling Tosite Sigure. Usually the latest releases in Limited Edition but I am working on getting some of the music releases by Suga Shikao and then afterwards I’ll begin on Nagi Yanagi.

    2. Absolute favorite genres of music?
    J-Rock, Rock, Opera, Classical, and EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Genre-blending.

    3. Any genres you absolutely cannot stand?
    Rap/Hip Hop and Country. Usually gives me the shivers in a negative way.

    4. How open are you to trying out new artists (not necessarily in the mainstream)?
    Very but an individual would have to give me a mind-blowing review on why that music artist or group is worthy of observation.

    5. Pick a theme. Seriously. I will try to follow your theme.

  • 1) Top 5 fav Japanese artists (1-5): SID, Funkist, OLDCODEX, +Plus, Daisy x Daisy.
    2) Absolute fav genres: J-rock, Pop, Rock
    3) Genres I can’t stand: Country… It’s just a little weird to me.
    4) How open am I to trying out new artist: Very. I like to search for anime amv and mep on YouTube some of them have awesome songs.
    5) Pick a theme: Hm…. Sorry, I really don’t know.


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