July Anniversary Giveaway Week #4

It’s the final week of July. Where the heck did this month go? I swear since I left college time just seems to blur and fly and it ain’t because I’m necessarily having a non-stop blast.

The winner of the pretty Chinese tea set has been notified. No official announcement from until I hear back from them.

So let’s get on to the final giveaway for July! This time you get to have yummy in the tummy Japanese snacks. I won’t lie, when I go to the Asian grocery I am always tempted by snacks! There’s these yummy chocolates covered in toasted sesame seeds, mochi, mochi ice, pocky, and tons more! Asian snacks are definitely good and you get some interesting things that you don’t necessarily find in US/Western culture. Did you know that Asia has like a bajillion different Kit Kat flavors? They do!

Besides loving snacks, there’s ramen, ramune, calpis water, and a whole other assortment of goodies to be had. I even make my own Asian food. Some traditional some really just lazy American. So my final gift to you this July is a 6-month subscription to Skoshbox. This is box is chocked full of yummy Japanese snacks.

If you want to win, just reply in the comments below about your all-time favorite Asian snack. Haven’t had any? What do you munch on while watching your drama, movies, or anime?


  • I like munching on rice crackers from the Chinese supermarket.

  • US residents only ?

    Instant ramen. With chopsticks. It makes me feel like the scene in the drama is happening right in front of my eyes.

  • I love red bean cakes! And I know I won the last contest so I might not be eligible for this, but it sounds amazing! I love the idea of these boxes!

  • I like many of the Asian snacks I’ve tried, so this is kind of difficult to answer. But, I’d probably have to go with Raspberry Kit Kats as my favorite. They have such a strong and sweet flavor, and they really do taste like raspberries. Thanks for the amazing giveaway! 🙂

  • I like bubble tea from the farmers market. It doesn’t matter what flavor really, but my favorites are coconut, pineapple, and lee-che? They are frozen slushy drinks with tapioca on the bottom and little jelly gummy things on the top. Thanks for the giveaway! And good luck to everyone (:

  • Thanks for the giveaway. I have only eaten a few Japanese candy snacks that were sour. I am not sure what they are called though. Bad memory! Can’t remember.

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  • I love ramen!
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

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