Flashback Thursday #8

It’s time to wave goodbye to Asian Addicts Anonymous‘s sophomore year. The major happenings have been covered, site migration, splitting into two separate sites, maintaining and troubleshooting a self-hosted site, getting contributors, and setting up recap guidelines.

You may not know this but in 2011, I started doing Korean Word of the Day posts and Chinese Character of the Day post. If you watch dramas long enough you pick up on essentially what phrases mean. If you watch Chinese/Taiwanese dramas they usually always had the Chinese along with English for the subtitles and you can actually start recognizing characters and associating them with certain expressions you hear quite often. I also started the list that I don’t update all that frequently, though I should about dramas and movies based on manga, plus the slightly more updated Asian dramas streaming on Netflix. I also started doing a series of Drama Pet Peeves posts, artist profiles, and Just for Fun posts. Chani-chan and nichan joined on and contributed book reviews, anime reviews, lyric translations, and more. I also recapped a musical for the first time.

2011 is also where I began what has become an annual holiday tradition. A Christmas countdown full of Asian music goodies. I am happy to have carried on this tradition successfully since 2011. It’s probably one of the only series that I started and kept up with regularity.

There were a few more posts than 2010 and the stats had basically doubled. And one thing that didn’t change and might not ever change…I struggled with recapping. By that I mean starting dramas and never finishing them or neglecting them for a long while.

Like the final post about Asian Addicts Anonymous‘s first year, I shall leave you with numbers as food for thought.

  • Asian Addicts Anonymous moved to its own domain and self-hosting in April.
  • 270 posts were published (7 more than 2010)
  • The most posts were published in December (55! – down one from the most posts in a month last year)
  • This means there were approximately 23 posts per month on average (tied with last year since this had 12 months and 2010 only had 11).
  • Total views in 2011 doubled from 2010! AAA received a whopping 246,065 views.
  • This means the monthly average views was 20,505 (up 7,000 from 2010).
  • The busiest month was July which saw 23,973 views en toto.
  • Stats weren’t the only thing that doubled in 2011. Comments went from 150 to a grand total of 333!
  • 42 dramas, movies, and anime were recapped and reviewed. That number is actually down from 2010 which had 53.
  • 9 dramas were completely recapped (My Prince, Love Buffet, Quartet, Gakeppuchi no Eri, TROUBLEMAN, Asuko March!, Ikemen desu ne, Ouran High School Host Club, The Musical). 3 of these were leftover dramas from 2010.

Here is the list of what was covered in 2011.

  1. Smile, Donghae recaps (unfinished)
  2. Marry Me, Marry/Mary Stayed Out All Night review
  3. My Prince recaps (finished, started in 2010)
  4. Sign recaps (unfinished)
  5. Gloria recaps (unfinished)
  6. Dream High first impressions
  7. My Princess first impressions
  8. Love Buffet (completed)
  9. Quartet (completed)
  10. Control (first impressions)
  11. How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor review
  12. Gong/Palace recaps (unfinished)
  13. Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child recaps (started in 2010 never finished)
  14. Gakeppuchi no Eri recaps (finished, stared in 2010)
  15. Kimi ni Todoke live action recap
  16. Last Quarter recap (nichan)
  17. Down With Love recaps (unfinished, started in 2010)
  18. Atashinchi no Danshi review
  19. Young Black Jack live action recap
  20. Galaxy Railways recaps (nichan – unfinished)
  21. A Man Called God recaps (unfinished, started 2010)
  22. TROUBLEMAN recaps (finished, started in 2010)
  23. A Frozen Flower recap (nichan)
  24. Waiting in the Dark recap
  25. Last Exile recaps (nichan – unfinished)
  26. Asuko March! Recaps (completed)
  27. Yankee-kun to Megane-chan recaps (unfinished, started 2010)
  28. Rurouni Kenshin anime recaps (nichan – finished 2012)
  29. Pure recaps (finished 2012)
  30. Glass Mask recap (unfinished)
  31. Hana Kimi 2011 first impressions
  32. Ikemen desu ne recaps (completed)
  33. Ouran High School Host Club live action recaps (completed)
  34. The Musical recaps (completed)
  35. Noriko Goes to Seoul recap
  36. Tenchi Muyo in Love! (nichan)
  37. Paradise Kiss Live Action recap
  38. Saving Face recap/review (nichan)
  39. Bu Bu Jing Xin recaps (unfinished)
  40. Skip Beat Live Action recaps (completed 2012)
  41. Bachelor’s Vegetable Store recaps (completed 2012)
  42. Maison Ikkoku 2007 recap – first joint post with Chani-chan

As I was looking over the information for 2011, I was struck by Bu Bu Jing Xin. It was actually thanks to this drama that I found fellow drama blogger heisui. Although I think I just lurked at her site and never spoke and then in 2012 while covering Love Forward we started talking for the first time and became drama chingus. Ahh the memories.

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