Holy Pearl Episode 2 Recap

The first episode was an introduction to our heroine and a bit of info about the ancient kingdom of Nan Yue. This episode continues on with exposition so not much happens in it since it’s Rong Di telling Ding Yao about Xian Yue and how this woman he loved came to pass away. That being said, once this stuff is out of the way, the real adventure will begin! This episode makes you want to slap our king/emperor/whatever upside the head and tell him to wake up and smell a repeated tragedy in the making.

Ding Yao is in her chambers happily thinking about the treasured antiques she’s managed to collect that will make her father very happy and her a lot of money. Rong Di enters and she scrambles to hide her stash. He has come after arguing with Mo Yun about sending Ding Yao far away (remember Mo Yun wants the girl gone since our priestess is in love with Rong Di). So why is he there? He wishes to take Ding Yao to meet Xian Yue. Ding Yao is eager to see this woman who is said to look exactly like her.holy-pearl-e01-01-web

The two set off and we come to a shrine where Xian Yue lies in perfect condition as if sleeping…how can a person be perfectly in tact after 20 years? It doesn’t make sense. It also doesn’t make sense that she wasn’t buried or whatever was custom at the time. Anywho, even Ding Yao cannot deny she and Xian Yue look an awful lot alike. Rong Di again asserts that Xian Yue’s death is all of his fault. He also tells Ding Yao he believes that she is the reincarnation of his lost love. Ding Yao gets a headache and another odd phenomena happens again. She passes out from the pain.

Mo Yun’s assistant tells her an instrument is behaving oddly and the two rush off to see what is going on. Mo Yun stops the motion of the strings and Mo Yun looks very grave and worried about what this sign could mean. We then cut to the demon realm where a female demonness has been called by the King of Demons to meet. Apparently that phenomena caused by Ding Yao essentially meeting her dead doppleganger was a sign that the Demon Killing Vase has returned! The king tasks the female demon with obtaining it as no one but him shall wield the power of that vase (it can do a lot of things besides trap/kill demons apparently).holy-pearl-e01-02-web

After all this time focusing on Ding Yao, we cut back to the modern world. Professor Ding has made it back to his office to find his daughter never signed out as having left the building. He rushes in to find everything a mess and the Nine Star Wheel out of its crate. He has his assistant hit up Ding Yao’s bestie and asks her to check out any place that Ding Yao frequents. Once, alone he wonders if something magical and terrible has happened and sent his daughter somewhere.

The next day Ding Yao wakes up and there is Rong Di. She asserts that she is fine and tells him she has some recollection of what happened. Rong Di then launches into the story of Xian Yue. She and Mo Yun were from the heavens. They came down due to the orders of the supreme goddess Nuwa who did not like the chaos and evil that was running around on earth. She created a special vase from twelve holy pearls and this vase was given to Xian Yue to use. Mo Yun and Xian Yue fought against the demons and brought peace to Nan Yue. When human greed and corruption angered the gods, a flood was sent to destroy the world of man. Xian Yue and Mo Yun could not stand to let this happen as there were many innocent humans being affected by the actions of their leaders. They stilled the flood with the help of the dragons and asked to remain on earth. And there they stayed for 1,000 years. I’m not sure why, but Xian Yue was forced to swear that she would never love or else she’d be punished (aka die). I say this because it seems Mo Yun did not suffer this ultimatum as well. Ah…and since dragons helped, they were condemned to the fates of demons.holy-pearl-e01-03-web

Then along comes Rong Di. On the day of his coronation he catches a glimpse of the priestess for the first time and it’s love at first sight. This annoys Mo Yun as she seemed pretty smitten with his majesty at first sight as well. Xian Yue is aware of these feelings and stays hidden in her home. Rong Di visits and asks her to quit being a priestess and marry him. Xian Yue cannot as she has vowed to never love and must kill herself if Rong Di does not stop his antics. Of course Rong Di vows not to give up, thus Mo Yun must intervene and beg Xian Yue to leave. Thus Xian Yue passes on her duties to Mo Yun as priestess and goes into seclusion in the cave Ding Yao woke up in. This cave is strictly off limits to others, thus Rong Di cannot follow her.

Now no one knows exactly what happened next, but Ding Yao has an inkling as she finally sees the complete scene from her nightmares. But somehow Xian Yue met the dragon demon (well, he’s half human, half dragon demon) Wen Ting (Purba Rgyal). He betrayed her and stole the vase from her. He then came to Nan Yue and slaughtered hundreds. The injured Xian Yue returned with her flute in time to stop him. From his reaction, he seems pretty surprised that she has done such a thing. Once he is knocked unconscious, Xian Yue has him chained so he cannot revive and then collapses. Mo Yun says it is too late as every tendon has shattered in Xian Yue’s body. Our dying priestess says this is her punishment for falling in love and makes our king and priestess vow to take care of Nan Yue. End of story. Or is it? Xian Yue does try to alleviate his guilt with awkward words of comfort, but Rong Di won’t let that guilt go. Since Ding Yao wears Xian Yue’s clay doll talisman, he definitely believes that she is Xian Yue’s reincarnation and he must make right his mistakes. holy-pearl-e01-04-webSo…given his love for Xian Yue and his desire to possess her ruined everything 20 years ago, you’d think he’d heed Mo Yun’s advice, but nope. This king is not that smart. Even when his Captain and sworn brother Wei Liao (TAE) bluntly tells him he’s repeating his past mistakes, he ignores him because what does his brother know of love? Nothing. Thus Wei Liao cannot know his torment that makes him put woman before country. Anywho, Rong Di decides to force Ding Yao to be his queen in Xian Yue’s place. Facepalm. A major facepalm moment. Don’t you also want to him him upside the head? Ding Yao doesn’t want to marry this man and be his replacement. She wants a normal man in her normal world. However, she’s kept under house arrest and the guards are threatened with death should she escape! Poor girl. She doesn’t want anyone to die because of her. Although her tantrum was annoying about how there’s no TV or anything to do there.holy-pearl-e01-05-webMo Yun is in a rage as she has been asked to pick an auspicious date for the wedding. Her assistant has come up with a plan. Wei Liao sees Mo Yun and asks her opinion on what is going on. Of course she believes Ding Yao and the current unrest in the heavens is a sure sign of disaster to come once more to Nan Yue. So you know that Wei Liao will do what he deems best even if that means going against his king’s orders. So…Mo Yun’s assistant helps Ding Yao escape (this girl had to make sure to take a satchel of “antiques” with her, lol). When the modern girl thanks her, she feels guilty and wonders if Ding Yao will be all right. Good question. We have a demonness stalking her in order to take the Vase and Wei Liao has ordered his men to kill her when sighted.holy-pearl-e01-06-web

I will say this, the acting isn’t too bad and the CGI is decent and not too laughable. That’s always good. Although bad CGI can be quite funny at times. I read recently that HBO’s Game of Thrones has special effects in the millions. So…given how much CGI and all that stuff is, guess you can’t blame dramas with low budgets if they sometimes have really bad effects, can you?

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