Music of the Moment – Falling for Innocence OST

So, yeah. I’ve been watching the drama Falling for Innocence or Falling for Soon Jung. I don’t watch popular Korean dramas to start recapping them fast enough any more, so you really won’t see me covering Korean dramas unless I happen upon one that someone is surprisingly not covering already.

I love this OST. The title track/theme is awesome. The song is “Paradise” by Davink. I don’t know if Davink is still considered an indie musician still or not. I had not heard of Davink before now. For some reason, listening to this song I sometimes recall the theme of I Can Hear Your Voice (“Echo” by Every Single Day). It’s kind of got…like an ethereal quality, although I’m really not certain that’s what I mean.

From that interesting theme we go to another song played quite a bit. I really like this simple guitar melody. The song is 꿈은 아니길 [Ggeumeun Anikil] by Lee Young Hoon. More awesomeness that really seems to suit this drama well.

Interesting enough, this OST’s three main songs are all by men. The final song is a soft ballad by Yoon Duk Won called “Madly.”

I’ve watched the first 7-9 episodes and am liking this drama. After seeing our main lead in Cruel City, it’s an interesting change to see him play someone abrasive and uncontained and still so very innocent in a lot of ways when it comes to love.

Falling for Soon Jung OST

순정에 반하다 [Sunjeonge Banhada] OST
Released 1 June 2015
Buy on YesAsia
01. 파라다이스 [Paradaiseu] – Davink
02. 꿈은 아니길 [Ggeumeun anigil] – 이영훈 [Lee Yeong Hun]
03. Madly – 덕원 [Deok Won]
04. 외친다 [Oechinda] – 이윤찬 [Lee Yun Chan]
05. Butterfly
06. 해바라기 사랑 [Haebaragi sarang]
07. 공전하며 공존하기 [Gongjeonhamyeo gongjonhagi]
08. 연쇄 살인마, 강민호 [Yeonswae salinma, Kang Min Ho]
09. 슬픔도 다 지나간다 [Seulpeumdo da jinaganda]
10. 가질 수 없는 마음 [Gagil su eopsneun maeum]
11. 형사 마동욱 [Hyeongsa Ma Dong Uk]
12. What?
13. 사랑일까… [Sarangilkka]
14. 사랑하지 않을 이유가 없다 [Saranghaji anheul iyuga eopsda]
15. 예상 밖의 시간 [Yesang bakkui sigan]
16. Dissension
17. 떠나간 자리 [Ddeonagan jari]
18. 슬픈 심장 [Seulpeun simjang]
19. 심장의 기억 [Simjangui gieok]
20. 풍전등화 [Pungjeon deunghwa]
21. Burn with hatred
22. 배신의 덫 [Baesinui Deot]
23. The plotter
24. 고민 [Gomin]
25. 마주보며 걷기 [Majubomyeo geotgi]
26. 심쿵 [Simkung]


  • I’ve only watched the first 2 eps, but i love its OST for sure! Davink’s Paradise has an elegant sound, it has a UK alternative sound and it definitely overwhelms you! I want to resume watching it, but writing about 2 Monday-Tuesday dramas made it kind of tough, HITTG has already ended and School 2015 is ending soon, but exams lie ahead, so it will get even tougher! But as soon as they end i think i will lean towards its direction. I usually check many OSTs, even from dramas i haven’t watched and FFI’s OST was definitely one of them and it was all worth it! 😀

    PS. Sorry for i still haven’t replied to your award thread and for not having composed yet the awards article, but i will eventually do it, it’s a promise! 🙂

    • When you have time, I do recommend finishing it. I’m not covering any currently airing dramas, so I just watch what I want when at this time. Eventually I’ll go back to doing airing dramas I think. I own tons of OSTs from dramas I’ve never watched. I see MVs, hear the music and just have to have the whole OST.

      Good luck on your exams and no hurry about your award post. It’s been about 8 years now since I officially finished my own education, and I totally understand the pressure and how time consuming prepping for exams can be.

  • I read somewhere that Falling for Innocence went downhill halfway through… did you find that to be the case? I loved Jung Kyung-ho in Heartless City, even if the second half of that drama was face-palmy, and that OST was good too. He’s a versatile actor and hopefully he gets another meaty role soon.

    • I’m at the halfway point and am still liking it. I’ll let you know when I watch a few more episodes, but I don’t think it’s all that bad even with the romance being introduced and the heart donor thing (Which, if we’re honest, has been done before in dramas).

  • What was the name of the first song he sang to her when asking her to marry him?

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