Asian Drama Streaming Updates – July 21, 2015

Welcome to this week’s edition of streaming updates for Asian dramas, movies, and anime. I’m excited. Why? Because I love the fact that Crunchyroll has four live action Japanese dramas in it’s summer line up! Two more titles that were just added over the past week.

Okay. So in the anime department, Crunchyroll has added makuranodanshi, a first person anime which features a story arc that has 12 very different boys spending the night with you each week…and I’m suddenly reminded of a Japanese drama called Shima Shima about a divorcee who set up a company with attractive young men who will sleep, just sleep and nothing more, with you. Also added is Symphogear GX, the third installment of the original anime in which the heroine Tachibana Hibiki and five other Symphogear Weilders battle a tough group of mysterious warriors.

On the Japanese drama front, Crunchyroll has added Kitgawa Keiko’s Detective vs. Detectives (Tantei no Tantei) in which she plays the heroine who puts her life on the line investigating detectives thanks to her dead sister. Last, but not least is the live action adaptation of Akagi about a genius 13-year-old boy who is a master of mahjong.

kdrama posterDramaFever has added a Korean remake of Japanese drama Shinya Shokudo called Late Night Restaurant (심야식당; Simyasikdang). Or rather…not necessarily a remake, but also based on the manga Shinya Shokuda by Abe Yaro. This story revolves around Master (Kim Seung Woo who is totally awesome, btw) who owns a cafe only open after midnight. The series is more or less a bunch of different stories strung together with Master and the restaurant being the constant. And if you’re in the mood for manga adaptations, DramaFever has added the Taiwanese live action adaptation of popular manga Honey and Clover starring Joe Cheng, Lego Li, Ito Chiaki, and Eddie Peng. This drama revolves around several college friends as they figure out their direction in life and love.

On the cinema side of things, DF has added the next installment in the Detective K series. This time it’s Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island. In this movie, Detective K is hot on the trail of a money laundering ring and is also tasked with locating a young girl’s missing sibling.

On the Hulu side of things for dramas, they have also added DF titles Late Night Restaurant, Oh! My Lady, and Love & Marriage.

They are still continuing their anime explosion. Now added are Blue Submarine No. 6 (Zorndyke is an evil scientist bent on destroying the world by raising the sea level. The only thing that stands in his way are a blue submarine fleet.); Divergent Eve (In an era of intergalactic space travel, a group of female cadets are thrown into a hornets’ next as they finalize their training to become elite pilots in Seraphim Squadron); Rental x Magica (When the company president of Astral goes missing, it’s up to his son to take on the reins. The only problem is he knows nothing about magic!); Sky Wizards Academy (Kanata Age was once known as the Black Master Swordsman. Now he’s labeled a traitor and relegated to teaching the F-class of mismatched mages who all thing he’s a pervert.); Prison School (An all-girl school finally goes coed! Kiyoshi is one of the five boys admitted and when caught peeping, he’s sent to the school’s prison.); Piano (Miu was a promising girl who loved expressing herself through music and sharing it with others; however she’s become an introvert and fears sharing her emotions and music. Can a crush save her and get her to open up once more?); Space Pirate Captain Harlock (When a mysterious force invades the complacent human race who only cares about entertainment, it’s up to infamous space pirate Captain Harlock to save the day.); Galaxy Express 999 (Trains in space! Check out nichan’s coverage.); Mirage of Blaze (Ohigi Takaya is just a normal teenager who wants to protect his friend until Naoe Nobutsuna arrives and lets him know he’s a reincarnation of Lord Kagetora who has the abilities to exorcise demons.); Kamisama Dolls (Kuga Kyohei wants to liv a normal life but cannot escape the fact that he is a psychic with the ability to control mysterious dolls regarded as the vessels of god.); Dream Eater Merry (Yumeji can sense dreams by people’s auras making him a target for a force trying to enter the real world. Then one day a dream demon named Merry falls into his lap and becomes an unlikely ally.); and Godannar (Mimetic beasts invaded earth causing all countries to band together to stop them. Many soldiers died and beasts still remain.).

As with last week, nothing new on Netflix besides an influx of telenovelas. But, I suppose on the bright side they haven’t taken anything off either.


  • Ehh, Midnight Diner is no Shinya Shokudo. It tries, but the vibe is wrong, the customers are annoying, and the diner isn’t as inviting as the Japanese one. Kim Seung-woo is good, but he’s no Kobayashi Kaoru. I wish they’d stop remaking J-dramas, don’t these people learn anything from crap stuff like Trainwreck Cantabile?

    • I have never watched the original, although I do love the main actor so I should give it a shot one of these days. Kim Seung Woo is an awesome actor, so it’s sad to hear your comments about the drama overall. I really loved him with Bae Doo Na in How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor.

      The comments on DF are interesting as people say how much they love the drama because it’s just something you don’t see in kdramas, and all I could think of is it’s based on a jdrama/manga that’s why, lol.

      Truthfully, with remakes, there have been some successes, but yeah, a lot of the time there is major floppage. Oh, BoF. It started okay and went downhill. HanDan forever!

      I’m curious if anyone has ever seen the kdrama version of Heaven’s Coins and how it compares to that drama.

      • Well, most of the comments I’ve seen are as you said, but that’s because they never watched the Japanese original, aren’t familiar with Japanese dramas, and think the k-remake is better. I guess part of it is also about first impressions – most people are partial to what comes first and if that first is the k-remake, then that’s it for them. I watched the first episode and it didn’t make me want to continue anymore – the customers were loud and annoying, and there was some horrendous acting by this idol kid. Whereas I’ve finished two seasons of Shinya Shokudo and will start on season 3 sometime.

        For me, Shinya Shokudo is very Japanese in its subtlety and restraint. It’s about food and human relations, and very slice of life, which is a concept Korea does not understand well. Not all stories have happy endings, and that’s just how life is. Master’s diner is so much a part of the environs it is situated in that I’d happily trawl the entire Shinjuku just to find it, but the one in the k-remake doesn’t give me any inviting feels and seems very staged. Also, the k-remake removed one of the more “controversial” characters of the Japanese original – a gay madam who has a thing for the mob boss. Don’t think the k-remake has the stripper as well. As for Kim Seung-woo, I don’t think it’s his fault, but I do think he’s trying a little too hard to be Master. If you watch the Japanese drama, you’ll see that Kobayashi Kaoru has a different vibe, one that is difficult to top or replicate.

        I don’t think k-remakes understand how to properly transplant cultural elements from the original source material. They often miss the point/essence of the original and end up trying to over-copy, or add their own flavour and still end up with a product whose vibe is off. But I guess Midnight Diner is less difficult to fuck up than Trainwreck Cantabile. I didn’t like what I saw of Hoshi no Kinka, but Spring Day was apparently “loosely adapted” from the Japanese one and was probably passable since both reeked of melodrama anyway.

        • I mean I guess it was easier to fuck up Trainwreck Cantabile than Midnight Diner, at least on the face of it… haha sometimes I wish there were edit buttons for posts.

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