5 Year Anniversary Grand Prize #1

May is at its end. The May Giveaway has officially ended and the winner has been contacted. Now, remember I talked of a grand prize? If you’ve been keeping track, then you know the grand prize is a 1-year Crunchyroll subscription. Excited? If you entered any of the 4 weeks of giveaways and did not win, then you will be entered in to win this big prize.

Also, I am doing a manga give away for the month of June! If you enter any of those four weeks of giveaways and are not any of the final winners, you’ll also be entered in for the Crunchyroll subscription. Plus, I’m being nice and allowing you to get more chances to win.

Chance number 1: Reply to this post and share your favorite AMV. Don’t know what an AMV is? It’s an Anime (Animated?) Music Video. There are tons of AMVs out there and I actually sought out animes thanks to some nicely done AMVs.

Chance number 2: Take to the twittersphere and tweet the contest link (don’t forget to include @wolforion20 and #animegiveaway or #mangagiveaway in your tweet).

All entries are given a number and the final winner will be chosen using Random.org’s online random number generator which has been what I’ve been using to choose the winners each week.

There will be at least one more grand prize giveaway, but mum’s the word on that one for now.


  • YAAY..this is the one I’ve been waiting for. I bet a lot of people will enter for the final giveaway! Actually I don’t have a favorite AMV, but here’s an AMV for one of my favorite animes, Honey & Clover

    • This counts as me already entering, right?

      • yep, you have, I just made this post sticky since it’s almost over.

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