Music of the Moment – Who Are You – School 2015 OST

After reading other drama bloggers’ posts on Who Are You, the 2015 edition of the School series, I decided to check it out when I wasn’t feeling well one Friday. I marathoned it the entire day. I’ve fallen in love with the drama and it’s OST. Along with the Falling for Innocence OST, I’ve been listening to the songs on repeat for this one.

Yook Sung Jae, Kim So Hyun, Nam Joo HyukTotally random, but when I first saw the title (minus the school bit) I had to recall Kim Jae Wook’s military comeback drama Who Are You which was awful. Bad acting, a plot with more holes than Swiss cheese. I mean…his mostly silent acting was great. The drama, again, horrible. So yeah for this drama being much better than that one.

Tiger JK contributed to the OST, so it’s only fitting that his wife Yoon Mi Rae does as well. I love her ballad. I love her voice and the emotions she conveys. The song’s title is 너의 얘길 들어줄게 [Neoui yaegil deuleojulge].

Tiger JK’s track is titled “Reset” and features Jinsil of Mad Soul Child. This track, I won’t lie, when I listen to it I sometimes thought they were singing “I need a recess” instead of “I need a reset.” This title track really does suit the drama’s overall plot and what our characters are going through. I’m sure a lot of them would love a reset in life. When we open with the beautiful vocals, Tiger JK’s rough and fierce rapping kind of threw me off a little bit, but I really do love this song. It’s highly addictive.

I suppose since this is a youth drama, besides ballads we have to have some rap songs. I don’t know why I associate rap with youth when it’s not synonymous, but I do. It just seems to fit together. We have fierce rapping with Baechigi’s contribution 바람에 날려 [Barame nallyeo] featuring Punch. Love Punch’s vocals on this song and I’m a fan of Baechigi, so it’s a win-win combo.

I completely love Wendy from Red Velvet’s contribution “Return“. The song features Yuk Ji Dam. Again, a rap song with a very beautiful chorus. I really love the chorus, lol. The rap flows well and isn’t too awkward, so that’s always good.

I love Younha, so I’m happy to see/hear she’s contributed a track to the OST. It’s a ballad with a soft piano melody. Her voice seems really deep with this song, maybe because she starts off so low? This is a seriously awesome song and Younha is really good at expressing the story and emotions with her voice. Not all singers can do that. The song is “Pray” [기도; kidoh].

We also have two SHINee members contributing to the OST. Jonghyeon and Taemin lend their vocals to the track 그 이름 [geu ireum; That Name]. They make a pretty good duo, don’t they? It’s a great ballad with a dance edge and I like the…violins (or some string instrument)…I think that you hear throughout.

HaHa’s wife Byul also contributes to the OST. The song is a more upbeat melody entitled “Remember“. I was just thinking about my first experience diving into kpop and I really fell in love with Byul’s “I Think I…” from the Full House OST.

Right now they only have the OST released as singles. I can’t wait until they release the full OST.

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  • My daughter and I watched the series of You Are Beautiful and it had us on the edge of our seats because we got so wrapped up in the love story.We loved it so much we were in tears at the end of the story .We would like to see more stories like this it was amazing.

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