Liebster Award 2015

liebster awardThis award is really to honor newbie bloggers, so Asian Addicts Anonymous doesn’t fit that requirement. This site turned 5 in February and has seen over 2 million hits and has a few hundred followers. That being said, warm fuzzies and thanks to missienelly at My Myooz for nominating me. I do feel special as when I first started blogging I don’t think I received any awards from fellow bloggers and it wasn’t until like 2014 when I received my first one (er…second if you count the one I completely missed when someone nominated my photography blog). So they are precious and let you know that there are fellow bloggers out there who like what you do. This one is especially nice to receive as it is, as I said, to celebrate relatively new blogs and bloggers.

As with all blogging awards, you are supposed to thank and link back to the person who nominated you, answer their questions, and pass the love on.

Here are missienelly’s questions.

1. Whether you are single or married, how is your love life now that you’re hooked to Asian dramas? Is it bad, good or the same?

A: I have recently learned a new word thanks to work – Aromantic. The basic definition is a person who is not interested in having or being involved in a romantic relationship. Friendship and companionship is all well and good, but romantic love is not necessary. And what’s this have to do with this question? As I have been single for 30 years and have no interest in romance…I think that fits me to a “T”. So, yep, drama watching has inflicted no change on my relationship abstinence. It has made my family complain about me being antisocial. But really…when I was younger my nose was always buried in a book, so my level of antisocialness really hasn’t changed with eyes glued to drama, right?

2. Who is your bias and if you ever get to meet him/her, what is the first question you would ask?

A: Bias. Not sure I really have one of these. Maybe when I was in my thrall of dramas, I might have been able to answer this relatively easily, but not so much now, especially since I have been out of the loop for awhile due to personal issues. But…I guess I can say the loveable puppy that is Park Ki Woong. I’m really interested to know how he chooses his projects as he admits himself that the majority of his dramas are epic fails…The Musical being his worse drama to date. And let’s face it, that story was a drawn out hot mess that really did go nowhere and his character really got the short end of the stick.

3. Are you a rom-com, melo, or action drama person?

A: Um…none of the above? LOL. I really am eclectic in taste so I can’t say I prefer one over the other, but melodramas do get way too heavy, rom-coms can be cute, but also annoying, and sometimes action is all action and no substance. So I just pick and choose based on characters and plot synopses, but if you’ve been in dramaland for a even a little while, you know that those synopses are usually horrible and misleading or horribly misleading, so it’s kind of hard to go by alone. I’m an infamous first episode sampler. I stick to the dramas that interest me and when I’m on the fence I give a few more episodes a go until I make up my mind.

4. Name an idol turned actor that you currently like and why?

A: Idol-turned-actor that I currently like? Well, I do like Jiro Wang. His acting depth has greatly improved over the years and I am happy to see he has branched out and isn’t necessarily stuck in the same recycled roles he once was. Not watching too many current dramas and not necessarily knowing idols who are acting per se, it’s really hard to mention anyone else, but I must give huge props for Lee Joon in that creepy Gap Dong role.

5. Do you download or stream drama?

A: Both. I try to be good and only legally stream…which essentially means I stream Korean dramas mostly since they are what is most accessible. But I do download Thai, Japanese, Chinese, and Taiwanese dramas. And of course I stream them when I can as well.

I may have nominated these fellow bloggers before, but I can’t be sure. They haven’t necessarily been around for a long time in the drama world, but nor are they completely brand new. If you haven’t heard of these youngish (I think they might have all started blogging last year) bloggers and their blogs, do check them out, I don’t think you’ll regret it!

Kwon Sang Seung and HanaKimi91 from Dramajjang

lemonmirae from dramachaser

maniac Ride and phoenixbasilisk from Picadrama

Since this is about being newbies and showing love, sorry for the boring questions you’ve already been asked a million times.

  1. What got you into blogging and what has surprised you the most about it?
  2. What was your last addiction before being bit by the drama bug?
  3. What do you find to be the hardest thing about blogging?
  4. Do you blog in your native language?
  5. What has been your most rewarding experience with your blog to date?

See? Boring, lol. I am nothing if not unoriginal in many ways. I hope these great drama bloggers will be around and blogging for a long time to come yet!


  • Yay, you did it and you did fast!!! I think all of us are anti-social hehehe

  • Yay, nice to see this award floating around again! (: Ahaha, yeahh, but streaming legally can be difficult and most of the time you can’t find them in good HD versions!

  • Congrats! Yeah Jiro even produced his own drama recently!

  • Congrats NeeNee. Well deserved. I was actually reading Nelly’s and Heisui’s responses to the questions yesterday. Congrats ladies all well deserved. I enjoying seeing the questions that everyone comes up with as well as reading the responses the to questions.

    I def understand you on the being anti-social. I’m a home body myself and find nothing wrong with that even if sometimes others tell me otherwise. Aromatic, I will have to remember that word for when ppl hound me about getting married and having kids. Although thankfully my family no longer hounds me with those questions because they know my answer. 🙂 🙂

    I love the that you have such variety in the things that you like and it’s reflected in your posts. I’m wishing you many more years of blogging

  • Hee. You are wayyy sunbae to be receiving Liebster nominations, but the love is well-deserved! 😉 And Park Ki Woong! I thought he was excellent in Gaksital. I totally avoided The Musical & FH2 tho! XD Maybe after he’s done with MS he’ll do better at picking projects? ^^

  • Hello there NeeNee :). Thanks for nominating me and sorry for the late reply. Here are my answers

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