July Anniversary Giveaway Week #1

Well, the first grand prize giveaway has ended and I have contacted the winner, but no word yet, so no official announcement yet. If I don’t hear back in another week, I will award the prize to someone else.

It’s the first full week of July so the third month if the special 5-month Anniversary Giveaway Celebrating 5 Years of Asian Addicts Anonymous is now commencing. I started with anime and moved on to manga and before diving into anything else (like music and dramas), I really started to get into Asian food.

Honestly it wasn’t like until the end of high school into my starting college that I started liking it. I still remember my trip to Florida in ’98 and visiting a Chinese buffet with Stepmom #1. I loaded my plate full of food and unfortunately when I sat down I smelled something I could not smell while I was getting food in the line and it was stinky and it was on my plate and after that experience I swore off Asian food, lol. Some weird brown noodles with a strange smell and a taste I did not like. Ah, the innocence of youth.

Totoro BentoIn more recent years, I have started learning to make authentic Asian dishes along with American Asian-inspired dishes. I’ve had successes and failures and my repertoire has kept expanding. So, welcome to the food-inspired giveaway. Oh, there will be actual food given away, but you’ll have to wait until the end of the month for a 6-month subscription to a Japanese goody box service.

If you read manga, watch anime, and/or watch dramas, you see those bento boxes. Doesn’t it may you want to have a cute or pretty bento of your very own? Well, wait no more. The winner of this week’s giveaway will get an official Studio Ghibli My Neighbor Totoro bento box with chopsticks!

It’s a fully functioning, BPA free plastic bento box with a carrying strap. To win this first item, simply tell me in the comments below what your favorite bento scene was that made you want your very own.


  • I actually can’t recall any specific scene where I saw a bento and went “oo, I want”. What made me like bento boxes is when I saw all the elaborate pictures of super fancy bento. Like where they make animals with the food. O_O

    • Oh, those pictures! But really, it’s just too much work to make those elaborate super cute bento boxes. Chani-chan would always like to do that so I did get her a bento box for a present once. Not sure if she ever managed to make her super cute traditional bento like she wanted.

  • That Totoro bento is the cutest thing! I dunno if I saw this piece of merch when I went to the Ghibli museum in Tokyo, but I certainly would’ve gotten it had I seen it. I’m sure I missed because it’s Totoro and he’s was everywhere! Yeah, like Heisui, I marvel at those pictures of elaborate bento. I follow a tumblr who posts the most incredible bento and I always wonder at the time it must take to put those together. Probably more time than it took to cook the damn food XD

    • Isn’t it adorable? Who doesn’t love uri Totoro? It was officially sanctioned by Studio Ghibli, but I don’t think its an official item that would show up in the museum or not.

      Oooh, I’ll have to look out for that tumblr. I remember watching dramas where you’ll have a kid wake up in the middle of the night and there is mommy making their lunchbox for them and it is this elaborate thing that does take a long time. I guess the effort shows the love. I’m so lazy when it comes to lunches that I always throw whatever together. Of course, now that I’m on this diet, I’m stuck being more thoughtful and actually have to consider meals in advance to make sure I have the right kind of healthy food I should be eating…

      • Here’s one: http://bentoboxlove.tumblr.com/. There are tutorials too, but heck, I’m too impatient, and the thought of eating what takes so much time & effort to do, & looks so cute, like, no way! Are you trying to eat healthier? It does take alot of effort doesn’t it? I tried going vegetarian and I wasn’t quite prepared for how much work it really is! Not too easy being vegetarian here, especially if you don’t hv much time to cook! So I caved a little, and now I have meat on weekends.

        • Oh! I will have to follow now and squee over the cuteness. Who could eat the adorable deer or Totoro onigiri? Yes, I am trying to eat healthier. I’m leaning towards a natural real food diet which means kicking processed foods to the curb and trying to eat more organic veggies & natural meats in the correct proportions.

          • That’s awesome NeeNee, though it takes effort, your body is worth it! Organic is expensive though right? At least over here it is. I try to mix-and-match ;P.

            • It is pricier, sometimes by a few cents (like with bananas) and sometimes by a few dollars. I try to buy certain things organic that absorb the worst amount of pesticides & chemicals. I have my own herb and vegetable garden so that helps in the summer and fall and the local farmers market is a great resource, too. The meats are probably the worst in cost expenses, but it really is better (more humane) to do organic, and if possible cage free.

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