Asian Drama Synopsis Fail: Bachelor’s Vegetable Store

Welcome to what may or may not become a regular series on Asian Addicts Anonymous. I think it’s high time we address the epic failure of drama synopses. Sure, the writers don’t want to give the plot away, but some of them are so far off course, it’s an epic misrepresentation of the drama entirely.

I thought what better way to start off than with a drama that I recapped in its entirety minus one beginning episode. Ok. Let us set aside the fact that due to Smile, Donghae I fell in love with Ji Chang Wook. He’s handsome, adorable, and his acting just keeps getting better with time. He’s one of the main factors that I did check this series out, but another reason I gave Bachelor’s Vegetable Store a try was because of the plot synopsis on different websites.

Ji Chang Wook, Wang Ji HyeTake this one from Hulu (which might originally be from DramaFever…):

Based on the true story of a young man who turned a tiny vegetable shop into a national name, Bachelor’s Vegetable Store centers on the loves and successes of six single young men. Han Tae Yang is a talented young man with big dreams who falls for a lovable, bubbly young woman Jin Jin Shim. Lee Seul Woo plays Han Tae Yang’s friend, a wealthy heir who grew up without a father, and comes to work at the shop. He falls for a spoiled young heiress and complications ensue, especially when she’s drawn to Tae Yang instead. Pop singer Ji-hyuk, model Sung Ha, and musical actor Shin Won-ho round out the quartet of good-looking bachelors who work together and deal with life, love, and career.

Now just reading this makes me think this will be a heartwarming tale about six poor men…er…five poor men and one rich…who worked hard to make their business a success and the love and life lessons learned along the way. This synopsis is an EPIC fail in many ways. If you haven’t watched the drama, skip the rant and just know what you see above ain’t what you get at all.

Failure #1:

From the above synopsis you think the story centers around our six men and their store with other drama thrown into the mix. Baloney. Sure, we do get some cute scenes and we do, at the beginning once the childhood part is over, get to see our boys struggling and working hard to essentially make Tae Yang’s dream come true. But the problem is that this is NOT the heart of the story and so we get too many scenes with Crazy Evil Psycho mom who is out to destroy our young hero Han Tae Yang (Ji Chang Wook) because of the inadvertent role he had in her daughter’s death. Of course the Crazy Evil Psycho Mom seems to have forgotten any and all blame that she really has in that incident, but whatever. The heart of this drama is Tae Yang learning his first love Jin Jin Shim is alive and well and living under the identity of the dead girl and thus she’s walking on eggshells pretending to be someone she’s not for her entire life (the girl was the bastard child of a rich chaebol whom Crazy Evil Psycho Mom left because she didn’t want a man who gave up his fortune).

Failure #2:

As you may have guessed from the above fail, the next one centers on him falling for the “lovable, bubbly young woman Jin Jin Shim”. One, he fell hard for Jin Shim when they were children. She actually was his best friend and was practically family in a way. She was very loveable when she was a young girl, but she was never bubbly and she was even less so as Mok Ga On. That girl did not have the most pleasant of attitudes and her willingness to do nearly anything for Crazy Evil Psycho Mom had her hurting Tae Yang and Tae In (Tae Yang’s baby sister) over and over again.

Failure #3:

They state that Lee Seul Woo is Tae Yang’s best friend. Yes, he’s a wealthy heir that grew up raised by his mother. That’s true. But he and Tae Yang were never friends. The fact that Seul Woo started developing feelings for Ga On/Jin Shim really didn’t help the animosity that was there. Although, Tae Yang, when Seul Woo lost everything, did help the young man and take him in to the shop, but that’s far closer to the end of the series and Seul Woo was really there with a hidden agenda as he was working for Crazy Evil Psycho Mom.

Failure #4:

They have divorced Jin Jin Shim and Mok Ga On as if they were two people instead of one. I don’t care if you don’t want to reveal the secret identity and want people surprised when it happens, but it seems way too ridiculous to talk about Tae Yang falling hard for loveable and bubbly Jin Shim while a spoiled rich heiress falls for him whom his best friend Seul Woo falls for as well. That is not really what happens at all. Tae Yang starts falling for Ga On before he realizes her identity as Jin Shim. Seul Woo does develop some feelings for her, but that’s further on as well in the story. Ah…there is a wealthy young woman who does fall for Tae Yang, but she’s not horribly spoiled and does have family issues, but you know she’s not who they are talking about.

Failure #5:

This synopsis rounds out the cast with Ji Hyuk (Supernova), Sung Ha, and Shin Won Ho (Cross Gene, Big). Poor Lee Gwang Soo! Sure he may not be as attractive as the other five, but to be left out! He’s the ultimate big brother and out of all the guys, he’s really the one that is Tae Yang’s best friend, not Seul Woo.

The real synopsis?

A poor young man struggles to make his dream of owning his own vegetable store come true with four new found friends as events and people from his past come back to stop him at all costs.

You could add in the chaebol daughter and hidden identity I suppose, but this is short, sweet, to the point and not glaringly untrue. Although it doesn’t give it enough oomph to stand out from the crowd. What would your synopsis be?


  • I think this will be helpful for people who are trying to decide whether or not to watch the drama. Looking forward to future synopses fails!

    • I don’t know, I might give too much of the plot away, lol. What I really want to say about BVS is that it’s a drama with a split personality that didn’t know if it wanted to be heartwarming drama about a group of good friends pursuing their dreams and growing as people or if it wanted to be a complete makjang melo full of angst and pain over something that really was rooted at the main fault of Crazy Evil Psycho Mom.

      • You can always put a “spoiler alert” before the jump so people are warned before they click. It’s a nice idea to discuss drama synopses, some are pretty LOL-worthy.

  • What a great idea! I watched a few episodes of the drama because I totally thought it was going to be this amazing bromance, but it so wasn’t. I think the false advertising via the synopsis was as much to blame for me dropping this drama as my lack of interest in the craziness. I’m looking forward to more Posts!

  • Love the synopsis fail idea! I’ve been burned by that before too! As for this show, I was interested based on the synopsis, but thankfully didn’t start it when it aired, then heard all kinds of unhappy rants about how makjang it became, and so managed to avoid it altogether 😛

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