June Anniversary Giveaway Week #4

This is going to get confusing to be sure as I’m going to talk about two giveaways here. First things first, congratulations to Faryna for winning the complete set of the manhwa Model by Lee So-young. It really is a great series that I enjoy rereading from time to time.

I have been very vocal about Sailor Moon being one of the earliest gateways into the world of anime and it is still a series I love and enjoy today as an adult. It should then come as no surprise that I have checked out the live action drama (need to finish it, but from what I have seen, it really isn’t all that bad) and the manga. Thus, for week 4 I am giving away a box set of the first 6 volumes of the manga! If you are a Sailor Moon collector or aficionado, it’s a great item to have.

How do you enter this giveaway? Simply reply below and tell me your favorite planet or satellite (meaning moon…do stars count as satellites?). Why choose a favorite planet? Because that’s what the sailor scouts’ names were based off of. When I was younger I really liked Sailor Mercury (though my favorite planet in real life is Venus for whatever reason). And then when I started re-watching, I really liked Sailor Jupiter the best.

And now for the mention of the 2nd giveaway. The grand prize of a 1-year Crunchyroll subscription is still up for grabs. If you haven’t tried out the latest anime installment of the Sailor Moon franchise, you’d be able to with this. Please do note that grand prize entries officially close on June 30th. If you enter this week’s giveaway or have entered any of May’s or this month’s and have not won a prize, your name will be entered into the drawing. Click the link above to go to the grand prize post for details on how to enter.

Good luck!


  • theradioactivesamurai

    OMG, Sailor Moon. Sailor Jupiter was my favorite as a child but after reading the manga a few years ago, my favorite became Sailor Venus. Favorite planet is Uranus, I guess? It’s pretty. Its moons’ names are nice as well.

  • Sailor Mars has always been my favorite Sailor Moon character; I really like her strong and bold personality. As for planets, my favorite is Neptune. I really like its appearance, and I’ve always thought it’s an interesting planet to learn about. Thanks for the great giveaway! 🙂

  • I guess my favorite planet is earth because that’s where the anime I watch was created and I don’t remember much about sailor moon besides parts of the English theme song from my childhood. Thanks for the giveaway:)

    • That English theme song will forever be in my head now, lol. I loved the series so much and I have it separated out in my head based on the different enemies. First was the Queen Beryl section and then my favorite with Allen and Ann and the Treed series.

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