Asian Drama Streaming Updates – June 8, 2015

Again, no new Asian dramas on Netflix. They have added some more movies, though. There’s the mislabeled 1982 version of Shaolin Temple starring Jet Li and Kids from Shaolin also starring Jet Li (that one is more family-oriented which is something you don’t see Jet Li doing a whole lot of), oh and Jet Li in Fist of Legend. There’s also Chow Yun Fat in The Killer and a Japanese movie simply titled Killers.

More Asian dramas have made their exit as well. Say goodbye to City Hunter, The Great Queen Seondeok, That Winter the Wind Blows, and When A Man Loves.

DramaFever has added Taiwanese drama When I See You Again, Korean online drama Exo Next Door, and kdrama My Love Eun Dong. I also might have missed saying that they have added makjang melodrama Mask starring our loveable vampire prosecutor as the main bad guy and Masked Prosecutor about a prosecutor who becomes a masked vigilante at night…almost sounds a bit like Daredevil in a way…ok, it’s a stretch.k

One comment

  • Yes, no new Asian far but the uber awesome Sense8 season 1 was released. I have nothing but praise for the drama (minus the nudity) and the Korean actors that spoke mostly English which was a surprise! And Bae Doo Na? Miss Awesomeness herself? She was amazing!

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