June Anniversary Giveaway Week #2

The winner of Sebastian’s watch has been notified (congrats 123bunny!). Time to move on to the next giveaway for the month of June. Manga. Manga. Manga. It’s really hard to find exactly what I would love to gift to other people. One of the unfortunate things about anime, manga…heck even music and dramas is that a lot of it is expensive. Ah, this addiction to Asian entertainment really does lighten the wallet.

It has been really hard to find series that I want to share at reasonable prices from respectable sellers. In doing research for what I wanted to give away I learned that they have an Ouran High School Host Club special box set…they also have one for Bleach and Death Note. Crazy. Even crazier are the prices. Still cheaper than buying the entire sets one by one. On another sad note, I’ve essentially been forbidden to bring home more books due to the sheer number I already own, so I’ve been digitizing my manga collection where I can, but it is my dream to have a house with a library in it some day where I can put all the books I love. Who doesn’t want a library in their home?

Anywho, long story. What’s the point of this post again? Right. The next giveaway. This time the item up for grabs is the complete collection of Maid Sama! The complete anime collection that is. I really wanted to find a nice collection of the manga Kaichou wa Maid-sama but wasn’t able to, then I discovered they have the anime version and I figured, why not. There are tons of animes based on manga and even some manga based on animes…or movies…or trading card games.Usui and Misaki

The storyline revolves around a poor girl named Misakiu who happens to be study body president by day (that is the ever-feared demon president) and working in a maid cafe at night. She catches the eye of the wealthy and popular Usui who soon discovers her secret. Of course a high school student working in that situation is forbidden by her school and she must do her best to escape detection. I haven’t officially completed the manga yet, but I do love it.

To get your hands on this anime based on an awesome manga, respond in the comments below and tell me what your favorite anime based on a manga is or what your least favorite is. Anything based on a book is cast under close scrutiny, so I’m sure it’s easy to hate an anime based on a manga for the same reasons people tend to dislike movies based on books…if they’ve read the books that is.


  • Gakuen Alice! It’s a manga and an anime, hehehe, these giveaway’s are so cool! Gakuen Alice is otherwise known as Alice academy; very good plot, watched 18 episodes in one day, it was a weekend though… a well spent weekend. The plot revoles around two girls who are the bestest of friends, then one moves away, the other; Mikan Sakura goes off to find her, they end up at alice academy, with people who have alices… that’s as far as i’ll go don’t want spoilers now. 😀 Anyway the anime episodes are similar to the first 28 manga chapters, but some events are changed or combined. There are events after the Alice Festival added in that did not occur in the manga. The manga’s darker tones (graphic violence, blood scenes, and the deaths of certain characters) are left out in the anime because well, its a “kids” anime…. STILL EPIC! going on a bit now, thanks bye!

  • My least favorite anime based off a manga is Bleach. Bleach is one of my favorite manga series, and I while I still like the anime, the manga was executed much better. The anime has several random filler arcs that are placed during big battles and other impirtant events, and these arcs really throw off the pacing and flow of the story. The manga doesn’t have any of these, so the story flows more smoothly and is much less convoluted. Overall, I still like Bleach as an anime, and it’s great as a stand-alone. However, it could have been much better if it had followed the manga more closely. Thanks for another great giveaway! 🙂

  • Ok NeeNee, how many books do you have? 😛

  • theradioactivesamurai

    Not qualified to join as I don’t live in the US, but I always cannot stand NOT answering those questions.

    Best would definitely be Gintama for me. It uses the medium excellently and it’s one of the few shounen anime-from-manga shows that has really good anime-only/anime-converted content. All that while still retaining the same level of humor and personality as the original material.

    The worst would be Eyeshield 21. Eyeshield21 counts as one of my favorites and while I didn’t have much expectations from the anime, the unexpected low quality was shocking. I suppose someone made the decision to lower the target age for watching because most of the conflicts were changed into ones which were flat. And the art!! SOB Yusuke Murata is one of the best in the industry and the anime art and animation weren’t able to give it even half of the justice it deserves. Such a waste of good source material. Still hoping for a remake.

    Belated congratulations on your 5th year! =)

    • Thanks for your thoughts! I had heard of both series, but have not tried them out yet. I’ll definitely check out the manga now 🙂

      I have found some viable shipping options by using Amazon Global and can now include those who live outside the U.S. If you would like to be entered into the giveaway, please let me know.

      • theradioactivesamurai

        That’s an amazing coincidence. Perhaps in another round. Thank you very much for this! 🙂

  • Code Geass is my favorite anime, but I’m not sure if that is based on a manga or not. My second favorite anime is Death Note and I’m sure that’s based on a manga. I really like the strong characters and story in Death Note. I also like the strategy that both L and Light use. The only problem with Death Note is that the main character (Light) is probably the douchiest main character I’ve seen besides Desert Punk. Both of the anime I’ve mentioned above also excel where many anime fall short, they both have very good endings. Thank you for the chance to win and good luck to everyone (:

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