Flashback Thursday #6

So what to cover for this installment? What happened in 2011 that I can recall with any significance? I think besides the major issue with moving to self-hosted there was really another or rather two major happenings. The first is that I decided to split Asian Addicts Anonymous into two separate sites. The old one, asianaddictsannon.wordpress.com was to be devoted to music and the self-hosted http://www.asianaddictsanonymous.com to dramas and movies. Yeah, keeping up two sites didn’t last all that long. I deleted every single post from the old blog and changed its domain. I will always look back on that dumb, dumb move and wonder why I did such a thing. Bad me. Don’t do that. Trust me, it’s not a good idea.

Beside that happening in 2011, I managed to talk my two college buddies into helping me out by writing the occasional post. The first contributor who joined was nichan (aka The Other Nicole, The Bad Nicole). I first met her my freshman year at good ol’ AC. She lived right around the corner from me in the dorm and we had a few or maybe only one class together. How funny that I still remember it was Cultural Anthropology (fascinating topic by the way) and we were in the same group which we named The Lost or something like that. We soon ended up becoming friends and she introduced me to the world of yaoi (for those who don’t know, boys love), in particular Gravitation. Oh, Eiri Yuki and Shuichi Shindo… Oh…and it’s thanks to her that I finally watched Joy Luck Club or was it The Dead Poets Society…or both?

Last Quarter posterAnywho, I’m not sure how I convinced her to hop on board, but hop on she did and she was the person who wrote the majority of the anime reviews you can find on this site. She was (possibly still is) obsessed with Japanese artists Gackt and Hyde so it is only fitting that her first post was of Hyde’s movie Last Quarter and then she had to do a whole review of the ever-changing hairstyles Gackt sported from 1999-2006. nichan is a history nerd. Her second degree which she got at AC was in history. I think her senior thesis was on the history of anime or something like that to boot. Thus she read some interesting books on things like Chinese propaganda posters and the history of Chinese clothing and posted reviews and tidbits on this site. Of course, like I said, she also posted anime reviews and move reviews.

Next came Chani-chan. I met Chani-chan my sophomore year of college and we became fast friends since we both had a love of anime and Japanese music…mostly anime related. Oh, and can’t forget manga. I’ve watched tons of anime and read lots of manga thanks to her. Nothing like having a friend who fuels the addiction that empties the wallet fast! Before the bookstore in the local mall closed, we went there all the time and spent what little money we managed to make on manga, manga, and more manga.

Since Chani-chan minored in Japanese (she even got to spend a semester studying abroad there), she wanted to use it so she didn’t lose it and I convinced her to start a translation corner on the then Asian Music Addicts Anonymous. I tasked her with translating visual kei band Misaruka’s song “Curse of Contract” and she obliged me by actually doing it. And then we didn’t hear anything more from her until the end of the year when she was home for Christmas and stayed at my home for a week. I forced her to watch Asian dramas with me, lol. Ah…do you know how much I yearn for a drama watching buddy who I can watch with together in person? Love my virtual friends and talking about dramas on this blog and over social media, but it’s still nice to have a friend by your side.

Maison Ikkoku posterWe watched the tanpatsu Maison Ikkoku which is a drama special based on a favorite manga series of Chani-chan. I wrote the recap and she wrote commentary about the experience and the differences/similarities. This would start the beginning of Chan-chan and I collaborating on a few dramas.

As time has gone by, I’ve unfortunately become the sole blogger once more, but I always appreciate and treasure that my friends and I did this together for a time. So food for thought. If you are a blogger, do you like to blog alone? Or do you have a blogging buddy?

Sometimes, I would still love to have another contributor to help out and do some posts. Preferably doing posts on things that I wouldn’t, but I won’t complain. I’ve gotten a lot of good posts from my friends and one other contributor who came on in 2012 and I’m thankful for them and their help.

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