Flashback Thursday #10

One thing that I can remember well about 2012 is some of the dramas I watched and recapped and unfortunately several were dramas I hated, but finished anyways. Of course, there was also gems that I absolutely loved to share with everyone and it was not a huge chore to do.

The Good

Ivy ChenSkip Beat – Ivy Chen owned Gong Xi and brought to life all of the Japanese character’s intricacies quite well and our SuJu members showed some great acting chops. The ending was a bit on the “meh” side and there were episodes not covered from the manga that would have been awesome to see, but I really have only love for this drama over all.

Absolute Boyfriend (Taiwanese version) – The Taiwanese remakes of Japanese manga dramas were fairly strong. There was some great casting and acting and I fell for Kunda. Plus, Jiro Wang was awesome as well as Jack Na. I liked how this version humanized our robot lover more so than was seen in our Japanese drama.

ATARU SP (44)ATARU – Chokozai-kun!!! This drama about a Japanese man with savant syndrome who helps a detective on vacation solve throwaway cases was a lovely little gem. Our Chokozai’s acting was completely awesome. I have tons of respect for this SMAP member. The SPs and movie kind of detracted from the awesomeness of the drama, but this was very pleasing to me and I gushed and waited anxiously for each new episode.

Rich Man, Poor Woman – oh the feels this drama created! Ishihari Satomi and Oguri Shun had such great chemistry and even though our leading lady could be spastic, it was wholly enjoyable. Even the SP was awesome when it aired the following year. I liked the tech company side of things it dealt with, along with the development of our couple.

Tumbling – Nothing like seeing tough guys take on a sport that some might associate more with women. Great acting, great casting. This was just great all around. Plus, this starred Nissy, and Yamamoto Yusuke, and Seto Koji…and just a lot of actors I love.

No Min WooFull House Take 2 – forget the people who poo poo’d this without ever watching because they loved the original so much. This was totally different, totally fun, and our cast was so cute. From Manager hyung, to the assistant who could really sing his tushie off, to our easy going blondie with a hidden hurtful past, to our super allergic fussy star, to our stylist with a bad perm. This was my pick-me-up after May Queen really went south.

The Bad

Bachelor’s Vegetable Store – This was an epic drama fail in that it did not know if it wanted the light and fluffy bromances and hardworking young man who did all he could (in a good way) to succeed at his dream of his own produce store or if it wanted to be a makjang melo with hidden identities and horrible revenge plots. I watched mainly for the bromance of our vegetables. Jin Jin and Tae Sung’s romance was sweet as well, but always mired with EVIL MOTHER so you couldn’t even enjoy that well. There was soooo much potential that just fell flat.

love-forward-13-9Love Forward – There was promise and Tammy Chen and Tony Yang were pure magic together; however, again with the plot failure and that ending! I don’t hate this drama, but it really crashed and burned at the end, but that’s very typical in dramaland unfortunately. One of the best things was the OST and that song by JJ Lin. LOVED it!

Iki mo Dekinai Natsu – There was promise in the originality of the plot and the seriousness of what it covered. This drama did NOT deliver what was promised. Sure it delved into the dark world of a bad law that should be changed, but our leading lady lacked lots of maturity and really did not get 100% better. The toted love was nonexistent.

The Ugly

Han Ji Hye, Kim Jae WonMay Queen – What started out well enough with some great acting by our young cast turned into a nightmare when our leading lady couldn’t act her way out of a wet paper bag and Jae Hee decided expressionless soulless monster was the way to go, our second lead couple got more screen time for their nonexistent romance, and there was a birth secret wrapped in a birth secret buried under a birth secret. The plot got so convoluted it was awful WHY did I stick it out and finish recapping it?

The Weird

Clone Baby – Clones are created for the sole purpose of saving someone’s dying daughter. For whatever reason, they are all bent on killing each other once they realize what they are. This was totally screwed up in a lot of ways, but I still liked it to an extent. This drama had my cousin and I screaming at the ending.

It's not that I don't love Ren...I'm just suffocated

It’s not that I don’t love Ren…I’m just suffocated

Brand Guardians – This was a web drama sponsored by the Japanese fashion industry and I’m really not sure if I loved it or not. There were some great moments, but the choose the path episodes really threw things off and mucked things up and it was all very frustrating at times. On a plus side, loved Yoon Si Yoon in this.

I can also remember some great music from this year as well.

EXO finally made their official debut, but I kind of didn’t care as much thanks to the bajillion teasers and hype SM was trying to build. I didn’t hate their music or anything, you had to admit they were good, but BAP really stood out and they released quite a bit in their freshman year. I really enjoyed “Warrior”, “Secret Love”, and “Power”. Another new group that debuted was Lunafly. I liked that they released songs in Korean and English. They also do a lot of covers on their YouTube channel. “How Nice Would It Be” was a good song as was “Superhero” and “One More Step.”

How many people know and love FIX? I do! They have some great songs in their repertoire and I really enjoyed “She’s My Girl” though it had a creepy video. MyName took a break from activities in Japan to make a Korean comeback with the awesome song “Hello & Goodbye”.

I love Brian Joo from Fly to the Sky. He had some awesome solo projects while Hwanhee was in the military. “Let This Die” was a superb ballad. K.Will also had the cute MV (that he does not star in like always) with “I Need You”. I hadn’t really followed John Park from Superstar K. His song for A Werewolf Boy was completely awesome. I fell hard for “Childlike” and the awesome MV with some great scenes from the movie.

I was always on the fence about Bigstar. Then they had their follow-up to their debut and I totally fell hard for their winter song “I Got the Feeling.” Did you know Backstreet Boy member Howie D. did several collaborations with Shirota Yu? Loved their song “Worth Fighting For.” B1A4 released I think their first major song by Jiyoung. Oh, the lyrics make you laugh, but you have to admit the song was addicting as all heck. Then they had “Sleep Well, Goodnight”, another good song.

I didn’t really like Dalmatian too much from their debut. “The Man Opposed” was better, but I really fell hard for “E.R.” even with it’s really creepy video that made no sense. On the Japanese front D=Out released several different language versions (subtitled that is) of their awesome song “Aisuruhito.”


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