July Anniversary Giveaway Week #3

July is humming right along and it’s gotten hot in Michigan at last. It took a long time for summer to come along and decide it wants to stay. So…now that the heat of summer is upon us, what better way to celebrate than with drinking tea! And not just in plain old teacups. Let us drink tea in a traditional Chinese tea set!

Thanks to my father having served 20+ years in the good old USAF, I actually have trinkets from around the world, but particularly from Japan and South Korea as those were two of the countries he was stationed at the longest. Thus, I have a traditional Korean liquor set and a traditional Japanese sakura tea set. Since I already did a bento box giveaway and a Korean barbecue giveaway, the best thing to giveaway seemed to be a Chinese tea set. Just watch some Bu Bu Jing Xin when Ruo Xi is doing all of her tea stuff. Beautiful cups and pretty looking teas.

tea set

Kind of off topic but there is actually a couple at my local farmers market selling traditional Chinese tea sets and authentic imported Chinese tea. I’ve avoided that tent, lol, as I’d probably be tempted to plunk down too much money there.

Anyways, to win this lovely tea set, reply in the comments below with your favorite tea of choice. Mine is the lovely and spice-rich chai black tea. I did try a ginger-infused tea once…that got really spicy really fast, but I hate weak tea. I also hate overly strong teas depending on the type. So it’s always a fun battle trying to find just the right tea flavor.


  • I love tea, drink quite a lot of it and always black (aka no sugar/milk). Earl Grey is probably my favourite black tea blend, it has such a heavenly aroma. I quite like rooibos, pu’er and tieguanyin, and also drink a lot of green tea. I also tried some lapsang souchong and ujicha, both were pretty good. As for flower teas, they’re not bad but on the light side. In the future, I hope to try some biluochun – have heard a lot about it and it’s one of those famous teas always featured in wuxia dramas.

    I guess I didn’t answer your question haha, but that’s okay, it was just nice to talk about tea 🙂

  • I love rooibos tea, especially one that has some vanilla or orange in it.

  • That looks like such a beautiful tea set, but I think it would be wasted on me so I don’t actually want to enter the giveaway, but I wanted to chime in anyways. I’m up to trying any type of tea and any brand. I usually prefer either a simple black or green tea and either unsweetened or very lightly sweetened. If its black tea I like cutting up lemon and putting it in there for a light lemon flavor. Good luck to whoever wins (:

    • I’m all for simple. I’ve experimented with a few different flavors when they had free teas for different events. I could never get stuff steeped enough to give it enough flavor. If I want to drink barely flavored water, I stick with just plain, lol.

      I mistakenly tried to steep tea in hot water and lemon juice. Learned my lesson that lemon should always go in AFTER not during the steeping process.

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